Buster Johnson 2 time deadbeat dad working on 3rd time Alabama and Texas

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Here is Buster Johnson. This man has now broken 3 marriages and left three kids without both parents. His first two wives never got ANY child support. His third wife lost the home and had to move because he wouldn’t make payments. He also tells his third child lies about his now ex-wife. His second ex-wife won a judgment against him in court for child support he never paid and he still won’t pay.

He’s a ex-con, an arrested morphine dealer, convicted Cocaine Trafficker, and loves to hide behind being a ‘Christian’ while trash-talking women and avoiding his responsibilities. He cheats, lies, and after he signed the paperwork on one child so they could have a normal life without him, he broke his own word on the adoption agreement and had to re-enter the kids life.

He’s an advid biker, he rides $5000 racing bikes while his child doesn’t have the right medication for asthma.

A first class dead beat with a bunch of facebook followers that won’t even check out the facts.

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This is my dad. These are such terrible lies and exaggerations. He loves me. I have never been without my asthma medicine. He does ride bicycles but so does my mom. So do I. He told me about going to jail over cocaine possession. It is a fact that he was fully Pardoned and all of his Rights restored. Please don’t believe Jennifer Black who is really Miss Paula my dads other x wife.

Way to go Julia.

It is crazy how these women who cheat on a man and then when they decide to move on to what they see as better, they make up a load of lies to justify their actions.

It is so obvious how much your Dad loves you.

And is is wonderful to see that you will stand by him.

I posted several comments on Ms. Black’s blog and she revealed that she is Paula by refering to Paula in the first person. ( “I and my husband checked out Busters computer for Brook.”)

She continued to make up lies about Buster until I mentioned the name of her boyfriend whom she was seeing when she was married to Buster and who is probably the father of this son that she seeks support for. After that she cut it off.


Not the Buster I have known over the past 8 years. We spent many a day riding bikes together and becoming good friends. He has been nothing short of an excellent father to his daughter. Buster has a past that I am sure he is not proud of but people can change. It is unfortunate people who choose not to change seem to want to tear down those who have changed or who have become successful. His daughter is his world and what has kept him going over the past several years. Not sure how that qualifies him as a “Crappy Dad”.

Every statement about Buster is true. Check his criminal record in Alabama. Christine Carmen is one of Buster’s girlfriends – she’ll say anything he wants. This post is about Buster not about anyone else. The only person lying is Buster – the deadbeat that never paid child support and broke the adoption agreement HE signed.

No Paula, this is about you and wanting to hurt someone who has not been in you life for many many years per your request.

Why else did you wait twenty years to file for this? And why hit him when he was literaly living on the street because his wife had taken his pay and locked him out of the house?

I am thinking that if you want to be paid this settlement, maybe you should take down this crap and the blog with the same subject matter so that the man can get a better job.

As you know, he works in construction and when a big job is done, the supervisors often get laid off and have to wrangle another job.

Since you posted these, he has been turned down for at least six positions that he normally would have gotten.

His last wife left him with all kinds of unpaid bills. She was using his paychecks to take vacations. He is still catching them up and if he could get a better job, he would budget payments to you.

I think that it is time to wander out of your past and work on a better future for yourself. Take this stuff down so you can get your money!

OH one more thing.

I looked into that “record in Alabama” and there is nothing there. Can you give me a case number so people can find it? All that it shows is an arrest for possession of Cocaine. Nothing about heroin and no convictions.

Also I would love to see a case number on the adoption filing so I can see what part of the agreement that he broke.

First of all Girl(Buster’s girlfriend)
I’m not Paula… Second of all we all know you’ve been on your knees in front of Buster doing everything he wants. You’ve gone to visit him in Texas. You’re such a sucker.

I’m glad you asked. DC-1989-033149.00 In ‘89 is the Morphine trafficking charge – He squealed his way out of this one.

The other case that he served time on is – CC-1981-001894.00 For Cocaine TRAFFICKING. This was comprised of 3 different charges they bundled into 1 case..
The booking numbers follow:
199100003880 COCAINE- (FREE TEXT)
198900005679 COCAINE

His mother begged her church to get him a pardon. They finally persuaded the Governor to ‘pardon’ him. He got off for time served. He is still listed as a Felon on the computers in Alabama and it is Illegal for him to own or possess a firearm.

The adoption was filed as a secret adoption and that is because he checked the box for not telling the child who their dad is even after he was 19. Ask Buster for his copy of the adoption. Even the boy’s birth certificate was changed to remove Buster’s name.

