Americas Hero Rodney Eugene Johnson

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This is a Boy named Rodney Eugene Johnson, not on here to bash him just here listing facts:

This is a Guy that will FOOOOL even the most educated woman
This is a Guy who will manipulate the kindest heart and rape the sweetest soul
This is a well masked loser impersonating a Soldier
This is a guy From the East Alton Illinois
This is a Guy that will tell you to keep his baby, just to run off and get married and have other kids
This is a guy that will live right around the corner from you and still never see his kid
This is a Habitual Liar, Alcoholic, and Abuser
This is a man that will be passed out drunk on the couch reaking of alcohol
This is a guy who will lie to all his family and friends about you and threaten that when he sees you he will kill you.
This is a guy that will make false reports to CPS
This is a guy who serves for his country but can’t even support his child.
This is a Guy that goes by the Name of Yelarod Dooley on Facebook and will Block you, when you want to talk about your child
This is a Guy who just made Sargent (E-5)but can’t give you a penny to his first son
This is a guy who lies about his child just to manipulate a girl to marry him (and if she knew about him not taking care of his child and still married him…she’s just as much of a Loser)
This is a guy who got married for money because he know Child Support is about to get in those pockets
This is a guy who saw my last post months ago and liked it on his Facebook page, but still couldn’t admit to it being the truth when questioned (FYI YES THIS IS TRUE
This is a guy who is willing to put his wife into his drama and B.S, because he wants to be a coward
This is a guy who just had a little girl and claims her and acts like his son doesn’t exist.
This is A Guy who is a soldier fighting for our country who is out Fooling America and Peers…
This is Me saying Karma is a Bitch and Young Black men need to do better and needs to stop abandoning their children…He is the typical charmer..The one that can crack a joke and make you smile..The one you can go out with and have a great time with…Please be AWARE of men like him, because he seems like a Great catch. He is nothing but distress and a headache.
His family is just as ignorant as him, you would think somebody had common sense but I guess not.
I want the Armed Forces to also start being more proactive on these guys, they stick together and let these men get away with murder as long as the mission can be completed
He is now in Hawaii, somewhere Hiding…refusing to test for his son..because of course he wasn’t there when he was born..(Got his number changed a week prior to the birth (How heroic)
Any military looking please stand up for new policies on Dead Beats.

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Hey Just wanted to let you know that you can file for an apportionment out of his check through the VA I was able to do this against my childs father because I found out he added my son to his benifits so he can get some extra money in his check! It is worth trying even if you think he didnt add the child. The fathers do not need any of the childs information like the social to add them only the childs full name and birth date I was told they have a few years to add the info. So if he is money hungry he probably did add the child. It was easy for me to file I went to the Va regional office in my area and I had to write a statement about my situation. It is not a lot of money but it is more than the “0″ I was getting before…and it is enough to hold me over until my child support order is served.

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