animal control supervisor shasta lake ca. What he is like at home is not what he is like at work!!!!!!

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Greg was a abusive man to me while I was growing up. I can not count the times that he would hit, shove, pull me, while mom was away at work. I was not allowed to talk at the dinner table. I was scared to go anywere with him because he would always threaten to leave me there because he did not like me and to make a man out of me.. I was only 8 years old.. I was scared to stay at home during the summer because he would come home at lunch just to scare me. When I would go to bed I was afraid to get up to even get something to drink or go to the rest room because he would point guns at me and tell me that he thought I was a intruder. He would abuse my mother as well and God only knows what she had to put up with, and the fear that he made her go thru for 17 years. We had to move from Ca. to the east coast for our safety. I was not allowed to watch tv in any room of the house but my room. I have been told by him my entire life that I am a loser, stupid, f****** idiot, that I would never make it in life, and now I am a shinking ship with no hope. I have not got any christmas gifts, birthday cards in 4 years now. But I did get Lots of naked pictures of naked women sent to my email and cell phone from his City of Shasta lake Issued cell phone That the citizens of Shasta Lake are paying for. My mom has told him to stop several times and he will not stop. Now he just sends them from his personal cell phone. I want to add my dad because that every one in Shasta Lake Ca thinks That he is good because of the front that he has to the mayor and city. It is hard on my mom and me because he will not help out with a car for me, insurance, phone, gas, clothes, and now I am getting ready to go to college and he is going to stop my medical insurance and told me to have mom take him back to court for that. He knows that mom does not have the money to take him back to court. I love my mom she is a hero in my eyes and is doing the best she can to raise me. While my dad is taking vacations to Hawaii, etc…. I would like to share my dad with the world and the City of Shasta Lake Ca.

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Funny who we know ( I mean who we thought we knew) on here. It is sad what that poor boy has to put up with and sounds like still putting up with…… Just remember christmas is better with out him… Sorry you had to go through so much hell in your life.. But at least you have a hero.. Good job MOM

Nice letter “Tyler’s mom”. I guess you’d do anything for money.

Inreply to {areyouserious9920} sounds like your son did all the talking for you!!!!! Keep talking tyler it helps heal. We are all proud of you

In reply to Kristin, get a life you dont know him so dont act like you do by putting comments like that.

I’m pretty sure “Kristin” and “Mike” are his mom (the hero) and her boyfriend. Unfortunately Tyler’s mom has issues with lying (obviously,) money and violence. Let’s just pray she gets the help she needs… for her son’s sake.

areyouserious9920 Come on we can all tell you are Greg the Animal Control Supervisor. All you can do is come back with mom wants money!!!!

GoldenApple101 What is that your call sign at animal control. I thought is was Zebras according to shasta county rules.

elliotness89 every women man and child knows this is the crappy dad because you have a smart, abusive remark in every reply.

When crappy dads writes comments on the dads always say the moms are lying crazy or out for money.

WOW!!! just another one of those so called Dads….
Why do these dads not look at were there relationship with there childeren went wrong? Instead of blaming everyone else.

Why are you threatening me on my email? That I better take this off or Else?

All of you that think posting bad things like this is okay are crazy. You obviously don’t personally know him so you don’t know if he is telling the truth or is just making all of this stuff up. Everybody on this site needs to move on to the future because obviously thats that past. Nobody needs to know or try to know what happened to this guys life. Or maybe the mother of this child need to get mental help. You really don’t need to ruin this persons life and families life by doing this. THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anybody who trys to follow up negatively. TRY ME!!!!

how can u do this in ur sons name ! u have issues that u r putting on Greg ! get over it and get on with ur life. everyone who gets on this site has some genuine issues but SOME person has major issues. get real chick get on with your life, your jelous because all you can do all day is sit at home and make stuff up to make him look bad when your the one who is bad. and also inreply to (Mike) you really need to get to check your self you HAVE NO idea if any of this is even true so keep your commet to your self. and also in reply to (Tyler1) don’t you think you have wrote enough about this poor guy. i can’t beleive all of you people who write bad commets on this

Dear young man from the east coast.

I was really looking for and your site came up.

it is so sad to see a yound man with so much hurt and disappointment, because of your fathers disrespect and abusive treatment.

We hope and pray you have found a loving and peaceful home and that your father gets help he needs to correct the wrong he has done to you, maybe he still has time to make ot up to you and become a good father you deserve.

susie d

yeah bud i agree with susied on that use what you learned from your father and let it guide you on what NOT to do when you have your own people like this always get what they deserve in the end …just ask my dad

ooohhhh and im going to post this dudes pic all over the internet lets see if he threatens me

I find it disturbing that when an abused child finds the courage to speak out about his pain and suffering; that the denial, blame, and shame kick in. So no one wants to validate this child’s feelings? Just chalk it up to a lie? Did you ever consider that this sort of thing goes on secretly in many lives on a daily basis and that this type of indifference is exactly why so many people suffer needlessly and some have lost their lives? Why is is so hard to believe that the guy is a scumbag? how dare you minimize a child’s cry for help. Society is poisoned.

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