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This deadbeat comes in special form. He has ignored his daughter for years, only to come around every once in awhile to proclaim his ‘undying love’ yet he fails to nurture, provide, support, or be physically or emotionally available to the daughter he claims so much to love. 5 years of back child support is owed, and when calculated comes close to 100,000 dollars. He refuses to show up for court, and hides out like Osama Bin Laden. He proclaims to the world that he is in fact a good father, and that he is there for his daughter, and that he does support her. The truth is that he DOES NOT. He never sees her, never calls to speak with her, does not answer when she calls to speak with him, and refuses to pay the child support he is court ordered. He does however have a “wife” who has a child that does not belong to him, that he does support as his wife is an unemployed mooch that does not want him to support his own child for fear of her not getting as much money as she would like. Brian Andrews of Day 26, with three years of reality television, and an upcoming series, two platinum selling albums and a third on the way, several tours, concerts, and performances, has the means to support his child, simply refuses. He has missed court and instead gone on cruises to the bahamas, while he was supposed to be in court. He has caused harm to his child on more than one occasion and even remains married to a woman that stabbed him. Ladies and gentlemen, Brian Olatunde Farihi Andrews aka “Brian Angel” of Day 26 born Feb 17, 1981 is our deadbeat dad of the year!

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How the hell does he owe 100,000! He not this big time money maker they she is pro claiming. He has never had a platinum album better yet the two she is claiming…..story kind of off to me

This is just sad. SMH

If he owes, he owes..Whether or not he has this or that don’t really matter when he can’t pay $50 or be there..Why hasn’t he been there? He’s been on TV..Everybody knows him.. This is sad and old, where the dude is forgetting the child he made cuz he isn’t with the mom..I hope he gets locked up and while he’s there he better think of what he’s gonna say to his daughter when she gets older..This story is already on other media sites..SMH

I think its sad that women can come on this website and talk so much shit about these men.Can somebody answer this question for me:What is the point in doing this? What the hell is the point in this website in general,And half of these women probably still want these men and slandering their names,because what is the point in saying “his wife this,and his wife that” you need to be worried about your damn child instead of sitting on this website talking smack..SHAME ON ALL OF YALL..How about you handle your business as a woman first

actually luvher_501 its kindof crazy how it all adds up when they dont pay a dime!



This is the amount just for the last year. so you times that by 5 years… and you have your amount! :)

as for the “platinum status” you could be correct, it came from the horse’s mouth (brians) that they went platinum. they probly didnt.I know that they did have two no. 1 selling albums and have a third coming.

but as we all kno, the money dont really come from album sales, it comes from the tours and concerts. not to mention he owns a record label as well, and many other sources of income such as clothing, promos ,he will also get income from the upcoming reality show. and on and on….. thanks for the interest though!

hi camcam lol arent u on this website “talking smack” ?? thanks for playing! =)

Hi Haeleesmother
i am so sorry that this happened to u i am trythly am. i believe everything everything u said first hand. please contact my profile

sexy617 Idk how to contact profiles on here. I just found out about this site =)

do u have a fb or twitter?

yes i do but idk how to put it on here w/o everybody seeing it.

haeleemother contact me

i typed that into the browser beemaire but it didnt come up w nething…

this showing off deadbeats make me sick…..girl we on the same boat dont worry tho ima be here for you….

Her facts are COMPLETELY OFF Firstly Day26 was NOT on reality tv for 3 yrs there were two seasons which they were a part of but not for three years 2nd NEITHER of Day26’s albums have went gold let alone platinum they haven’t even been nominated for a grammy so that alone dismisses that notion third a friend of mine inquired abt having Day26 perform at her bday party their manager disclosed that there pay rate is 10 thous dollars and from the time frame for which she speaks there were 5 members which leaves them with $2000.00 per member there are daily and monthly exspenses as well as secutrity and management that has to be paid and he has to keep a roof over his head 4th they have not toured that much and at there rate of pay have not accumulated that much MTV was not paying them during there 2nd stint of MTB and there contract was held up you do the math lastly fellow band member Willie Taylor disclosed that they are in fact working on producing their on show nothing is set in stone unless they are the excec producers he stated this from his official twitter and their third album has not been completed and as of right now does not have a release date her facts are flawed and weakly prepared she sounds more like a scorned lover rather then a angry mother. Case Dismissed.

