beware of Myron Lee Mitchell Jr.

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i have been in special education all my life so when i ment this guy i was getting ready to go into high school. so we started talking and hanging out more and we started dating well three months into are realtionship things changed he told me he did pot i did not know what to think but i stayed with him. my Parents really did not like him and they somehow put up with his crap. so i stayed with him all the way through high school and things did not get better he would cut me down call me names and tell me all i was good for was sex and that i did not have a learning disabiltiy and wanted me to work in a strip club and make him money. at my prom he asked me if i would marry him i said no. but i found out that i was going to have a baby but his mom and him took me to have an abortion something i wish i could take back but i can’t so later down the road i found out i was going to have another baby and a month after i had my son we broke up. things were really bad after i had my son he would call every day and we have had so money court dates i can not count them all. but now my son is 13 and i have not gotten child support for two years and i am going to school and i don’t have a car and i am looking for work. i have had so many court dates about child support that the last court hearing they lowered the child support from 305 to 50 dollars but i have not seen that at all. i have been dealing with tanf just to get money and ssi. now my ex does not even call or talk to my son but i guess it’s a good thing since my child support goes for his meth

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HES A FUCKIN LOSER!!! U go take care of ur son and be the best mom u can be!!

thank you i am trying to be a good mom and i am trying to get done with school thank you for your comment

I’m a full time student with 2 toddlers, but I have my fiance here. I know how hard it is so just let him eat dust and finish school. He’s such a loser.

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