Brian L. Roth “L is for LIAR” Seneca, Illinois

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Let me start by saying that I can’t believe I’m even on this site! Why would anybody put a narcissistic, lying, abusive, alcoholic like myself on here?
Guess it’s because I screwed over my ex-wife, the mother of my only child, for the sake of leading a lifestyle that has completely destroyed everything she helped me accomplish in my adult life.
I haven’t paid my child support on time, much less at all, in the last year. I have not provided health coverage for my child for almost 3 years now, which I agreed to provide in my divorce. My kid won’t ever get sick, or need dental or vision care! I’ve been told numerous times that my child needs to see a doctor for nosebleeds, just like I get! But I don’t care that my kid bleeds all over on a regular basis!
Let me say that I have made no attempt to get in contact with my child since my divorce! I wouldn’t even recognize my own child if they walked past me! I couldn’t possibly get a card in the mail, or send a gift, or make a phone call, you see, that would interrupt my right to “ENJOY MYSELF!”
You see, I met and married the first BAR WHORE I came across at the local watering hole. I take care of her and her whole HILLBILLY brood now. Once her son moved in with me, my “jacked up tootless cougar” of a wife made sure that my payments to my flesh and blood diminished, then eventually stopped.
She likes to drink just as much as I do! Plus she turned me on to the casino, where I have been seen by people that I owe money to…. Funny, I can’t pay the child support I’m required to pay, pay my mortgage, pay my bills, pay my former employees, and people who provided services and supplies to me,,,,,
BUT I still manage to pay for a $30,000.00 dollar Harley I bought 1 month after my divorce, I pay $553.00 dollars a month on a Toyota truck for the BAGHAG to drive. Unless you’ve had a 12 pack, you’ll be needin’ to put a bag on her head, she’s that rough to look at! And she even convinced me to pay on a timeshare in Vegas! Really, aren’t timeshares something that senior citizens purchase, oh, I forgot, she would be considered a SENIOR!
I even had the nerve to book a cruise for the two of us, all the while I wasn’t paying the child support on time. But I had to cancel the cruise because my ex-wife decided to take my sorry DEADBEAT ass to court. How dare she tells the courts what I’m up to.
The best part is that my ex knows how much money my current wife spent at the casino, I have no idea! I’m too fuckin’ LAZY to take responsibilty for how to manage my life, much less my checking account!
But don’t worry, the best gift my ex-wife ever got in all this was the knowledge that I’m now married to the skank that single handedly helped to destroy me! I’ve lost everything of any importance in my life! But mostly, the one person who would have loved me anyway, my own child…..
I live out here in the sticks now, I don’t have to explain myself and my reasons for being a DEADBEAT to any of my former friends and business associates. All the people I owe money to will NEVER see a dime outta me! I’ve gotten real good at sittin’ on a barstool, beats working with handtools!
There’s a phrase that is said where I live now, “all there is to do is drink and fuck!” WELL, I’m REAL GOOD AT DRINKING!

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@deadbeatdadssuck I’m a television producer taping a show on deadbeat dads this week. I’d love to talk to you about your story. You can reach me at 212.419.7413. Thanks! Hope to hear from you.

Will Richards

Update 10 20 2013. Brian Roth here, I was evicted from my rental in Seneca, IL in December of 2012. My wife was screwing her ex while I was working over the road. I forgave her because I can’t get any better, and I followed her and her mother up to Wisconsin. Her sister lives in Nekoosa, and my wife managed to find some sucker to rent a house to our scummy selves in Wisconsin Rapids. We live like complete hillbilly pigs! We’ll trash this rental just like our last. I quit my job in July because I didn’t like the amount the state set my garnishment at. I am not cooperating with the state, and I am on the run from them. All I had to do was step up and do the right thing for my child, but I’m such a LOSER that I will never get it thru my head that my child didn’t ask for such a LOSER to be their father! Shame on my family for not coming forward with my whereabouts and who I’m working for. And shame on anyone who employs me for cash, I drive drunk, and if I am in a wreck, good luck with your insurance plan covering your ass when I total your truck, or kill someone! That’s on you for hiring me on the down low. In the meantime, my old lady and I will be out spending the child support at the bar, and at the casino.

Sherry Dupons! I’m a stupid Ho!

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