A True deadbeat!!!! Joey Walters

Posted on : 14-08-2011 | By : dwalters32535 | In : Alabama, Deadbeat Dads


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This is a true deadbeat dad, He refused to pay child support for over two years on his four children and owes over 10,000 in arrears,he didn’t call the kids and even skipped two of the childrens birthdays and two christmas for all four,not even a card, how pathetic is that not to mention that he has filed two of the children on his income tax the past two years even though he didn’t pay any support nor did they ever live with thim they have been with me the entire time and he got his refund and didn’t offer the kids anything but bought himself a big screen tv and a gaming system some dad huh? well I file an amended tax return and turn him in for tax fraud and in the meantime he finds out that he was turned in so he goes and files a contempt of court order against me for not letting him see the kids and that i have cut off all communication which is not true. He insists in pulling the kids through the court system repeatedly even though we have moved to a different state and have lived here two and half years,my children have established roots here,they go to school, have friends, go to church here and play baseball here they have a good life and it shouln’t be disrupted over and over again out of spite and trying to hurt me ,he hurts the children.

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