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Our daughter was born in 1997. This man has always attempted to avoid his responsibility. I received a child support order against him in the state where we lived, but neither of us reside there now. As a result, the state will not enforce the child support order and of course like any other dead beat, he stopped paying. He has made up the story that our daughter has been adopted by someone else and therefore he is not responsible (guess that’s how he justifies his behavior to his current wife, Kausha). This man proclaims to be a man of God, but forgot the part where God requires accountability for our lives and actions. Currently he is believed to live in either Mesquite or Balch Springs, TX. He is originally from Rayville, La. and attended Grambling State University. If you run across this dead beat, BEWARE!!!!

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Hi Have you tried to transfer the child support case to the county you live in and let them take over. I transfered my case to the county I moved to and they have taken over and they have done me great they have collected some money for me not alot that I was hoping for. You can also go to your local court house and use the law library and look him up in the computer and see how many traffic tickets he has gotten and then you can see the ticket picture and then you can get his current drivers license address and Id number and then you can turn that in with your case when you decide to transfer it to the county you now reside in. I hope this has helped you and will help you collect the money your child is owed from the dead beat father. Thanks Kimdh79

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