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This is Barry O’Nan, just another father on the list of “deadbeats”. There is a court order from the Superior Court in the San Diego, CA area regarding child support. As of July 1, 2012, Barry O’Nan will be in arrears over $35,000, not including interest.
While his family has struggled to survive, with 5 children to feed, he has lived with his parents in their family home in Memphis, TN. His parents are more than happy to enable his addiction, and hide him from agencies pursuing him for his financial and legal issues. He abandoned his chosen career, deciding to choose a job that paid bare minimum. Once DCSS caught up with him and managed to collect 2 partial payments towards his support owed, he then left even that job and is running from his responsibilities.
There is a “permanent” (5 yr) restraining order for domestic violence against Barry O’Nan, which has been violated numerous times. His crimes are beginning to catch up with him and those who support him.

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Just a note that since this was first submitted, the amount has doubled and arrears are going to be added in September 2013. With interest and court order violations, that amount will be around $75,000.
Money aside, most importantly is the fact that my children are now in a supportive safe environment .. away from him.

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