$34 per week turns into $20k in arrears!!!

Posted on : 29-06-2011 | By : CLUBNIKKI | In : Deadbeat Dads, Georgia


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I hope all of the deadbeat daddys rot in hell!!!! Do they know how it feels to go without just to keep a roof over their child’s head???? Can they work 2 jobs at times or work 60 hours a week and attend two different universities in the SAME WEEK (not just a semester)??? Women need to stop raising their sons to be sorry asses!!! I’m sorry but I need to vent (go run and tell it I dont care). Step up!!! Samuel Eugene Boyd once told me “You have a job so why should I have to pay you”. My child war the only child for 9 years before his now wife and another female went into competition to see “if I have his baby he’ll be mine” If a man already has one child that he doesn’t support WHAT MAKES YOU THINK HE’LL SUPPORT YOUR CHILD!!! Dumb!!!

That stay in jail until purged a lie too! Instead these men’s mamas pick their asses up for work release and bring them home everyday before taking their asses back! Then despite of the judges orders they get released before 1 percent is paid! My friend pays his $800 per month every month so $34 a week aint nothing! Then when that accumulates to over $20k he needs to be called out! His family can call me bitch but I don’t have anyone cutting up my food, fixing my plate or letting me live for free! I’ve got to cough up over $700 before May 20th not including prom! How many AP exams I’ve gotta pay? We need to prepare college!

I want for everyone that sees his ass or his supportive mom let them know they’ve did one helluva job with raising MY child! Then have the nerve to brag about her accomplishments! Go to hell bitch!

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I have2 kids by Sammy boys no he’s never been a father to my. Kids but nikki Is childish and lying I met Sam when their daughter was2 she was given money orders every week t and his mother spoiled her child anything she wanted FYI u sounded like in court u were still seeing him but I’m gone leave that with her and his now wife cause I live miles away from cartersville and. I have a man and
i suggest junkie and nikki try getting one no he’s not good father to my but he and his mother loves and has taken care of that. Child its just when junkie can’t get her way ps grow up.


No I don’t have to compete with anyone cause i don’t want Sam yall two dummies can fight it out cause yeah I get more money and i will continue to get mine but I ain’t gone here no more mouth about me cause u have no idea who you’re messing with I’m to grown.


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