Rsc007…..bitch shut the fuck up….you dnt know what single parents go thro and for you to call this lady a liar….you need to go hang yourself with your momma’s dick… point is you dont know her situation and never will until you have a child with a deadbeat guy… bitch go sit down somewhere…

@ rsc007. What do all of these facts have to do with him not taking care of his child. Either you want him or you don’t have kids, either way your comment is irrelevant.

if he’s making money then he has to take care of his kid…..and girl you sound like 1 of his groupies nwayz…..

that was for rsc007

@Sasha are we not grown with the name calling? because you don’t know me and this is the internet so calm that shit down I commented on her post because I had to state the true facts which is relevant because being that he is NOT famous or RICH like that explains why he may be lacking in payments I did not speak on him not seeing or being there for his daughter because that is personal and between the author of this post and him I am in NO way condoing being a deadbeat dad I am just simply saying his money is NOT flowing lik that so miss me with the negativity thanks!!!


I feel for you!! its a damn shame that man with so much determination to try out for stardome cant invest the same amount of energy into his own daughter…unfortunately it will hit him hard when its too late and she dont want shit to do w/ him. fuck that broke ass one hit wonder.

@Ms Dee I am a defense attorney and I do not “want” him as you put it I am HAPPILY married thank you I simply stated facts that shows he may not be financially able to pay as much as he needs to in no way am I condoning being a bad dad but he is NOT wealthy simple as that so that is why my comment is relevant whatever personal issues he and the author of this post need to work out are between them I am simply speaking from the financial aspect of the issue.

@rsc007 his financial issues have nothing to do with at least spending time with the kid.
you making it seem like its ok not to pay support if you don’t got it like that. well where does that leave the child? when you have a bill it needs to be paid it does not matter about your “financial issues”. so i dont understand your point.
he needs to pay up and be a man regardless of his so called financial issues.

Hello Haeleesmother I was told about your story from my asst. So with that being said, I’m in television and wanted to talk to you in regards to business but not on here. So if you could be so kind as to leave your email address or please feel free to email me at just place in the subject who you are ttyl……Thanks!

Regardless of who he his and waht he has this bitch still owes. And if she say he owes 100,000 then that’s what he owes! Get your fucking money. Who he is, and what he has just makes it better. If he can take care of something that is not his, than he can take care of what is his!

Now boy you know better….You should get the “Dummy Of The Year Award”. I had love for you because we are from the same state…..You ought to be ashamed of yourself and you really think the ladies are going to want you. My bad I forgot you were married. She need to be ashamed of herself for even calling herself yuou wife.

@rsc007 I am still participating in this convo due to the fact that you are truly irritating me with all the “financial” viewpoints. “Financially” speaking, how many children are you solely responsible for??? Its not about what he made from this, or that. It is about what has been provided to his child. That is either financially or emotionally, mostly monetary. It doesnt matter if he has to scheme, plot, or struggle to help this woman support their child. I am a single mother of two, I work two jobs and I am working on a bachelors. If a woman can do it, an able man can. Miss me with the statistics understand that this is a responsibility. Too many people give these men get out of jail free tickets as it sounds you are doing. The parents should never live better than the child!!!


@MsDEE I’ve said what I needed to and I’m done thank you.

