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Say hello to Colin Montes from Tallahassee Florida. A real, live dead beat. Can’t keep a job or a woman. So, he gets a really beutiful girl and then abandons her until she has this really cute little baby girl. He comes into their for a few days because it is really cool being a father. Then, he skips again. But here is the kicker…… he wants all the rights and priveledges of beinf a father but he doesn’t want the responsibility of caring for the baby financially. Colin, you are loser. To be a winner, you have to at leastrun the race. Idiot. You are really missing out because of your selfishness. You will continue to miss out on the most awesome chapter of your worthless life.

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First off you forgot to mention your “dead beat” pays you child support every single month. So yea he is a real loser. Second off you have a lot of nerve to say he abandoned you. The ONLY beautiful girl in his life is his daughter. And thats the only woman who will ever have his whole life. He did’nt abandon you. The baby was an accident and although she is beautiful YOU made the decision by yourself and chose to do a lot of things by yourself! You did not give him choices. Since the day she was born YOU TOLD him what to do. If you wanted him to ba a father so bad you should have let him have his daughter once in awhile. But NO you had to be there every single times like it was a court ordered chaperoned visit. So don’t start. He was never given a chance to be a real father just your little puppet. Sorry he didn’t step up and marry you but maybe 19 was just a little too young to have a child. And he didnt want to rush into anything too fast. Doesnt want the responsiblitly of caring for her financially??? YOU ARE CASHING HIS CHECKS! So don’t even start with dead beat dad. He may not be perfect but he is no where near a loser. Go talk to those women who have never seen there baby daddy again. Or the ones who get beaten by theirs. GROW UP and stop whining. Not only do you make yourself look like trash you have now blasted, yet again, your daughters reputation on the internet for the whole world to see. One day she will grow up and she will see everything you’ve written about her life. So just know that. GROW UP. Seriously.

Ok how about you get your facts straight. i didnt write that, someone else did. but youre right about one thing, i made the decision to keep her when others told me i should get an abortion or give her up for adoption. and the past 10 months, i’ve been a great parent. but you really think $232 makes an impact on raising a child? yeah, think again. go right ahead and bash me on here, saying you think im a horrible parent or whatever. i dont care. because at the end of the day, i have a beautiful little girl who loves me more than anything. she doesnt know colin because HE chose not to be around. I wont let him come in and out of her life whenever its convenient for him, so sure, that makes me a bitch. My daughter will have a father one day, and it wont be Colin. She cant stand him, and she cries when he’s around. So tell me why I would let him have her every once in a while. He can TRY to be a parent with the next girl he knocks up. Cuz I’m over it.

As for the “chaperoned” visits…Colin cant even manage to show up for those. I dont trust him and I damn sure wont have him anywhere near my daughter without a chaperone present. And considering Hailee is so attached to ME, I will always be the one who accompanies her.

Once again, I didnt post that paragraph about Colin, but alot of the things in it were pretty dead on. Of course you would condone his behavior, because you arent a parent, and therefore you dont know what its like to have your life turned upside down by someone else. You dont know what its like to wake up with a screaming baby because her teeth are cutting through. Dont sit there and talk shit about me and my life, until you try living it for a day. Take a walk in my shoes, and then maybe we’ll talk.

I dont give two shits what you or your family think about me and the way I choose to raise my daughter. I have always put her first, and thats not gonna change. Being around Colin and the lifestyle he leads is not whats best for my daughter which is why I’m raising her on my own with a “little” bit of financial support from her “sperm donor” because thats all he is. It takes more than a check each month to make a father.

Oxnikkixo…..right on girl. I know EXACTLY how you feel. don’t let anyone else make you feel bad about your decisions as a mother!!

and if the “sperm donor” doesn’t want to step up and marry the mother of his child, then that’s his choice and his loss and shows exactly who he is as a person. clearly he’s not any sort of a man who knows what’s right and most important in life, and why on earth would you want a guy like that any where near your child without supervision? The thought almost makes me physically ill. =/

I’ve been in your exact position, and through almost the exact same things.

keep on, keepin’ on….you’ll find a guy who actually “gets it” someday and won’t think twice about this jerk.

