Barry Mallyon Toronto Canada

Posted on : 31-08-2010 | By : usedmom | In : Canada, Deadbeat Dads


I have no pic right now but i will find one soon. He abandoned me and my twin boys that are now almost 8 at the age of 2. No contact with them for 6 years and when the courts got after him when my divorce was final,he paid till he said he lost his job and now pays nothing. No contact or answers to the court filings. He will find any way to keep from paying and my new husband will stop at nothing to find him. He is pond scum that doesnt even care about his kids. he should be put on jail and treated like he treats his kids-IGNORED.if anyone knows of his whereabouts please let the police know or respond. Stay away from this loser!! he is now in over his head to the tune of 10,000 dollars and climbing fast. Thats a felony!! I hope he rots in jail for what hes done. And he will sooner or later. My kids live in the USA,far away from him and Canada. He trys to hide but it will all come back to haunt him soon. You can run but you cant hide.

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