Another big deadbeat dad move!

Posted on : 31-03-2011 | By : nomore87 | In : Deadbeat Dads, Nevada


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Here we go again! Yesterday morning I woke up to the sound of my door being banged on once again by cops! In a weak attempt to keep me from contacting him about CHILD SUPPORT Ken Schneider thought it was cool to go down to the court house with a couple of vm’s I had left weeks before when he got out of payin CS by calling the cops to do his dirty work. He says in his report that I just out of the blue left these messages for no reason!!!! I am SO sick of this justice system protecting these deadbeat dads! When is it going to end!!!!!

I work my ass off, go to school full time, barely scrape by to provide for my child and I, and this asshole gets to walk the streets not having to man up for fathering a child!!!!! Why is it that I am the only one responsible for providing for my child!!!???? It takes two to tango. I know he put all of 5 minutes of effort into all of this but he still needs to man up. He never will and thats fine cause he can just in jail oweing a shit load of child support and think about what a dead beat he really is.

I have to believe that one day karma will come back to him cause thats the only reason I keep going. I try to take the hate out of my heart that I have and go about life with just my daughter and I but this shit has got to stop. He is runnin around making problems for me and my child and could give a fuck less.


Hey Ken your daughter needs some more diapers why don’t you go buy her some!? O yeah that’s right I forgot. You spent all your money on a roach infested motel,drinking cheap beer instead of handling your responsiblities like a REAL MAN SHOULD. The only reason you got a TPO is cause you seem to think that will keep anyone from finding out what a sick SOB you really are. O and that you think it will keep you from paying up, sorry stupid it don’t work that way. I have no doubt in my mind at all that you are going to hell. Go smoke some more meth and tell some more lies.

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karma WILL catch up to him and it will indeed be a bitch. stay strong.

Tasha do you believe in karma? If so maybe you might see that you are getting YOURS :) you picked him. You have created a world of misery and lies for yourself. It’s funny when you think of ALL of the people you have screwed over in your pathetic lifetime. Why do you lie? Why do you fight with everyone you can? You are all talk. I feel so bad that your daughter is being raised by such a WORTHLESS pos. You will never amount to anything, and that’s a fact. You will lie and scream and fight your way into an even lonelier existence. All the while you will destroy that poor innocent little girl.
You only live for your image and how others see you. Do you realize that everybody knows it’s an act?
Please get help. Google borderline personality disorder and you will see.
The low self esteem, the lies, the sociopathy, the drugs, promiscuity, no sense of self, and what’s worse than all of those horrible things that YOU know to be true? You can lie to yourself about it. You will convince yourself that you are ok and you are a good mom. It’s all bs. You are beyond Pathetic. I am about to out you. And in a big way. Not now, but if you keep up with intentionally hurting people and starting drama then you are just pushing this along. Get help, please.
And I already know that you’re gonna spew a bunch if hateful and intimidating bs at me. That’s all you can do. So have at it if it makes you feel leas pain.

WOW? You just signed you death certificate, NO ONE talks about my child and they sure as hell will NEVER talk about my child. FUNNY what a fucking coward you are to get on here talk a bunch of lame bull shit then no even have the guts to say who the fuck your dead ass is??? Yeah that’s what I thought bitch. I’m not gonna handle your ass online, im coming for you cunt!

LOL that didn’t take long, I’ll be making a lil visit to RPD in the morning Talia James :-)

Not hard to find your bitch ass.

O and btw it’s a little too late to clean up your shit tracks now dumb bitch.

So you are planning on going to the police. You threatened me. So have fun with that. I have done nothing wrong. I just don’t like you and an fed up with your crap.
And you obviously know who I am.

Guess that comment was wrong. Talia James? No clue who that is but I understand you have a very long list of haters.