To Actinglikechildren, first point, the mother did not write this about such a sorry excuse for a man. I did. A real man is there for his child 24-7 not just when it suits him. There is a lot more to being a father than a pitiful $262 in 11 months. That equals out to less than $22 per month. Part of the financial aspect of father hood and child support is keeping a job, but that apparently gets in the way Colins social life. Second, every parent knows that when you undertake the responsibility of raising a child that a lot of work goes into it. It is a full time job. Colin lacks the common sense to provide for the welfare of this child. He, in fact, is probably a danger to the child as much as he is a danger to himself. I can see why the mother doesn’t allow unsupervised visit. What if the mother behaved the same as Colin? The child wouldn’t know who she is. I can attest that at 11 months, this little girl knows who is family and who is not. Third, I call them as I see them. Colin landed on this site because there is a general consensus that he is a “Crappy Dad”. It is ashame that he hasn’t stepped up to the plate of fatherhood. The Bible says to Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it. I just wonder what kind of home training Colin had as a youngster. I don’t believe he was raised to be a deadbeat. All parents have high aspirations for their children. Yah, Colin did abandon her. The top two definitions of abandonment are :1-To withdraw one’s support or help from, especially in spite of duty, allegiance, or responsibility; desert: abandon a friend in trouble. 2-To give up by leaving or ceasing to operate or inhabit, especially as a result of danger or other impending threat: abandoned the ship. I am willing to bet that Colin doesn’t even know his daughters favorite food. Her first word will be momma. Why? Because she is there 24-7 and Colin is not. I posted this Crappy Dad because that is what he is. Take it up with me, Colin or go running home to Momma. If you want to talk, email me. I am always willing to avail myself to you to provide any assistance I can.

Nikki- Really? You may not have physically written this but you condoned it. So welcome to white trash. If you can’t have a grown up decision with the father but want to rant about it online go right ahead. THAT accomplishes a lot. And I NEVER said abortion. You told Colin exactly how you wanted to raise the child. Being that she HAD two parents it should have been JOINT decisions. And as for the chaperoned visit those started from day one. So don’t tell me you don’t “trust” him. That was like that from the beginning. And if you really didn’t trust him you never should of had a baby with him. And the biggest point. You may think I’m a million different people. But bottom line. You don’t know me. I don’t think good mothers make a facebook for their 3 month old child. Sure you can block everything but seriously? Thats disgusting. I would NEVER put my own child online EVER. And I do know what its like to raise a child. Unfortunately for you I had help. Because I asked for it. And when people offered it I accepted it. So seriously quit complaining. My mom was a single mother and she did it. Sorry life is harsh. You live at home? You didn’t work through you pregnancy? You must have had it REAL tough. Poor you. Do you even have a job yet? And when did you start? You put yourself in this situation. If you can’t handle the decision or if it was against your beliefs then you shouldn’t have been having sex. Or you should have used a condom, birth control or the morning after pill. You got yourself here hunny.

This dad sucks – Really? He should have married her? Where do you live? Just because you have a baby together DOES NOT mean he should have to marry her. THEY WERE BOTH WAAAAAY TOO YOUNG. And all them getting married would have done was cause more problems. And because he didn’t marry her thats why he shoudn’t be around his daughter? He had to call and ask permission to come over before he was allowed to see her. FROM DAY ONE. So back off and but out. For real you have no idea.

colnomad- First off get your facts right. He has paid more than one time. You are an idiot. Talk to that amazing mother there. She cashes his checks all the time. And when she didn’t that was by her own choice. He still sent them. She was just being stubborn. So she refused the financial help that she is complaining about. And yea 300$ a month is a lot when you are living at home and not paying any bills. You may not think he is a good father. But really? Posting it online? I will say it a million times. IT MAKES YOU LOOK LIKE TRASH!!!!!!!! And one day Hailee will read this and see how STUPID this whole thing is. Don’t bring up the Bible. Do you go to church? How often? And have you read the ENTIRE Bible? Because unless you go once a week. Every week. You have know right bringing that up and trying to judge him by it. Because Jesus also says only God has the right to judge. Second. DON’T EVER BRING UP HIS PARENTS. He was obviously raised right because he hasn’t said one thing back to this. So I guess he knows how to act a little more mature than mommy there. He had amazing parents. And you have no right to say one thing about them. Avail yourself? Wow. I’ll be right on that one. Because you obviously know how to fight fair. Good one. You win.