Buster is a liar about all of this and your continual backup of his lies just proves how that you have been in love with him and having sex with him before he was even divorced. Do you have sex with most of the guys that stay at your hotel? Please respond and tell us more lies.

Something he described in great detail in his books and blogs with pride. When you

Either way. What the question of the day is.

Why must you keep up this crazy assault on this man?

Why does it burn so hot after more than twenty years?

Why can’t you just let it go?

I know that you are at a minimum, reading this. It is obvious that you are still suffering pain from our divorce in 1988. I can’t fix my past but I try to do better each day. I hope you accept my apology for things not working out between us and for any pain you have suffered.

Thank you for occssionally sending me pictures of our son as he was growing up. You kept my dream alive of seeing him one day. The day of meeting him came without your permission, please forgive me. I hope he is doing well.

The drugs happened after we broke up and sometimes I think it may have all been because I was so desparate at the time. That was 1989, a long time ago. I have tried to move on and hope you can find a way also.

Life is too short to be full of discontentment. Please try and find a way to forgive me and find peace. As I get on my feet financially, you will get your money. It may be when I start drawing my employee stock account fund. Hopefully sooner

Have a good life

Daddyslittlegirl is only 11 years old. She was not around when her daddy decided he wanted to divorce me. She has never met me and knows only what her daddy says.
Christyrose is the cheater who was doing Buster when he was still married to daddyslittlegirl’s mommy. I’m not going to speak for her, but I never cheated on Buster. I was pregnant for most of the short time we were married. The last 6 months of our marriage I was nursing a colicky baby who had his days and nights mixed up. I had no car and no transportation other than my mother to bring me anywhere. Buster was the one who would be gone all night “fishing.” He never did bring home any fish.
I am not Jennifer Black. I am Paula Nevison. I was once foolish enough to be Paula Johnson.
Diesel1, you will never know the Buster that I knew. You can’t. He won’t ever be your husband. He’s not going to have a child with you. He’s not going to cheat on you. A lot of men behave differently in public than they do at home with their wives.
Jenniferblack is correct when she wrote, “The only person lying is Buster – the deadbeat that never paid child support and broke the adoption agreement HE signed.”
And again, Christyrose, I am not Jenniferblack. Buster was not out of my life for 20 years. He was continually calling and pestering my mother and me. I wanted him out of my son’s life. He gave up his parental rights when he signed the adoption papers. He even marked the box that said that Jacob was not to be told ever, not even after he was 19 years old. I thought that meant that he would be out of my son’s life. I didn’t bother with the old unpaid child support. I just wanted to be done. But when Buster took it upon himself to break the law by reintroducing himself to my 18 year old son I decided that if he wants to claim that he is dad, then he should at least pay the little bit of child support he owed for when he was dad.
Buster, you are NOT Forgivendad! And we divorced in 1989. It would’ve been 1988 if you had paid for the divorce like you told me that you would. Instead you took $500 and put it in a savings account that you said was to fix the brakes on the car and that you said you saved so that I wouldn’t waste it on the bills (I kind of like having the electricity working) and instead you debited it all out $20 at time to eat cinnamon raisin biscuits at Hardee’s. In 1988 it didn’t take $500 to fix the brakes on a standard transmission Toyota Corolla. Why not just fix the brakes and save the rest of the money? And where did you get $500? You only made $400 a week (sometimes, but usually only $320). You never had $500 all at once. Your brother had that cocaine habit before we divorced when he came back from visiting your friend up north. It makes me wonder if you are lying about when you started selling drugs too. I also wonder if when a man breaks an adoption agreement he should owe for the whole 18/19 years? I think I’ll spend some time exploring the legal ramifications of such a man coming back and claiming to be “dad.”

To Paula,

Has Buster contacted anyone to harrass them since your son was contacted?

Why did you team up with his last wife to tear him to bits? Why can’t you women just take the divorce when you file for it? You must admit that you BOTH are the ones who filed. Buster did not file. Right?

It looks to me that you are pretty much focusing your wrath on about Busters mistake of wanting to know his son. He has given up on that quest.

What the question of the day is.

Why must you keep up this crazy assault on this man?

Why does it burn so hot after all of these years?

Why can’t you just let it go?

And who is Jennifer Black?

