Aaron Leon King Jr is teen deadbeat of the year SMH

Posted on : 11-09-2011 | By : darrensmom26 | In : Deadbeat Dads, Georgia


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This 19 year old dead beat is Aaron Leon King Jr and this guy is such a terrible father. His son is 11 months and he hasnt paid not ONE dime towards him at all. He likes to smoke weed, club all the time and lies to every girl he meets on these social networking sites. His twitter name is @a_trueking365. HA, true king my ass. This man will tell you that he’s in college, but ask his classmates at Gordon College in Barnesville, he flunked out and his sorry ass got jumped over a laptop smh. Instead of focusing on getting his ish together and taking care of his son, he chooses to blame the childs mother of course. The mom is in college WITH her son on campus trying to make a better life and if it were not for her family’s support, she would be out on the streets with her son but does Aaron care? Probably not!

When asked about him helping and contributing to the childs life, he says that he cant afford to give money or help pay for daycare but he works two jobs. Oh okay! So how do you afford weed to smoke everyday, but cant scrape up money to buy a carseat? Please steer clear of this man, he is just sorry all around. He wont even mention that he has a child unless you pulled it out of him. He doesnt have any pictures of him or talks about him on all these social networking sites he is on but claims to be such a proud father. He says that the childs mother is the reason he doesnt see his son, but a real parent would find a way to get their kid and would do whatever it takes to be with them. No one wants to hear your sorry ass excuses Aaron. Do better!

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Girl, I can’t believe you are dissing your King like that. He is working two jobs. Maybe you should be working two jobs, also, not be a ghetto welfare queen. You never gave your man oral love, like any good wife should. Shame.

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