Biggest Dead Beat Of Them All!!! Robert Wintle AKA Robbie

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Robbie is the sperm donor to my handsome 7yr old son. He had 2 children with two different mother’s prior to my son. Yes I fell for the B.S. Well we split right after I gave birth to my baby. I then would call him ask him for help or ask if he was gonna come by and see my son…All to no prevail. I eventually gave up trying I mean I shouldn’t make you wanna see him. He has since had several children no two children by the same woman. He gained custody of one of his children when the mother went to prison. So now I guess that makes him “Father of the year!” NOT. I contacted him on FB several times to convince him to sign over his rights since my husband had raised him since 1 1/2 yrs old. He refuses of course…I try to convince him but again no prevail…I mean the $23.00 a week in child support he is ordered to pay must be killing him…YES $23.00 a week and you guessed I do not receive any of it…Oh let me correct that this past month he sent in $10… After contacting him on FB his then girlfriend made a beautiful remark about people staying out of their lives because it is better that way… I think she may be right I wouldn’t want my son in his life at this point..That would be so traumatizing for him. He is a Mommas Boy all the way…Guess he would be since the sperm donor hasn’t been around. He couldn’t pick my son out of a line-up. However I do let my son see what kind of father he is..I show him his arrest records on I do not know where his whereabouts are these days. But ladies beware of this loser. Yes I know who would want him I mean look at him (I was young and stupid)

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How can you not afford $23 a week and if you want nothing to do with the child why not sign over the rights… ridiculous. Just PAY UR CHILD SUPPORT!

He scored with the $23/week. Does he have to pay child support for other kids he had before yours?

Yes he pays child support for his first 3 kids. I say pays but he is ordered to pay but does not comply. He has since had so many more. I have no idea if or what is ordered for them.

OMG I know him!!! He is douchebag! I know where he is..i would like to speak with you if possible

I’m convinced all Roberts are lowlifes.

I know him too… I don’t know what is wrong with Rob-E… He has about 17 children now and only pays enough to stay out of JAIL… all these kids he had with all the baby mommas your children are better off with out him. He is a look at me and look what I got or had kinda person. I have to say back in the day he was not like that, but all the girls going crazy over him, and he ate it up. now look where life has gotten him, so sad….He really could have made something out of his self. But not now.! I know where he is too..

Hey could u get intouch with me. The ones.that know Robbie. Im.his recent girlfriend as of this past tuesday. He said thay.he.was.going to one of.his.houses.he.manages. Well later on my neighbor texts me and said robbie was down at our house and he.was putting Sabrina and his.stuff in a trailer. And.i was at work at this time. I left and i passed.him and and confronted him. The only thing he could say we needed time apart. I feel bad.for.Sabrina she was like my own and i love her.very much. Also we have a lil girl that will b 2 in october. Then today this girl name.jessie contacts me on fb…she said her and robbie have.been tacousinslking fcousinsor a while now. So im like so pissed off and i know i sgould havr listebed to his oldest daughter,aunts my mom and family and his cousins. So i should have listened also to u and martha also! Please contact me please i would like kenzie and sisters also

Someone actually had sex with this guy for free?

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