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Well here is the story of Mr.William Dominic Lorenzo aka Bill Lorenzo who owes well over 18500.00 in child support and has not seen his 15 year old son in 3 years. But don’t let him fool you he has an open door to taking him for a summer or a week. But he chooses to take trips to Florida to visit girlfriends and cruises to who knows where instead of seeing his son. He claims on his facebook page to be religious however he doesn’t apparently know the meaning of the word Hypocrit! The upstate New York courts have done nothing to collect and in fact recently let him change venues even though he had a 90 day suspended jail term in Saratoga County Family Court. They let him reduce his current support further and also let him quit a job to become a waiter in order to do so. In the last 10 years he has quit 4 jobs most paying 65000.00 per year +bonus in order to modify his support and was not successful until he found that the Rennselaer County family court system was crooked and prejudice enough to let him get away with anything. So that is what he did he pretended to live in a home in order to change the venue and avoid any further action.

The home he claimed to live at was sold in June 2010 and he no longer lives in that county yet for some reason I am unable to move the case out of that court. Oh, yes and by the way all he had to do was request it moved based on nobody living in Saratoga County anymore since I moved to NC and it was granted. However when I requested it be moved back since nobody lives in Rennselaer County that was denied. of course!!
So the dead beat gets away with anything and I no longer have the means to provide for my kids as they should have been provided for. In fact the law states that the children should be provided for the same as if the divorce never happened…what a crock of BS….these courts are full of Narcissitic judges and men and nobody cares what happens to the kids….and they wonder why boys grow up to do drugs and steal etc…..huh what a freaking joke….

Enjoy your miserable life Bill Lorenzo… lose because in the end your kids see the truth of who you are and so does GOD!!! Your son went to a good college not because of anything to do with you because you didn’t pay a dime. He did the work and I sacrificed my life to move to a state where they care about education.

To All Bill Lorenzo’s friends who have enabled him and listened to his lies I hope you sleep well at night knowing how much you have aided and abedded a dead beat and hurt two very nice children who’s lives have been changed forever!! Yes this changes who those children would have grown up to be. And they need alot of counseling that I cannot afford. Hopefully someday they will get the help they need to carry on a normal life and hopefully you will ROT IN HELL all of you!!

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