So, Acting like children has bared her teeth like a mother bear. White Trash? The only one calling everyone on this thread names is you grandma. Colin gets called names because he deserves it. I dont judge his heart, I judge his actions. Oh, Yah, parents are a big influence on their children. It’s too bad that Colin is still holding on to his mommas skirt. All the trash talking you have done on this thread exposes more about you than you think. But you know what? This website is about Crappy Dads. Your son happens to be one. Trashing the mother of your grand daughter is real classy. Train up yout child was thrown in the thread because it is the truth. You need to check out the definition of avail. I was offering young Colin some help and wisdom, not a fight. So I got the money thing wrong. Big deal, I apologize. And about the church thing…. I go twice a week and have read the Bible all the way through. But that does not change the fact that Colin is a Crappy Dad. Oh, by the way, you don’t get a free pass when you come on here talking trash about the childs mother. Colin doesn’t show up here is not because he is so mature, but because he doesn’t like being bashed as a crappy dad. THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU GRANDMA! I know it hurts that Colin is irresponsible when it comes to doing the “RIGHT THING”. You mention Colin being mature? Really? You really believe that? Listen, if you don’t like what is being said on here, don’t come around. Colin really doesn’t need his mother fighting his battles for him.

Um sorry to break your bubble. But I am not Colin’ mom. Just because I said I was a mother doesn’t mean I am his. And his mom was not a single mother. She had plenty of help from his dad. And if Colin “held on to his mommas skirt” he would probably listen when she tried giving him advice about helping with Hailee. So bash her all you want but she is not the influence on him. So I am trashing the stupid mother of poor Hailee. Please justify to me what mother creates a website for her daughter. She isn’t even a year old yet. I wish facebook was smarter because that is just disgusting. And you were not offering wisdom by blasting this online. If you really wanted to offer wisdom you would have contacted him. And have an adult conversation. Write him a letter or an email. If you really do go to church I am sure God is really smiling down on you for how you have now insulted him and his mom. Real nice. And who would like being trashed as anything? He is just not going to play games with you. I don’t need a free pass. Seems to me like you got one as well. If Hailee is not your daughter, which she’s not clearly, you have no right either. Really and truly only Nikki does. But she gave you permission? So I guess that makes it ok for you? I really think it’s funny though you think I am his mom. Ha. Way wrong kid. But nice guess. But your an idiot for trying to insult her in the process.

Well, I stand corrected. Actinglikechildren (ALC) is not Colins Mom. Wow! The content of your posting sure made it look like you were. Whew! I am glad you are not Colins Mom. I wouldn’t wish Colin on any mother. But it is obvious that you have picked up the role of mother hen on this thread and have some intimate knowledge of Colin and Nikki. I really don’t care who you are as you have not really contributed anything on this thread. As far as posting this thread on a crappy dad, well, I did not have Nikki’s permission. It was as much of a surprise to her as it was to everybody else. I couldn’t find a permission slip anywhere on the site’s “term of use”. Yes, I must also admit, God does smile down on me time to time. He’s a busy God and takes great pride in his kids. As far as what Nikki does, it is clearly none of your business. Crappy dads however, are everyones business. Society is filled with these bums who don’t work, don’t take responsibilty for their children and simply choose to deadbeats. Hey, I know…maybe Colin is still just trying to find himself. Good luck, Colin, there ain’t that much to find. But there is still hope. Hey, maybe you can join the military and be a part of something larger than you. Nah, that wouldn’t work. Also, ALC,I have not called you any names yet you have clearly shown how emotionally unstable you really are. Resulting to calling names is what people actinglikechildren do. :) With that said, it is apparent that you really don’t like it here on this thread. If it ills you so much, go find a deadbeat moms site. This is after all a site to bash crappy dads, not the mothers who are doing the right thing. You see, this site and sites like this exist because the Colins of this world exist.

