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From the start he wasn’t there. It was his fault I got pregnant in the first place. He wanted abortion, I figured if were supposedly going to be together that it would be now or never.
He didn’t show up to her birth. He strolled into the hospitalthe following day after a whole’s day work.
He’s never paid any type of medical bill for her. He put her on his insurance at work but he already had a family plan for his own kids, no extra money required.
I have to beg for daipers once a month. Only when I threatened to break up would he ask to see her.
He never included us or her like family. His other kids wanted nothing to do with her and on her birthday at his house were not present at all.
I’ve asked for at least $200 a month. He wants to bargain down to $150 and have her every other weekend. Like I’m going to trust a dirty old man who spends more on cigarettes a month than his own kids and let’s teenagers and strangers come in and out of his house at all hours with my one year old.
I gave him the option out to leave us alone and not pay anything. He’s still on the not pay anything and have his way with me. In fact the last thing he said was he would not take no for an answer. All he cares about is sex but not us. Now I have to involve the law.

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