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This low life deadbeat piece of crap is rumored to have 13 children (there are 5 known by different women in different states). He is an abusive alcoholic little punk who likes to beat women and children and run around from state to state making babies for none of which he takes care of. His children range in age from 16 to 1 and there are possibly more on the way. He trolls facebook and other social sites preying on weak not so attractive women looking for a sugar momma who he can mooch off of, impregnate and move on. He currently resides in Gary Indiana, but he frequents Chicago, Calumet City, Hammond, IN and the surrounding areas. He would rather buy beer, video games and upgrade his cell phone than support his kids. He is very selfish and his family backs his behavior by always bailing him out when he’s about to hit rock bottom. He blames all of his exes for the reason why his relationships didn’t last when in reality he has verbally, mentally and physically abused every women he has been with, he has even put hands on his own mother. Don’t let the pretty face fool you, he is the lowest of the low. If you see him run the other way!

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@1OfHisBabyMammas I’m a television producer taping a show on deadbeat dads this week. I’d love to talk to you about your story. You can reach me at 212.419.7413. Thanks! Hope to hear from you.

Will Richards

@BcProd, sorry I did not get your message until now. Is it too late to contact you regarding the TV show?

While I am here let me update this story! So the deadbeat has been working for over a year but would always tell me he can’t send money yet because he is trying to get on his feet, behind in rent etc. In September he found some woman to marry him, most likely so he can mooch off of her too and so that she can help him catch up with his finances. He hid the marriage for over a month, I guess to try and get me to close out my child support case. I called a few days before Halloween to ask him to send money so I could get the kids costumes, the wife was there unbeknownst to me as I had no clue he was married, so this loser went in on me being extremely verbally abusive, making up lies to make me look bad etc. Told me he is married now and whatever issues I am having with the children, finances etc are no longer his problem and he doesn’t care. Said he has babies everywhere and it doesn’t matter. Told me never to call him again and to live with the choices I had made. All this is front of wifey (girl whoever you are you have a real winner for a husband!) It’s only a matter of time before he starts bopping her upside the head if he’s not already.

where is the facts on this story? where is the amount that he owes you? you sound just as stupid as this boy is. you knew what you was getting into when you laid down with him. Get an education he has kids from 16 -1 really how old are you? did you even graduate from high school by the way it sounds you shouldn’t even have custody of this child

Yeah, this guy looks like a total winner. Have you filed for support? If you haven’t I suggest that you do. I would just not contact him if I were you. Also, do you REALLY want to be “that woman” on a talk show? You are aware that none of those people are ever depicted in a positive light. I would not participate if I were you. (Unless you are the angry chair-throwing type, if that is the case I retract my previous statement.) My suggestion is to better yourself for your child and let this one go. Do something positive with your life.

I had my son when I was 16 years old. His father was 17. My child was his first. He has three other children by two different mothers. He doesn’t look like the “prize” above, but he didn’t take an active role in my child’s life.

I was forced to drop out of school. I had two jobs and an apartment when I was 17. I have never been on any type of assistance. I ate Ramen while his father ate steak. One of those jobs was to pay for daycare. I went to night school and took my GED. After that I enrolled in college.

I am now 33. My son is in High School. His father is married and doesn’t have anything to do with him. His child support was set at $34.00 a week in 1995. It has never been raised because right before we go to court he will retain a different lawyer. Then the process starts all over again. It just isn’t worth the fight. As far as I am concerned I have already won.

My child knows who has been there for him. He knows what kind of sacrifices that I have made for him and he loves me. He is a genuinely amazing kid. I am proud to be the mother of such an intelligent, charismatic, well behaved child.

I take full credit for his development. It is a tough road, but one that is well worth it.

@Wendy, That is a bit harsh I would say. Most of these posts are entertaining, but really?

@ Browneyedgirl, yes I have filed for support and currently receive $37 a week which I am in the process of trying to get raised. He promised to send something for Christmas but as you know he never did. As you said, I have made up my mind not to deal with him anymore. He called today to talk to my son, and my son refuses to speak with him. I have decided it’s best to just let things be as in the end he is the one missing out.

@ Wendy…stupid, uneducated, did I graduate High School? Sweetie by the grammatical errors in your post I think you should be asking yourself those questions. People lie and make themselves out to be something they are not. It is one of the most common characteristics of an abuser. Furthermore, you know nothing about me to say I should not have custody of my child. Why are you here bashing people? Do you know this man? You act like it! What’s your story Wendy? FYI, he owes $14,000 in arrears.

Does he have the word DICK tatooed on his penis, which is medium length, but very thick and veiny, with a purple head?

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