604′S dead beat of the year…..NATHAN MORRIS

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Time to put this piece of shit on blast…

Heres the breakdown, and these are all facts not just exaggerated incidences from an angry baby momma!

He was my long term boyfriend through my teenage yrs from 14-17 and then we had a fling at 20 which resulted in my son..

I was pregnant by him once before at 16, but miscarried because of the stress and beatings I endured from him.

During my pregnancy I was forced to move in with him & his dirty family, as I couldnt pay rent and needed shelter..of course he still lived with his fat lazy walrus of a mother..so the room was there.

He was gone for weeks at a time drinking every amount of liquer he could get his hands on. This guy now has epilepsy because he has drinken himself into oblivion so much, his liver is going to fail before 2012 surely.

He fucks the fattest, nastiest native chicks…while IM at home puking my guts out carrying his child!

He stole the last amount of money I had for smokes & booze..

He choked me out, kicked me around and threatned to kill my dog..

He cries and says how much he loves his son…but a month after he was born, he got hammered somehwhere and fouht some guy…almost died from the stab wounds.

My son is 6 months….he has seen him roughly 5 times.

I tried my damndest to let him and his family be involved in my sons life…given them visitation for a weekend. I picked him up, un bathed..rashes..and they had changed his feeding routine without asking me! wtf


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What a pussy. No REAL man would ever lay his hands on a woman. I’m sorry you had to endure such treatment. You shouldn’t want this piece of shit around your son anyways. What type of example would he be to him? I’m sure you wouldn’t want your son to think that hitting a woman is okay, because it’s not! This loser has NO respect for you or your son. You both are better off without him.

Ok let me get this straight… you get pregnant by him at 16 he beats you and kills your unborn child… yet 3yrs later you reunit with him fuck unprotected and gets pregnant AGAIN… stupid bitches blow my fucking mind… Then to say you were forced to stay with him… no bitch you chose to stay with him…. If your silly ass had no money… you shouldn’t have been having unprotected sex… to produce a child which you nor his dumb ass had no money to take care of… so bitch sit down aint nobody feeling sorry for your dumbass… Higher your standards and get some self esteem…. You see shit… step over it… don’t sleep with it… gosh…smh

LOL purextasy talkin like she know my whole life story ..hmm

my intention wanst for ppl to feel sorry for me.. it was to blast this piece of shit for the reasons he isnt involved in his son’s life. I was never in a position where I had no money either… I said I couldnt afford my rent at the time, was trynna figure my shit when I got pregnant and moved in w/ him. I was there for a total of ONE month and packed my shit n moved out back on my own like im used to..

Thnx for your concern on my “dumb bitch ass” lol but im good…my son is good..and u shud def check urself. my standards are high..he was nothing but comfort at a time, when my life wasnt on point like it shud have been…things happen. who the fuck are you to judge like u some perfect, never made a mistake..virgin mother fuckin mary/ pffft SHAKE UR DAMN HEAD one more time bitch.

SMH…. Why your putting him on blast… make sure you own to the stupid choices you made also… Don’t know your life story simply pointed out what you said…. restated it and simply wondering why the fuck your acting surprised that he is still same the loser YOU ACCEPTED… Life lesson someone shows you who they are the first time… BELIEVE THEM and if you are still going to fuck with them.. don’t complain about it later… Thanx…

Were you born a fucking moron, or did that just happen over time….im so curious?

I dont have to explain shit to you..you sound like nothing more and nothing less then a HATING HEFFER w/ nuttin else to do but shit on ppl behind a computer screen.

I own up up to the fact I was w/ this fool everyday…incase you failed to realize I am a fulltime single mother, with my son everyday 24/7 365.

Let me clarify something for you..and anyone else who wants to talk some shit bout a situo they know SHIT about..

I dont feel sorry for myself, and I dont expect sympathy..I am not but hurt over it…he is the lowest they come..and it needed to be blasted. h got away w/ too much already…so THIS IS WHY his ugly mug is up here..I want to warn ladies of his toxic persona.

Dun even think bout trynna talk shit 2 me cuz I made the mistake of bein w/ him…wen it comes to ur “first love/lust” it aint that easy..and I dont regret shit because I have the most amazing lil boy who is loved more by me and my family than his could ever try to.

But hey, it sounds like u gotta thing for him so lemme know ill toss u his # n u 2 can make some sweet babies of ur own ;) itll be fun I can play the “dysfunctional matchmaker”!

Child shush… u sound very ignorant… No one is trying to make that loser look better… and you fail to see the choices you made were not the best then you will continue to make them… So don’t get mad at me…. Because what you fail to realize is if he was so bad and you decided to be with him what does that say about you… time to reflect… I see if he was good guy… treating you good and working… then all of a sudden u got pregnant and he just changed… but no he was already a mud duck and u were ok with it… so y complain now…

He must be some kind of extraordinary lover… I already see two women fighting each other over him! As one commenter already pointed-out, it’s probably best not to allow him any contact with your kids whatsoever. Time to smarten-up and put past indiscretions behind you.

This doesn’t rule out revenge, however. Does he do drugs? Find out who his drug dealers are, their telephone numbers, and threaten to inform the police if they continue selling to him.

Gather intelligence. Pay a hobo two or three bucks to collect his household trash for you. Then sift through it for personal information and bank receipts or telephone bills.

Does he go to bars or pubs? For about $300 you could have someone feed him drinks until he’s blackout drunk, and then lead him home and plant a hidden camera in his apartment or something.

Get creative!

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