Alton Brian Johnson Deadbeat For 3 1/2 years

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Let me start by saying that this is not my own personal experience but since I am close to the situation and it involves my niece I can speak on it… My sister not by blood but damn near is hurt by the fact that Alton refuses to do the right thing by his daughter whose name I will leave out of here……. I’m posting this because my niece has started asking about her father and it took my sister off guard because my niece has a godfather who is there for her but at 3 1/2 apparently she is smart enough to know the difference…. and my sister didnt know how to answer her question so my niece asked her again saying where is my father my sister replied that Alton was dead that he was in another place now…… my sister excused herself so that her daughter couldnt see her crying and it breaks my heart to see her lie to my niece and even more that her father lives in the same city as she does and refuses to grow up when he is damn near 30yrs old if he isnt 30 already and be apart of his daughter’s life.. being there is free it doesnt cost a dime to be build a relationship with your child, its really sad my niece will be 4yrs old in July and she has never seen or met her father and its not my sister its him, my sis has reached out to him constantly and he refuses to be a man and take care of my niece.

Alton and my sister dated her freshman year of college she was in love with him, he was way older than her she just turning 18 and he at the time was either 23 or 24 any-how she couldnt see but everyone around her could that he was controlling. There were several incidents that occured, I will discuss a few…. (1) my sister didnt answer her cellphone one night he called her phone over 50x then he came on campus to her dorm around 3 or 4 am threaten her dorm mother to get her out of bed when she came downstairs he dragged her outside and wouldnt let her go all because she didnt answer the phone she was sleep and had class at 8am but he didnt care…..(2)she has study group for an group assignment in the lobby of her dorm with a her group and a guy was in her group Alton showed up on campus without calling her first until he saw her through the window and got an attitude because she was sitting at a table with her group and it included a boy she went outside to talk to him and tell him that she had to finish her assignment but he wouldnt let her go, when she tried to walk away he started crying and tried to cause a scence and there were alot of people outside so she had no choice but to stay out there with him untilhe calmed down and let her go back and study….(3)she spent the night over at his house her cellphone was in her bag under the bed in apparently someone called her phone mind you it was on vibrate and he got up went threw her purse and found her phone woke her up at 3am called the number back his self to see who it was and then got made because it was a guy who was her bestfriend, he got angry and grabbed her and picked her up and shook her calling her a bitch amongst other names, when he put her down he she tried to get her phone to call her bestfriend to come get her because she was scared he grabbed her and took the phone and threw it down the hall when she tried to go get it he grabbed her and threw her on one of the sofa’s, he was screaming and yelling he turned the sofa over knocking the curtains and blinds out the window…. my sister was scared but she went back to him because he said that he was sorry and wouldnt do it again she went over to his house against beter judgement and from everyone telling her not to… that night as she was laying on the floor doing her homework he wanted to have sex and she didnt she wrappped the cover around herself tightly however she ended up falling asleep and thats when he made his move she had told him several times that she didnt want to have sex that night he didnt care he took it anyway and to make matters worse he nutted in her something she wouldnt find out until two weeks later when she answered her dorm room phone she was able to ignore his calls from her cellphone but the room didnt have caller id… he informed her that the last time they had sex he nutted in her I was there when she recieved the call and she was furious, she couldnt believe that he would do that to her….anyway he took her to the clinic to take the morning after pill which was two weeks to late but being young she had no idea…… and after that she didnt want to be with him anymore for one he went to far when he violated her and then trying to get her pregnant was too much…. but she never thought to take a preggers test until that december during break when she called and told him that she was pregnant he told her to never call him again and he hung up changed his number…….

My sister got smart filled for childsupport which took forever because he moved and was basically hiding out so that he couldnt take care of his responsibility so anyway finally after my niece turned 2 she finally recieved an court date now my sister hadnt heard from him in the two years their daughter was on this Earth and he was only contacting her because they had to go to court…. he claimed he wanted to see his daughter and blah blah blah but as time came near for court he never saw her and not because of my sister but because of him and then when they had to go to court he didnt even show up to the hearing… the court order him to pay 750.00 a month.. since that court order was given back in Septemeber of 2009 he has barely made any payments its been 142.00 every now and then and I’m sorry my sister cant take care of her daughter with 142.00 every now and then when he has been ordered to pay 750.00 a month and he owes almost $24,000, my sister wants him to have a relationship with his daughter to spend time with her like his other daughter but he refuses to she has tried to contact him and tell him that she forgives him and instead of trying to work something out he blocked her from ever contacting him and he refuses to establish a relationship with his daughter….. my thing is if he doesnt want to be apart of her life then he needs to pay child support like he has been ordered by the court to do but he has alltogther stopped paying childsupport for my niece… he would rather be laid up with his new girlfriend who is ugly as fuck (I’m not hating my sister looks 100x better than this girl) and the one time this year acted like he wanted to see my niece that was back in Feb.2010 my sister changed her scheduled to make sure that they would be able to meet for the first time and he didnt call nor did he show up that really hurted my sister she gave him the benefit of doubt when he finally contacted her he said that he had to help his friend move into his place..basically helping some nigga move his stuff is more important than his daughter thats a damn shame.. what really breaks my heart is the fact that my niece is really starting to ask about her father and my sister has started to tell her that Alton has died and is another place… I really hope that when the truth comes out one day that my niece doesnt hate her mother for lying to her about him being dead, hell its like he is dead anyway he would rather party get drunk and fuck then be there for his daughter…. I hope my sister reports him for not paying child support so that they can lock his sorry ass up and throw away the key and I hope he becomes so man’s bitch because he isnt a man anyway so he needs to be hurt and then maybe he will realize that he needs to take care of his daughter my niece.

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