BEWARE… Biggest Deadbeat and worst father EVER

Posted on : 24-02-2011 | By : amanda99 | In : Deadbeat Dads, North Carolina


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Charles Alan Shadrick…this name you need to remember. In May of 2010 I get a call from DSS telling me that this “man” is leaving our two young children (ages 2 and 1) alone in our apartment to sell DRUGS around our neighborhood!! Not only that, he STOLE my babies money for his FIRST birthday. That was IT!! Once you mess with my children, you cross the line. Since then…MAY 2010…he has not called, seen, txt, or even EMAILED the kids AT ALL. He’s only 3 months behind on child support. He got a settlement check of $6000 and you want to know what he spent on the kids!? $175!!! He didn’t call my oldest son on his 3rd birthday, he didn’t call them on their first Halloween (he would always spend money so we could do anything), and he didn’t call them on their first REAL Christmas (I spent over $400 in 3 weeks of last min. shopping!!!). My youngest son bday is the 28th of this month and their “father” has YET to ask ANYTHING about what he would like or even to mention his upcoming big day! He cashed money orders that were supposed to be used for rent at our apartments and cause us to be evicted. He left me and the kids STRANDED at wal mart with NO way to get home. I’ve taken restrianing orders, child abuse charges and more charges out on him but some how his mommy gets him out of trouble every time. I never thought I could hate someone so much! I love my kids, they are my life but how someone could just turn their back is BEYOND me. He claims he has no job and no way to send them money but I’m hearing from several people, including himself, that he’s STILL selling drugs and buying cell phones and taking little skanks out and blowing money on them. Just ONCE I hope he sells to an undercover!!! Girls…watch out for this guy!! He’ll put on a sad little act but once you see through his bullshit, you’ll see the real Charles…a sad sad sad deadbeat dad.

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