Biggest Dead Beat Dad Looser! Chris Ahrens!

Posted on : 07-08-2011 | By : Marilynm30 | In : Deadbeat Dads, Minnesota


looser2.jpg (90 KB)

This is Christoper Robert Ahrens. He is a Huge dead beat dad looser. He owns me over 9,000 in back support. Not only does he have one kids from me he knocked another girl up 2 years later.He works 2 days a week at a bar where he get loaded at work and drives home. He hardly pays child support and drinks at least 5-6 nights out of the week. He is a looser. Also he has the STD Herpes and loves to Spread it to stupid girls that think he is super cool. He is a compulsive liar and will tell you what you want to hear, so he can suck you in and take advantage of you and now also give you an STD you can not get rid of. I feel bad for my 8 year old daughter to deal with such a looser. Thank god my Husband has filled his void since she was 2. He is a great Father figure for her.

This is great pic that his sister (another super huge looser she is now pregnant in the work house for her 4th DUI, another lovely winner of the family) took of my daughter and him after he had not seen her for a few months. Yep he is a winner. She is smiling super cute too. I just can’t believe it. I blocked her face for her safety.

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