Christyrose, I filed for the divorce because Buster wanted me to. He wrote me a note telling me how he wanted out of the marriage and how he thought we should divide everything. He was too cowardly to talk to me about it. I still have this note. I filed for divorce at HIS request! It was HIS idea to get divorced. I had the papers drawn up the way HE wanted them. He signed them. I am not a “break-up and make-up” kind of girl. It was over. When Buster was caught dealing drugs, I knew I wanted him out of my son’s life. I thought that happened when Buster gave up all his parental rights signing the adoption papers. Nothing has been “burning hot” for all of these years. I let it go when he signed those papers to leave my son’s life. I let it go even as far as “not bringing up his back owed child support, back owed medical bills, & back owed health insurance.” I never would have brought them back up if he had stayed away. HE brought it back upon himself when he decided to reintroduce himself back into everything. HE never let it go. He spent all those years filling my mother’s head with lies, manipulating her into causing strife between my brother and me, and alienating her and my little sister from me. My brother and I have worked things out, but I seriously doubt there will ever be reparations between my mother and my sister and myself. Buster doesn’t contact or harass anyone in my family anymore. He doesn’t need to. He has already inflicted as much damage as he possibly could. There is no “quest of getting to know his son” to give up. My son moved to Atlanta and lived with Buster. My son saw how Buster treated his wife. He saw how Buster treated his daughter. He decided to move out of Buster’s house. He decided not to keep in contact with Buster. He decided not to tell or invite Buster to his wedding. He told his real dad, Brent, and his best friends that if Buster showed up to remove him forcibly and immediately. I am not focusing any wrath on Buster. These are merely consequences to his choices. His current ex-wife and I are not a team. I have talked with her on the phone, but she does not listen to me. Rejoice that we are not a team. If we were a team she would’ve filed an “Alienation of Affection” suit against you for luring her husband away from her while he was out of town on business staying at your bed & breakfast. Jennifer Black is a friend of mine. The real questions of the day are: Why won’t Buster man-up and take care of his obligations? Why should he get a free pass? Why does he think that being a “Christian” frees him from responsibility and from the consequences of his actions? God is not mocked, you reap what you sow. When a farmer plants corn he doesn’t expect to reap cotton. God may have forgiven Buster, but Buster picked this back up and now he must deal with it.


Mr. Johnson came to my hotel in April. I had talked to him very little. I did business on his lodging with his company.

I had noticed that when he was in the laundromat, he would set his phone on speaker and put it up on the counter while he did his laundry. (It is near my office. I can hear goings on in there quite well.) A woman on the phone would go on and on and on and on and on and this poor fellow would inject an occasional “Yes Brook, I love you.” I couldn’t believe my ears.

I had never heard anyone talk down to someone so fiercely. And the woman never made a lick of sense.

Then one evening Buster came to me having HUGE chest pains and I took him to the emercency room fearing that he might be having a heart attack. He was experiencing an anxiety attack from having his paycheck taken and being locked out of his house and being served divorce papers.

I have been a councel for Buster and a friend. I am not a marriage breaker. It was long broken before I had even met the man. From what I overheard on that phone, several different calls, there was no affection there to alienate.

A week or so after the divorce papers had been served Buster and I sat outside at a picnic table and set his phone on speaker and listened to Brook go on for over two hours. Wow! I mean Wow! I have never heard the like.

Please stop tossing sexual accusations at me. It only makes you look desperate and crude.

This whole post makes you look desperate and crude.

All we are asking is for you to let him have a chance at a somewhat normal life. He will pay you when he gets on his feet again. He didn’t avoid it before. You had told him he didn’t need to pay it. At this time he is still cleaning up the mess Brook left him in.

It will be good but you need to make it so.

P.S. The divorce papers happened in July.

What? “He didn’t avoid it before” Are you on Crack or something? He never paid her child support even when he was busy dealing drugs and chasing hookers as he states in his book —- “I had two beautiful women to have sex with at the same time. They rented the room and I met my end of the deal with a smile on my face. They were never aware that I had $10,000 to $20, 000 dollars worth of cocaine in my carry bag plus several thousand in cash.”

You’re such a freier!

Last night I cooked a great dinner. I sliced a small zucchini and one small yellow squash with my Salad Master processor. I lightly coated the large salad master skillet with extra virgin olive oil. I added a little salt and freshly ground black pepper. Then I diced two cups of Romo tomatoes and added them to the skillet along with 3 finely sliced scallions.

2 tablespoons of dried basil and Parsley were sprinkled over the top. I covered the skillet and put it on medium heat until the vapo-valve started clinking, I then reduced the heat to low and cooked for 18 minutes.

At 18 minutes the smell filled the room, it was good. I pushed the veggies to the side of the pan and added 4 servings of Haddock. Then I spooned the veggies over the top of the haddock, covered it and cooked it on low for 15 minutes. My date supplied the fish.

This dinner was fit for a king but cost little of nothing. So this morning I am off to the gym, a $10.00 per month membership. Then off to buy a money order to pay Paula.