Think what you want about me. Call me stupid, call me white trash. But dont sit there and say that I am a horrible mother because I’m not. I’m a great parent, and while I may not be perfect, I know the difference between right and wrong. I in no way, shape, or form had ColNomad write this article. He did it all on his on free will. I could care less if you are his mother. All I know is that whoever you are, you are hiding behind this site. And for not being Tammy, you sure know alot about whats been going on for the past ten and half months. and Tammy is the ONLY one whoever said ABORTION. and i mean the ONLY one. aside from my old assistant manager which is why i didnt have a job while i was pregnant. But I did go to school up until 2 weeks before I had my daughter. And now that I’m graduated, yes, I do have a job. A great one at that. With terrific benefits for both my daughter and myself.

I did put myself in the situation to have a child. I admitted that. I chose to keep my daughter and it’s the best damn decision that I ever made. She’s my life and I would do anything for her. One day, she will read this I’m sure, and she’ll see what people said about me. Her mother. The ONE person who has and will always be there for her. And she will know and understand why I keep her away from people like you. There’s a difference between talking shit and speaking the truth. You talk shit, while everyone else on here is just being honest. You say things to try to bash me as a mother when I have done nothing wrong. Colin has. You think its alright that he goes months with no contact with Hailee? and just pops into her life when its convenient for him?

As for my daughter having a facebook account…wow. big deal. It’s not like I have naked pictures of her on there. It’s simply a way for friends and family to see her grow up. You dont have to like it, or agree with it. Because she is not your daughter…she’s mine. I didnt complain about being a single parent. I chose to be one because I wont have Colin coming in and out of my daughter’s life whenever he wants to. Sorry if you think that makes me white trash, or stupid. Or whatever other names you want to call me. That’s real mature. You can say, “oh, poor Hailee” all you want. My daughter is great. She gets more love and affection than she knows what to do with. And all of that comes from me and my family. She isnt missing out on anything because Colin isnt around. If anything, he did her a favor.

Oh, btw. You can save the postage stamp on the next little check you decide to send. Which is NOT $300. It’s $232. So before you try correcting ColNomad for making a monetary mistake, why dont you try correcting yourself first. The ONLY reason why I accepted Colin’s guilt money in the first place was because I wasnt working and it gave my mom a little breathing room. But now that I am, I dont need nor want it. I am more than capable of providing for my little girl all on my own, and thats exactly what I intend on doing.

So, actinglikechildren, have a great life and stay out of mine. You say I dont know you, well you dont know me either. So dont pretend that you do. I am a great mother, whether you think so or not. Before you judge me as a mother, why dont you try taking a look in the mirror. I guarantee you arent flawless.

ALC…..You need to back off and take a good look at yourself….Your calling people white trash .You are saying you are a mother…I am a real Dad ..One that has worked 2 or more jobs to make sure my kids had what they needed….I am not afraid to hide behind this screen…..You are talking about My Daughter…Don’t ever call her White trash ….You seemed to be scared to say who you are…..Thats OK…You do need to look in your own backyard before you cross the fence…You just might be surprised that you have a little bit of Garbage yourself….Maybe since you are not FAMILY….You need to stay out of this and take care of your own Child….PS…I bet you can’t raise your child on SEVEN DOLLARS AND SEVENTY THREE CENTS A DAY…If you can…. You need to run for PRESIDENT…

Well said Paw Paw and oxnikkixo. When actinglikechildren began her/his or it’s tyrade on their very first post I saw where this would be heading. I did not mean for this to happen. All I wanted to do was bring attention to the only crappy dad I personally know, Colim Montes. As you can see on this site he shares the company of like minded individuals. I apologize to you all for the hurt and ill feelings actinglikechildren has caused. It is ultimately my responsibilty as I created this post. Just like Colin helped create a little baby girl it is his responsibility to do the right thing. As a father of two I can say that I have always made sure that my children would never need nor want even if I had to work multiple jobs to do it. Just as you, Paw Paw, I learned quickly at an early age to step up and do whats right. So, since ALC can do nothing but spew her hatred for oxnikkixo, I say we ignore ALC completely. Let us be the ones who take the high road and not even debate the issue with someone of such little depth. Let us be the ones who say yes to off shore drilling and no to Obama’s policies……..oops! Say, Colin, theres an idea. You could join the AmeriCorps or get a job on an oil rig. I still say the military is what you need. They will teach some things about honor and discipline and pay you while you learn. What a deal. Do something to gain some respect amongst your fellow brethren, cause right now, you ain’t got it. So, Lets all ignore ALC! and, lets focus on all these crappy dads.

