5 years with out child support from this dead beat

Posted on : 25-02-2011 | By : laura321 | In : Deadbeat Dads, Florida


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Dead beat father loser owes
money to me four 5 years what a catch ladies!!! giving out 600$ Reward to any body with info of this loser call child support unit center for more info 18006225437 Name:Samuel Ayala Sr B.D.
7/10/75 born in Philadelphia
You can run but you cant hide the more you run the bigger the award is. Dead beat father award goes to!!!!! Runner up Samuel Ayala Sr father of 3 children’s if you want to reach me call me 3054548271 ask four Laura mother of the-is children. Wow its easy for a man to talk crap about you and don’t know any better of being a man. like slim shady say will the real man pleas stand up!!!!

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