Jennifer/Paula, glad to know that you find it acceptable and would have gladly received drug money, no scruples in danger there. LOL

Life is good,
Moving on, maybe you should too. The money order will be mailed to the courthouse today. Not much this month, I will double the amount next month and keep it up until I can afford more.


child support is current with Brook and Tyiese, BTW. Never was behind.

Jennifer, Sweetheart,

People involved in the drug trade do stupid things. Just being involved in any way is stupid. Buster has admitted this in his writing. This is all in his past.

When I said that about “avoiding” I was referring to after the adoption.

What I am trying to do here is bring you into the present so that you can heal and move on. You are obviously trapped in a troubled past. You AND Paula.

Let it go. Accept the payments. He will catch it up.

Don’t be so afraid. Life really is good.

It is what you make it.

I can be very good.

Oops typo. I meant to say. It can be very good.

Here Comes the Sun
Walking around Lady Bird Lake in Austin it was almost day break and freezing. The lake was letting off its heat in what looked like steam. I looked to my right and saw the sunrise. I started thinking about the sunrise and how I would describe it.

It brings me light that I can see. With this light it brings warmth. I feel the sunlight hitting my sleeves and warming my garments. The heat passes through these garments to my skin and I feel its warmth all the way to my bones. My fingers start thawing out as my body absorbs the warmth of the sun and now is able to keep all of my parts warm and toasty.

The sun gets higher but not really. The sun is stationary, never moving. It has always been there and always will be. The earth moves. The earth is spinning at a perfect tilt in an elliptical path around the sun which causes one part of the earth to be heated differently than other parts which causes the weather to happen. This tilt and path cause the wind to blow and moisture to transform from one state to another. This process is in place and I never question that the process will be in place tomorrow, just as the sunrise. Clouds may hide it but it will happen, though I sleep or am awake.

The sun is a little higher, but not really. The energy that the sun puts off is constant. It is ever producing and never dies out. We have just begun to harness this energy. Special collectors have been created to absorb and redistribute this energy. Even with its endless supply, this energy has barely been utilized. Most of this energy is lost in the process. Before my life is over, this energy will be as wide spread and utilized as the natural effects of the sun. People will have let go of their fossil fuel loves and learn to trust in the sun, just like the sunrise.

The sun is a little higher, but not really. Did I ask the sun to rise? I did not but it rose just the same as it did yesterday. The earth is still spinning on its perfect tilt and perfect elliptical path around the beautiful source of light, warmth, and energy.

As I continue my thoughts of describing the sun, it is hard for me to deny that there is a God. God supplies all that I need in endless supply. It is up to me to receive it, to harness it. As the sunlight brings life to a tree, it is the light of God that brings life to my soul. His promises and love are constant. They will be there just like the sunrise whether I sleep or am awake. Though I may not see them due to all of the clouds of turmoil, they are there. People tell me to always turn to God. I do. God uses people. We are His collectors of His energy and created by Him to distribute the energy or love as needed. As with solar power, we are a long way from redistributing this love at 100% efficiency. A good description would be to say that we leak.

There will be a day that we are able to be the distributors of God’s love that we were created to be. I have survived this past year due to the love that has been distributed by all of my friends. Thank all of you one more time.

Life is good. Look! Here comes the Son!

“Forgivendad” From your own posts on several sites allow me to offer this quote -
“Ok, God. Since you are such a worthless
piece of crap that you can’t even help me, while you sit your holy ass on a throne with streets paved in gold.
You can’t even get me an insurance appointment. My next appointment is with you. Go to hell.”

Nobody is buying the change. Nobody really cares anymore. You don’t really matter.

Somebody Shout Amen
My second day in jail started with me reading my Bible and praying. My prayer was for an early release. The day that I started my jail sentence was the day that my band, Chocolate Alligator, was supposed to land in England for an antidrug tour through their high schools. Instead, I was sitting in a cell with no light and seven others who have ruined their lives. I didn’t think that anyone in the cell was really paying me attention but they were.

We would get a phone backed up to our door a couple of times per day. Total time for the phone for the whole cell was about an hour. I was on the phone with my girlfriend Michelle. While on the phone, two of the other inmates were stealing my stash of goodies from the jail store that was in a bag under my blanket. As I got off of the phone, I caught them. They were jumping back to their beds. I was mad. To this day, I can’t remember what I said or just how I said it but this is my effort to restate it, “You thieves! You have bitten the hand that would have gladly fed you if you had only asked. The wrath of God will come down on you like a whirlwind and the food that you stole will be as poison. I curse you!” No less than two minutes later, they are beating each other up. Fists were flying. Meechie was the worst and biggest of the two. He was a giant black bully. The guards came crashing in, took Meechie out, and put him in the actual Hole. The cell door was closed again. The other inmate asked me this, “Man, please forgive me. Please take back what you said. I don’t want to die.” The other six inmates all asked for my forgiveness too. “Man, we don’t want none of what you said, please take it back.”
The smaller of the two was a boxer and Meechie never landed a punch.