So First off, ALC May have called “nikki” or who ever this obviously bitter Baby momma is white trash, but they do make a valid point. Exploiting your BABY over Facebook? Seriously? Duh you dont have naked pictures of your child on there you moron. No where in ANY posts has ANYONE said you were incappable of raising a child, this isnt even about that. People are speaking out negatively on how you can piss and moan about how colin “abandoned” you, and is irresponsible. Well last time I checked, when an 18 year old guy is told basically “im prego, its yours and I AM keeping it” its probably nothing short of mortifying. And for you to get all preachy and say hes missing out because he left is such a cop out. What if he had stayed? would you have let him have a fair chance? He wasnt any more responsible a year ago than now, and YOU knew that. You cant honestly say you dont trust him now with her, because if you were worried about him being irresponsible and such a bad person, someone you cant stand and pretty much hate, THEN WHY DID YOU OPEN YOUR LEGS IN THE FIRST PLACE?!?!

Any how like I said, no one is bashing your child raising abilities. Its human nature, and although you dont seem to be the brightest crayon in the box im sure youll be just fine. However, emotionally you seem to be lacking. I hope the very small amount of empathy, love and devotion you have goes to your daughter.

And as for you mister ColNomad, You dont know colin, and as for your “words of wisdom”…..ha this is a JOKE. if you truly gave a rats ass about the messege you are giving to “young colin” you would grow a pair and man up and talk to him face to face not bash him online. Sitting behind a computer screen bashing a TEENAGER! Does this make you sleep better at night ColNomad? or shall I say James? You do not know colin personally obviously, because you dont even know 1/2 of the story, some of which im sure nikki has told you, some random gossip, and whatever new details you have dredged up on here. Maybe you should re-read your bible, go to a confessional, and go buy some hooked on phonics, because you are obviously an ignorant, selfrighteous, dumbass polluting the world with your negativity and putting your nose in business that isnt your own.

anyhow, ill let you all get back to bible study and all those other things that trick you into thinking you are good people

PardonMeOhRighteousOnes ,”grow a pair”? Colin can can get hold of me anytime. I certainly do not have anything to prove to you or Colin. This thread is not about me or nikki or anyone else but Colin. Anytime Colin or you want to set down somewhere and do face to face debate I will make myself available. I have been in Colins shoes, but a mans true character is not what he says but what he does. I dont have to know anything about Colin to say he is a crappy dad. This is after all the crappy dad website. As far as giving an excuse for Colin as him being a teenager, He lost that arguement when became a daddy. Also, I didnt put my nose in anyone’s business. I haven’t made any inquiries of nikki or Colin. I simply posted a crappy dad. Hey, heres an idea since you are not all about hiding behind a keyboard, lets meet. I’ll take time away from “bible study” to give you a little attention. So, lets see if you will ” grow a pair”. :)


@ actinglikechildren, if they’re way to young, then, mother to mother, where the H€LL were you when they were have sex? Didn’t you teach your son any morals? Did you forget to tell your son, that if he is old enough to play then he is old enough to take responsibility for his actions. If you think your big enough to have sex, then you are big enough to raise and fully support your child, PERIOD!

A quote every woman should live by, and we as mothers, need to teach our sons.

“Believe nothing a man tells you and everything he shows you”….(Taken from a farewell video from a dying father to his infant daughter on dating)”

— Randy Pausch

seriously action roxx. i was really done wasting my time with this. I AM NOT COLINS MOM. so please stop telling me i need to take responsibility for him. he can take his own responsibility and so can she. STOP bringing me into this. I said what i wanted to say and im done. seriously its been almost a month. JUST STOP.

wow this is the crazyest post i think iv ever seen on this site lol

Updated info on this piece of crap! Sending child support payments to the mother of your child that are bouncing and worthless. I see jail time in your future dead beat daddy!

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