$16,000 behind in child support and counting

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I would just like to introduce Danny Trahan, the biggest bull pooper … With out a doubt the crappiest dad in my opinion. By the way he is about $16000 or more behind in support,(drives a brand new jaguar) , does mortgages for a living which means liar and cheat, and currently working on third marriage… what a loser!!!

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UPDATE..UPDATE: Due to wage garnishments and collection of his Federal Tax Refund, we have been able to reduce the amount in arrears to $7357.56 (Many thanks to Angel Bower Kahoe Hayes for her encouragement and guidance to get this accomplished). He also lost his beloved Jaguar and is now driving a black Jeep that he repossesed from one of his clients. Bet that ride is a bit of an adjustment for him and his new fiancee. But he still manages to stoop sooo low, he couldn’t even come up with a measly $100 for a deposit to hold a spot in college for his incoming freshman daughter – that’s a memory she’ll carry with her a lifetime, good going dad! It’s not complicated, Renee – he’s just not paying what the courts have ordered him to pay..period. Good luck to you in your life with Daniel.

Its good to see justice served for once. I wish I could get my caseworker to do something for me.

Well, Well, Look what the crack smoking cross dressing, only if it is his sisters or his mothers underwear though, writes. This is very funny to me. $16000.00 behind yes that was true. But why is that? It maybe because of the fact that I was in the mortgage business that went down and lost a 5 year long job. It maybe that the unfair amount of child support that was assigned to me had something to do with it.
Well Guy Hall, who wish he even made 16000.00 last year, but then again being a grass cutter in his 40’s is not much of a career so oh well. Crappy dad in your opinion, and you having what to base that on? You have never had kids or even a wife, You did nearly beat your girl friend to death in front of your mothers house I remember, and was arrested for it as well, while you were in court for something else i believe, but that was as close to a relationship as I have ever known you to have. I know your dad was such a gem. He however suffered the same persecution at the hands of your mother as I have from your sister Madeleine Trahan who is really the cause of all of this. There was a garnishment, it was and this is quoted from Madeleine Trahan ” I had to so I can get my section 8 housing” Yes Madeleine Trahan, the model mother. Section 8 housing , food stamps had FEMA paying her rent for years. claims could not get a job but was fired from at least 4 that I know of, even from Subway as a sandwich artist.
My so called brand new jaguar was a 2005 , thanks and the jeep I have is brand new, not purchased as a repo, because I have a job and work, google it you can find out what that means. So greaterpain4U get your facts right. and as far as coming up with $100 for college, thats a small drop in the bucket compared to all of the money I have dished out. Lets talk about the courts for a minute. Oh yes and Madeleine Trahan who was arrested for growing pot in the house where the kids were was stripped of her custody. and even though she cries about not having money for anything, she always seems to be able to have high priced attorneys on hand. After the courts have adjusted the amounts of the arrears it is really not much at all. Well thats a relative term for someone who cuts grass for a living. So now justice has actually finally been served. It is funny how Madeleine Trahan could only manage to work 15 or 20 hours a week before court but then when she realized the courts in St Tammany were not so prone to favor mothers automatically and things started getting set right and they saw the situation for what it was, a pot growing filthy house keeping government aid mother and a hard working Dad, oh yes Madeleine Trahan kept such a filthy house that for some period of time she had such a roach problem that when the kids came over to my house I had to have them leave thier clothes out side so the roaches would come out. If you went into her house and opened the pantry roaches would be running over everything. . But back to the courts once she realized that the whole poor pitiful me act was not going to play out in court she was suddenly able to work as many hours as she wanted too. amazing right. What is truly the sad part is what she and her misfit family has done to the children. using the kids and talking bad about their father and brainwashing them into thinking oh poor mommy cant get a job. Who did not even have $50 to pay for emergency medical treatment for one of the kids, and who had to pay for it, Dad of course. Who has paid for all of the Christmas’s over the years Dad of course. Who paid for all of his daughters senior expenses, dad of course. Who spent $1100 on Madeleine Trahans sisters piece of crap car just to get it running because it was bought so her sister could move to texas, Dad of course. I maybe on my third marriage true, but I am moving forward, unlike Madeleine Trahan who is dating a married man. Oh and did I mention that Guy Hall and Madeleine Trahan smoked pot with our daughter. Great example. I could go on but I think this showcases how truly delusional the previous posters are. My life is good, the kids finally have a chance at a real future thanks to that fact they are with me at least half the time. Our daughter got into college because of DAD. She got into NOCCA because of DAD which led her to go into college. Now they have a chance not to wind up like the Hall family tree of drug addicts and underachievers. Living lif by doing the absolute minimum to exist and to sponge as much as they can off of others. Boy their mom must be so proud.

ok, well then, obviously i struck a nerve it must be true. Getting all upset about it! Yes i have had my downfalls with drugs and alcohol.

But exactly just who do you think i learned all that from. NOT just my family but YOU too.

lets go thru the facts just so we can all get this straight:

1) Who had three kids and no job and relied on my father to pay the bills and remodle the house that got repo’d ?
Not Guy Hall , but Danny Trahan

2) Who lived with the so called not so proad mother with their three kids and wife?
Not Guy Hall, but Danny Trahan (because the repo on the house and no job for Daddy)
3) Who left their wife and kids to go to Miami with another woman while still married?
Not Guy Hall, but Danny Trahan
4)back to the leaving part; Who left their wife and three kids? (that is why she is/was on section 8,fema, wick, welfare,
and anything else to survive)
Not Guy Hall, but Danny Trahan.
5)Who has never been married and no kids?
Not Danny Trahan, but Guy Hall
6)Who has smoked pot with their younger relatives?
Both Danny Trahan (remember your nephew who was 14), and Guy Hall
7)Who has actually supplied and or distributed drugs?
Not Guy Hall (im just the user remember) but Danny Trahan has, I used to get my shit from him too !!!
8)Who has scar”d their children for life by leaving them?
My Father and Danny Trahan .(just like my dad left me you left your children).
9)Who for the many years you were not there was there? (even though i was not the father, cause he was busy with someone else’s kids)
Not Danny Trahan, but Guy Hall was
10)Who still uses drugs and alcohol?
i do and i know you do too… only difference is im not fake about it

I could go on but i think this is sufficient for now. oh yeah one more…

11)Who is not a Father by choice?
Guy Hall (because of parents like you i chose not to make those mistakes at the expense of a child)

In summary i am not a father but you sir are a father and a crappy one, hince the posting on this website. You may say what
you will about me, my family, and anyone else but the fact still remains that you are a crappy dad by many standards of moral
fiber that you so called seem to have but dont. ( Hipocrit) This all started because i wanted to vent some frustration and state some fact.
If you wanted to rebut my statement all you had to do was state facts that you thought would make you seem like a better dad, but instead
you just lashed out at my family and pointed out the mistakes we have made and none of yours. Oh yeah did i mention he yelled at his daughter
for something her uncle did on his own free will. Again what crappy parenting skills?

I wanted to post this a long time ago but i was told not too but here’s an update to all that has happened since then, married a new woman, called the cops and squilled like a pig, got ex in trouble with the law, took half custody of the kids, reduced child support, had a heart attack, five bypasses, tried to level house and it fell and destroyed house, with someone underneath, probably gonna be sued,
aint KARMA a BITCH… cant wait to see what happens next… by the way did i mention his real dad and his brother both died of heart disease around 53-55 and he is 52… Asta la Gahnareha Bitch!!!

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