Beware of this ugly monster !!!!

Posted on : 10-12-2010 | By : Babymommo5 | In : Deadbeat Dads, District of Columbia


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This deadbeat right here has five children, 17 to 3 years old.
No job, jailbird, drug addict, drunk, thief and a liar, will charm his way into your life and give you nothing but only bad memories.
He dont take care of none, one of his children, live with his me and he dont care for any of them, has a new girlfriend, beware DC,MD, VA females this joker will ruin our lives…..
He’s such and ugly monster please be aware

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Bitch # 1 nobody wants Moses ugly ass but you, #2 ask him where I be @ cuse int nothing but a thing Bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not even goa respnd to the rest cause is the same Pussy he was on and now ur bitch ass tasting>> TO GROWN FOR THE BULLSHIT, COME SEE ME BITCH

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