Bobby Johnson (Robert) Lives in Williston North Dakota

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Owes over $20,000 in back Child Support. Lived in Maple Valley, Wa and left his son 3yrs ago. Moved back to Epping, ND and lives in Williston now. His parents Julian and Jeannitta Johnson help him hide. They put his vehicle that he drives in their name.

He has lied to the Sheriffs department each time they have called him to get an address where he lives to servce him papers. He always gives a PO box. He drives for Shane Cymbaluk Trucking in Williston. They pay him under the table. He has a suspended license. Division of Child Support says I have to PROVE where he works. The company he works for lied to the Sheriffs Office.

He also has another Child SUpport case with his other ex wife with 2 children in Washington also.

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Latest update. He owes over $25,000 now and he works at Keating Carpet I in Williston North Dakota as a Carpet Installer. It was confirmed. But he is a contractor, so he is working under someone else’s business license. Probably a relative and DCS won’t serve him papers there, because they called his cell and he lied and they took his word for it, AGAIN. What is wrong with our system???? My son just had a birthday in August and he asked me why doesn’t Dad call me on my Birthday. Another year gone by, what a loser! And his Grandparents are just as BAD. Shame on you Julian and Jeanittta!

I can not believe that there are so many dads out there not paying child support, but this Bobby guy doesn’t even admit to working! Well! I’m here to tell you he does work, he installed carpet in my house this year in Williston ND. Shame on the Johnson family. I hear he had a nice visit with his other two children this summer . They came all the way to ND. to see their dad that does not live here hmmmm, something is wrong with this picture.

hay bobby get a live and take care of cody u r his dad send his child support man he just had a birthday send him a card or gift.. what is wrong with you bobby come on do rite by him and debbie you are better then this i hope , by 4 now do rite

@ Crazyman . Dude, is English your second language? Go get your GED, man, it will improve your life.

Stop meddling in other people’s business. You are an ahole and you stink so bad with your self-righteous attitude. Maybe that’s why you have no friends.

OMG Jack Boot Who has no friends? I have seen your comments all over this site. Are you Peter Nolan? The person who stalks people all over facebook. Seriously you sound like a pitiful child. You MEDDLE in everyones life on this site. Go get a real life and grow some balls and be a man. No one wants you on this site. Your stalking people on here and leaving STUPID comments on their posts. Your an idiot!

Update. Bob now owes over $43,000. He has finally been found and served with Show Cause for contempt. Court next week. This year it has been 3 yrs since he has called his son on his Birthday or Christmas and 4 yrs since he has seen him. Can you say DEADBEAT?! What man does not take care of their own child?

This is Angela Cymbaluk and I own Shane Cymbaluk Trucking, Inc. I too in my life have been in a situation to where I needed to collect child support. I was fortunate enough to receive it with no problems. Therefore, I do not condone men “skipping” out on such responsibilities! Robert Johnson has NEVER worked for my company, nor do I pay people “under the table”. That is illegal and frankly I need the payroll expense. I do not appreciate someone saying something damaging about my company, when they have no idea of the facts.

Angela, that information was given by Bob Johnson and because he hides his assets we assumed he was getting paid cash. To this day he states he has no money and hardly ever finds work in Williston. We have requested that sentence be taken off about our business and apologize for this. I’m sure Bob told you about this site since he is running around worried because the truth is coming out about him, he has been found in contempt and has gone to the extreme of marrying someone from another country and people know that is how he is hiding all his money that he makes. He is committing fraud and forging his taxes. This man should be ashamed of himself bringing others into his illegal doings

Actually, this man is trying his best to survive. So, while he put bread on your table, he was OK, but now, that he left your ass in the dirt, he’s bad.

Why don’t YOU tell us what great contributions to society you have made?

@ Someday . Honey, you would benefit from getting some education, as well. Same as Crazyman, getting that GED would help you, as well. You two kids can study together, and maybe Crazyman will slip you the hot beef injection during study hall. That’s it, you’d be squeezing out more puppies, and probably going to flunk out of the GED program, as well. Pitiful.

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