LOL, nice try dumb ass. Your a coward who thinks she’s so fucking tough gettin on the internet talkin shit. But what’s gonna happen when I find you and you have no where to go? Your gonna get the beat down of your life, that’s what bitch! And to think you got on here and talked all this shit and got yourself fucked over comments on a facebook page. Real smart of you : ) There’s no going back now, you just remember that when your gettin your ass handed to you for the shit you talk. So you keep being the hater that you are and wasting your time talking all that shit cause that’s all you got is your big fat mouth. I guess your really pissed at yourself for not covering your tracks aren’t you bitch! Only dumb ass cowards get on the internet and talk shit like you bitch. This time your gonna pay for the shit that you talk. Bu bye bitch! Fed up with my crap are Talia? LOL You just started something you can’t finish. Talk about my child? Funny of a scum bag, dirty whore to have the nerve to talk about my child! What’s gonna happen to your children when mommy get’s herself dealt with? I know your scared and bitch you should be.

Will the real hater please stand UP! What’s wrong Talia? You got no one to help you now.

You are crazy! I have no clue who Talia is(did you sleep with her husband,too?) you are making very serious threats here so I will be responsible and pass this info along. Me stating that I feel sorry for you kid has clearly touched a nerve, why? It is what it is.
You are insane and clearly dangerous.

LOL if i’m “clearly dangerous” then why come on an internet site and talk a bunch of shit? Slept with your husband!? Yeah, sorry that don’t ring a bell. Again I’m give you the opertunity to step up and stop being a fucking pussy. If your so tough to talk shit to me on the internet then you should be tough enough to tell me who the fuck you are. But your a coward so I wouldn’t expect that from any dumb bitch like yourself.

See what you don’t get is that you don’t know a fucking thing about me, who the fuck you think you are is beyond me. Getting on the internet and talking trash? Really? Are you that childish? Apparently you are, that was a whole lot of bull shit that you posted. All you are is a shit talker, period.

So you think your husband slept with me huh? hhhmmmm and yet your screen name is Mrsloyelymess so from the sounds of it your still married, and if my husband cheated on me I certanily still wouldn’t be married to them. But yet weve already established that your a dumb ass so I guess we don’t need to question that. You got some serious issues and they got nothing to do with me so what you need to do is get the fuck off the internet and seek some help for that sick head of yours. It’s always funny to see the people that talk shit, what they say ALWAYS resembles who THEY are not the person their talking shit to. Sucks for you sweetie, maybe you should check your man if you even have one. So you keep talking all that shit cause that’s all you have in life is your computer and your fat mouth. Bye dumb bitch whoever the fuck you are your dumb as fuck. You got something you wanna say then ill meet your ass anywhere bitch. Step up or shut your fucking mouth.

You are a mess! I suppose that being the stinky cum dumpster that you are you probably can’t keep tabs on all of your doings. You haver never directly affected my own life. Playing stupid will not get you far. You know what this is about. Please get help for yourself and the unfortunate people that are tied into your life. After you deal with that you would do well with a shower. Daily. Gynecologal exam may be doable after your hygiene has been addressed. Stop spreading your diseased vag around if you can’t get medical treatment. Lay off the pills. Consider a nose job. Seriously. I will not speak to you again. I just hope that you will start taking care of yourself. The truth hurts but not as bad as shame. Deal with it. Bye

Lol, yeah that’s what I thought. Just a big fat coward with a big fat mouth. You don’t mean shit and I don’t give a fuck who you are. I don’t sleep around, address your own issues whore. You dumb whores need to learn to quit being a fucking hater. Your husband whoever the fuck that is, fucked someone else maybe you should address your issues before you talk shit to anyone else. I look damn good and their isn’t anything wrong with me bitch. Quit being a fucking coward on the internet whore! Your too scared to say who the fuck you are, your just a dirty gutter mouth whore who’s gonna get her’s in the end. Blah blah blah cunt. Boohoo Commit yourself into somewhere with padded walls before you hurt yourself dumb bitch.

What’s wrong? Too scared to get your ass fucking beat down? Fucking pussy. Don’t let your mouth write checks your fat ass can’t cash dumb bitch! Whoever you are you need to shut the fuck up, it’s obvious you don’t shit, quit making yourself look so damn stupid trick.

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