45 yr old man disowns 4 kids and makes more with Hoe less than half his age

Posted on : 20-03-2011 | By : justmedb | In : Deadbeat Dads, North Carolina


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If you see this goof, let him know how sorry he is.This is my husband, Greg Burton who unfortunately I am still married too. It took me 6 months to get child support for him while he played with a lil HOE younger than our oldest child.While he ran back and forth begging for forgiveness and playing games his Hoe claimed pregnancy twice. Well he got what he deserves because she IS now pregnant.Sad part she has 2 that she already gave up and just turned 22. Its not the child support ,we live in a world that requires morals. Our 2 year old has to live in the same town and see him out and about and he runs or hides from him. In 9 months , he has taken him once for 4 hours and that was forced. He does not call, text or ask about any of them, and uses his girlfriend as the excuse, but then again she has BEAT him because she THOUGHT he had contact with me.
I pity the children that enter this world that may be his or hers, but others beware of Greg Burton and Nicelynn Barnabas because they both are 2 sorry excuses for parents.

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