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Thomas Matthew Benjamin born June 10th 1977. His parents are Virginia and Matthew Benjamin of Miami, Florida. This fool is the true definition of a deadbeat dad, this deadbeat also goes by the name “Face, ScarFace, Tommy, Matthew”, known to live in Wellington, FL, West Palm Beach, FL, Royal Palm Beach, FL & maybe even Miami, FL & graduated from McArthur high school, also attended Florida Atlantic University. His last known address is 2069 Vinings Cir apt 1205, Wellington, FL 33414. He used to work for a law firm in Boca Raton/Delray, FL until he was fired =). He regularly visits a recreation center in Greenacres, FL where he attemps to play basketball. He still lives in FL or Texas as he claims and makes all kinds of excuses on why he cant pay child support. Yet he brags to everyone he knows that he is a baller, takes frequent business trips and he takes care of his kids yet he owes me almost 10k in child support, pay up deadbeat! Not to mention he is a pedophile, thats right a pedophile, a womanizer and a compulsive liar. You cant believe a word that comes out of this deadbeat’s mouth, all he does is have kids he cant take care of….LAME! Apparently he has even started a business and still neglected to pay his child support! The website is at or This deadbeat is the scum of the earth and doesnt deserve to be a father! Trust me when I say you will pay your dues deadbeat and everything written here is a fact! If you know this LAME, an address or place of employment please report him to Florida Child Support @ 1-800-622-5487…now RUNTELDAT!

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after reading this post it just comes clear to me that u r a WOMAN SCORNED… now for beginners…oh, by the way, hi i’m his sister Sharlene, nice to meet u. Now, to continue. For beginners, the real deadbeat here seems to be u! dudes are gonna be dudes and u were the dumb female to fall into his trap. Legs closed would’ve solved this problem. Deadbeat?…ugh…NA!!! my nephews are well taken care of. I’m glad that u posted that he comes from a two parent household where u should’ve learned your training better than to get pregnant for a man that u r not married to. Now don’t get me wrong, we all have our faults, but i am a happily married woman and one of my kids has an absent father thAT i wouldn’t dare put him on something like this because its a two way street. As a woman and a mother you should have been smart enough to assess your situation and kept your LEGS CLOSED!!! But since you didnt, SUCK IT UP AND MOVE THE HELL ON!



Uh, who gives a fuck about you or your family & you’re the simple hoe coming at me like you know the facts! Scorned? Ha, try that shit on someone else dumb hoe when you dont pay up you get put on blast. I find it amusing to see an alleged sister attempt to speak on something they have no knowledge of and defend this DEADBEAT. As I stated before yes a Thomas Matthew Benjmamin is a PEDOPHILE, thats right your parents raised a PEDOPHILE!!! You dont know me or what went down so know your place you ignorant ass hoe & get a clue. By the way you ignorant ass hoe “dudes being dudes” IS NO EXCUSE FOR BEING A DEADBEAT, that shit might be ok where you from but not over here hoe! Sounds like to me you are simply mad cause your alleged brother is a DEADBEAT and got put on blast. Make yourself useful & tell that DEADBEAT to stop stalking my pages & sending me messages, nobody wants his broke ass & I put a restraining order on him for a reason yet he fails to get a clue! Typical DEADBEAT to send his bitch ass sister to fight his battles and just like him hoe you will never win. I had fun lets do this again sometime, lol

BOL! ROFLMAO! U have entirely too much time on your hands! Ur comment was unnecessary simply because I honestly am completely unconcerned with your feelings.I was just responding to a simple scorned females anger. U do care about my family otherwise u would never contacted my momand then when she ask u for proof u disappear.MY LIFE: child support, check married, check. u r a non factor sweety. I have two men in my life doing what u can’t get one to do.Worry about raising your little girl to be what you’re not. Gn PS: what I do know is that u were never discussed and that alone is enough for me to gage your worth to him…nothing. Pussy is pussy…

Oh yea, I WIN! Lol! ;-)

Oops, was I supposed to be offended somewhere? I obviously got your attention for you to be on here commenting you silly hoe! Feelings? I share none, I speak facts! U clearly dont have a clue, lmao! Im not trying hoe, its done…this post is old news so check your facts! In the meantime do yourself a favor you irrevelant hoe & get lost. Matter fact stay, I enjoy your ignorance here for everyone to see.


Oh yea thanks for posting my picture on here I have had people say I look very handsome………

12- I’m far from broke trust me ask child support they will tell you I’m far from broke, you just get what you will get for the next 9 years.

My Wife, kids, cars and house clearly shows we are far from broke………………

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