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Most recent update on this deadbeat BOY, is he was incarcerated for child support warrents. U can’t run forever. As a result of his arrest, I received a very small contribution which is so minial that the amout need not b mentioned expecially considering the amount of time love money and support Ive given MY children. Charles “Kawan” Patterson will continue to b a deadbeat to me. His status will remain this as long as he is living and breathing on this Earth and not taking care of MY children. I will continue to pray that God will help him see all the error of his ways…Everyone stay blessed and dont let the deadbeats get u down! You r strength! Your children need you and are depending on you for TLC. So give it to them. Ensure their happiness. Just because hes a loser, u cant let that deter you form being the best parent that your child has. Even if your the only parent they know…

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HAHA who would have knowN He would have turned out to be such a fucking loser!!! The sad part is I know u known him since elementary school and i remember him and my sister getting into a DO what u gotta do to take care of those ladies CHARLES will get his!!! haha he is sad as hell and his poor grandma has the shame to call this puck bitch her grandson….

best headline ever

I am a television producer in NYC doing a show on deadbeat dads. Would love to speak with you. Please give me a call at 347-974-1641.

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