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he walked out on his family, has been cheating on his wife forever, she stay for the family because thats what your supossed to do stay and be a family no matter what, when the 2 girls were younger he used to beat and hit them and verbally abuse them so bad they would run and hide and lock themselves in closets the bathroom and once even hid inside the dryer, when he left he took all the money with them and threatened his now xwife to sign his deal for the settelment or he would try to send her to jail, she had taken xanax and was very confused yet strangely her “top notch” lawyer Raoul Felder told her she had to agree, so she did..the aggreement left her with absollutely nothing, there are months that go by theres no food in the fridge the girls cant even have a winter jacket in this freezing cold weather, he tells them all he is broke yet he is a Dr at ENT and allergy associates in Carmel NY and makes a million dollars a year, hes moved and changed his cellphone number and didnt tell any of his children, and has told them he would rather them all live in cardboard boxes on the streets than ever have to live with him, what kind of father could EVER say that to their own children. he also had taken out an order of protection against his YOUNGEST daughter because she went to visit him at his office and give him her bill he didnt pay for her cardiologist do to her severe heart condition and to get onlt 50$ for a copay for a prescribtion that her doctor gave her who was also in the same office building as her, due to the order of the courts he had to give her his new number and go to therapy to try to fix the relationship which he said he “desperately wants to fix” yet he has not answered any of her calls or texts, he tells his suicidal daughter things to only make her want to die even more, and now wont even pay for school, they wont apply for financial aid due to the fact that he makes a million dollars a year, the mortgage accepted them for a hardship case since they clearly can see they cant pay the mortgage and once the house sells they will have no where to live. he is going to let his family suffer while he leaves everything he has to his new girlfriend who clearly only wants his money, not to his own children, i dont get how any parent could just abandon their children like that after always telling them they will never have to worry about money and they would be supported until they are done with college and can support himself, not one lawyer said they could help due to the fact that the mother doesnt have any money but they all dont understand how legally he is getting away with this, this NEEDS TO BE STOPPED he needs to be stopped and other people like him need to be stopped and something needs to be done because it is cruel and inhuman for a human being to do this to a family that they brought into this earth.

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He sure looks like a great dad. But I guess not with all these facts!

his name is Gary Fishman, he is not, recently the family found out that his small one bedroom apt in the city is really the nicest penthouse in a 5 star luxury apt…he told his children they cant live with him because he lives in a 1 bedroom and they cant sleep on his couch..

one daughter is going to court tomorrow for his order of protection..he still has not set up therapy with her like the courts had asked..still he has not answered calls/texts/emails about urgent things..

he got his entire side of the family to cut them off too, they wont answer their phone calls crying for help, emails, texts, nothing..that includes their cousins, aunts, uncles, and their grandparents.

they just applied to get food stamps since they cant even afford to get groceries and he claims hes “broke” still yet he clearly is not. he completely disinherited them

i dont get why he is doing this to his own children i can see him being this disturbed towards his xwife, but not his own children…this is what happens when drugs and alcohol take over your life, you let other people tell you what to do and you dont know whats right or wrong.

someone needs to do soemthing about this or help this family they are in desperate need right now

Yes it is sad he is not supporting his children.. but what does not make sense is if he was BEATING your children.. why stay? Your kids are more important.. and no you dont stay just to stay.. Also if you have no food go get food stamps and public assistance.. they will help you.. I do not get how a lawyer MADE you sign something that involves you getting NOTHING.. Unless there is more to the storyy???

well if you read what i had wrote, they did apply for food stamps, unfortunately they weren’t able to get them. and maybe do some research about what your saying. look up divorce cases where one person is left with nothing, it has happened before, and clearly did because that is what happened to them.

and there IS more to the story, more horrible things he has done-but i did not want to share that on here since it is even more personal and private.

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