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James Piacenti | Inmate Arrest Records | Tampa, FloridaDec 18, 2009 … Piacenti, James was arrested in Tampa on 12/18/2009 for Cir Civ #045904fd25 Ftp Chld Supp Prg $13632.13.

Warrant was issued for Mr. James Anthony Piacenti’s arrest in 2009 for non payment of CS. Before the warrant could be signed Mr. Piacenti got caught again with cocaine, was arrested, bonded out, went to court…..the warrant was now in place…..the county dismissed the CS purge do to Mr. Piacenti being sentenced to 15mth prison time for his brilliant act! He served his 15mths, got out on 2-1-2011, I notified the DOR that he was set to be released on 2-1-2011 and even gave them the address he provided the prison with. They told me that the were going to give him 60 days to ADJUST TO SOCIETY!!! Than being enforcement actions. He is now nowhere to b found!

My case is now $26,000 in arrears an $46,0000 delinquent.

DOB for Mr Piacenti: 2/2/1975

DOR tells me there is nothing they can do until they find him again! Please help!

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