7 kids by 6 moms and still counting!

Posted on : 14-09-2011 | By : musicmistress | In : Alabama, Deadbeat Dads


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The guy has 7 kids by 6 moms and doesn’t pay for any of them. Why does it seem like no one cares? Don’t the people of Canton, Ohio want to know where their tax dollars are going? He just left the mother of his new 1 month old baby girl for a new girlfriend. The guy pops out a new kid about every 2 years. Why can’t he be stopped or at least put in jail for non payment? A couple of the girls weren’t even told about all the other kids. Their ability to choose was taken from them!
The newpapers don’t care, talk shows don’t care, and the new stations don’t care! I’m about to write a letter to the president about population control. No wonder our government SUCKS!!!

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I hate to say it, but with a family that consists mostly of law enforcement, there are way bigger fish to fry… even people with literally 5 DUIs and vehicular manslaughter convictions are lucky to do more than 12 months in jail. It’s very unfortunate. People like this guy are what is wrong with this planet.

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