@camcam whats the point of this website? seriously you can’t be this naive. You saying the women on here talkin shit cuz they want the nigga. No it’s fukked up when a dude can’t provide for a seed they produced but can provide for their new female/girlfriend/wife and a kid that is not his biological child. Trust the women have most likely been doing their part as a woman otherwise there wouldn’t be a child to even mention. Because you see a real woman takes up the slack of the deadbeat dad..and the website is most likely designed to call them out on their bullshit and to warn other women so they wont be in the same boat.

@ rsc….no thank you. You truly show the world how much sense it takes to be a “defense attorney”. If I was the judge, your case would be thrown out with no chance of appeal.

@MsDee please finish your Bachelors before you try to bash my Juris doctrate my opinion is mine and mine alone if you do not agree then so be it but I’m sure you have much better things to do then argue over someone’s opinion just because you can’t seem to comprehend what I am saying and how it is applicable to the situation thank you again and your next response will get no reply

I will say this again and I stand firm because we fault the men for not holding up to ‘their’ so called responsibilities, which we carelessly are the main ones at fault. No one put a fucking gun to your head bitches. A dick is never worthy enough with out a condom. How the fuck you look at something and take it in at risk? You had a kid by a low-life because you are plan ole stupid. YOu knew his ass wasn’t no good from the first five minutes you had a conversation with him and knew you were going to fuck him so why your dumb ass wasn’t smart enough to also decide, that if he is not fucking good, and you are going to fuck him definately, to be sure you have a condom on hand at all times. Even if after the five minute conversation you decided to fuck him right then and there, your dumb ass should have went to the store and brought a condom and if you are fucking dudes five minutes after you meet them, you should stay with trojans in your bag. Now you expect this mother fucker to give a fuck about a bastered when he is a bastered his dam self. SMMFH, how you figure hoe. So your pussy got we over this fameless, ass dude….shame on you! Meanwhile, the dudes you should address your time too, you refuse to blink at, and get mad when they go after white and asian women. SMH again….He don’t see his kid? Why would he. Just because a dude nuts in you doesn’t make him a father bitches. It’s a nut and you laid up and caught an egg. YOU HOES GET WHAT YOU DESERVE. HOW OLD ARE YOU STILL SLEEPING WITH LAMES AND IN THIS DAY AND AGE, WITH OUT A CONDOM? SMH..DON’T BE MADE BECAUSE A DUDE DON’T TO BE BOTHERED. FIRST OF ALL, HOW YOU EXPECT A DUDE TO BELIEVE HE IS THE FATHER OF YOUR KID, WHEN IF YOU SCREWED HIM RAW DOG ON THE FIRST BASIS, HOW MANY OTHER DUDES YOU PROBABLY SCREWED? SMH. DUDES DON’T GIVE A DAYUM ABOUT THAT FAMILY MESS DON’T YOU DITWITS GET IT? IF HE DON’T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT HIMSELF, ENOUGH TO PROTECT HIS DICK BY USING A CONDOM, HE DEFINATELY DON’T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOU NOR A FUCKING KID! SMH, YOU DUMB AS BITCHES DID IT TO YOURSELVES……STOP CHASING NIGGAS CAUSE THEY HAVE A WHIP WITH NICE RIMS AND A FUCKING CHAIN. FUNNY THING IS YOU HOES NEVER PURSUE THE EDUCATED BROTHERS, ALWAYS THESE BEHIND THE SCENE, DOWN -LOW, FAGGOT ASS, BROKE STILL LIVE AT HOME WITH THEY MOMMAS, DISRESPECTFUL PUNKS. SO ENJOY THE LOW LIFE AND HIS BASTERED KID YOU ARE CONCEIVING WHILE YOU ARE A HEAD. MEANWHILE, GO EDUCATE YOURSELVES FOR A BRIGHTER FUTURE FOR YOUR KID. YOU DO KNOW WHAT EDUCATION MEANS RIGHT?

wow is He related to Leonard Andrews? to Andrews dead beats! WTF

She picked him.

@rsc007 he still gotta take care of kid..point blank period…

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