5 years no Job and other problem everybody vote his Deadbeat of the month.

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This Guy in the above Picture is Dexter M. Howard, He aint really a deadbeat because his @ babymoms don’t have it him on it at least I don’t think, but either way they aint getting no money but so technically he is,but this is how this story goes.Dexter and my mom got married in 2006 if im correct and since that time he has only had 1 job that didnt last very long which wasnt his fault given when things did go back to normal he didnt go back to work.So me being 17 i’ve had 2 or 3 jobs since then and I’m in high school if I can take time from chilling with my friends I think he could take a little time from that Play Station 30 something year old playing Play Station smh….where dey do that at.Its 2010 almost 2011 and dude still aint got no kinda job aint even tried to look sleep/smoke all day then go out at night w/ his friends who have jobs they aint the best job but dang at least they doing something.And at Christmas time my mom got 2 struggle to buy his 3 kids stuff let alone her own 4 kids dang good thing she a nurse.Now beside not having a job this dude dont have no kinda liscence but keep insisting on driving then getting pulled over, now aint that dumb knowing ga laws dont play around especially when they keep warning you now aint he gone look dumg sitting in a cell just because you too dumb to get some liscence smh again…The part that really makes me mad is my little brother he didn’t clame til he was about 7 yrs old and always quit to say my son my son dang can you buy your son some shoes or something dang any of your kids really and now you and you know some may say thats ok but then recently not even a month ago another boy who is his son that he was claiming then stopped and now decides he want to claim hes tryna have come live in my mama house no he has no type of income coming in like wtf! are you serious and while not having a job for all these year yet he still thinks he run the house n can tell anybody what to do grown-up or child.Hes like a fake T.I without the money wearing fur coats in stuff flexn like he got money and thats my moms money shoot that car he got my mom brought that bull o in lets not forget he had the nerve to try in tell my mom he couldnt even take her to work when she was having car problems what kinda husband does that?Then he jealous of my mom babydad which is my dad that has a job not to mention the only dad my 7 yr old brother had known at the time now he 12 n havnt really spoken or really seen since or couldnt even be in contact with the family hes ever known all because he insecure when going up against a real man but reader the big thing is how you gone go out of town n not take enough money to get back then have the ardasity to yell and curse people out when they try in help you what the f@%k!you better get your stuff together cause my mom need you cuz truth be told when she be about to leave you cook clean whatever you need to do like her dog so you need her and when her family come over has the nerve to make them stay outside kait even invite them in til she gets there/ kait pick up her daughter when she need to leave school or go to an interview or anything because you need to sit on the couch you deadbeat somebody please post me with some job opening good therapist or something.

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