By the time I was in I-Wedge, I had read the Bible cover to cover 4 times. Things in the Bible were starting to make sense. I-Wedge was full of parole violators and me. Sixteen in all but I was one of four that wasn’t a murderer. They put a wounded inmate in my cell with me for a couple of weeks while he healed. He noticed that I was reading and praying. He asked me to pray for him. I led him through the sinner’s prayer then made a prayer over his future. When it was time for him to go back into population, he told the guard “I don’t want any trouble, but if you are going to put me back in population, you need to go get you some help. I thought I would tell you up front. I am safe in here with Bubba.” I only wish I could be as healthy and as strong as this guy. He stood about 6′3″ and 200 pounds of muscle. The guard went for the help he needed. The inmate frantically fought them but he lost. My cell was down to just me again, which I preferred.

Over the next couple of weeks, all of the inmates had come by my cell to have me lead them through the sinner’s prayer except Thomas. He wasn’t allowed out of his cell without a guard in the room. Thomas, ‘Pierre,’ was a hit man, a bona fide hired killer. The other inmates had a counsel and four of them came to me and asked me to teach them the Bible. I told them, “No, I am not a teacher.” They said, “You know more than we do, and that is enough.” To put this in perspective, a group of killers were now having prayer and a Bible study with me twice a day.

When new inmates came to I-Wedge, within their first two hours they would come by my cell for prayer. I saw inmates screaming and kicking to get out of I-Wedge as they were put in with us. The reputation of these killers was huge. These same inmates that were scared to death to be in there were also kicking and screaming when they got moved out. The safest place in jail turned out to be I-Wedge.

However, I did get in a huge fight with one of the parole violators that hadn’t taken his medication.

After this fight, as I was walking to visitation to see my mother in full body shackles, I saw the boxer from the Hole. He was smiling and yelling at me, “Buster, I got what you got man. I got it. Praise God I got it. Thank you for saving my life.” If there was anything good in jail, it was the difference that I made in this man’s life. I believe that it was real and that he is somewhere sharing his story.

As I write my story, I break down in tears of joy. I am a free man with a lot of success. This man’s life being changed was worth being in jail and all that goes with it. Never could I justify the things I did that got me there but I am thankful that something good came out of it. I hope he thinks of me on occasion.

Life is good.

Hey Miss, Miss Quote and out of context. here is the story that you mentioned.

Taking the Train
This morning I rolled out of bed at 3:08am for my bike ride. Before my feet hit the floor, I started hearing my voice out loud begging God for a little mercy. “Please, God, let me make a little money today.” Over and over I begged as I got prepared to ride my bike. I encouraged myself that at least I have $830.00 in unemployment that will hit my account today. At least I will have enough to pay the child support of $200, the rent of $200, phone $100, and the car insurance of $100. That leaves $100 to go see Julia and $130 for gas and food for two weeks. I had filed my income tax and expected to get a few thousand dollars. My worry was that Brook had filed hers claiming Julia as a dependent and mine would be declined. This also was weighing heavily on me. The company that laid me off in November, three months ago, decided to pay me for a week’s vacation. It was sent to my house and I was never told about it. Brook put it in our joint account and spent it.
I got on the bike and was out the door by 3:25. As I turned right on Riverside where the shootout was on Monday, I started thinking about Brook. I would never do anything to harm her or intentionally make her unhappy. But it seems that was not how she felt about me or has ever felt about me. I think about things like me paying for the wedding, paying off her furniture, paying off her braces for that smile she now has, and paying for her eye surgery.
Friends meant things as a compliment to Brook when they would say, “Man, don’t fix her eyesight. When she sees what you really look like, she is going to leave you.” She must have taken a good hard look at me because she is gone. She was my treasure, my way of feeling that I had value. This beautiful woman depended on me.
I wasn’t a quarter of a mile into my ride and I realized I was crying. I thought to myself, “This will end in a few minutes, just keep pedaling.” So I kept pedaling. The farther I went, the clearer things became. The wedding was the last time she kissed me in public. She wouldn’t even hold my hand in public. I just excused it as her insecurity. I realize this morning that she was ashamed to kiss me in public. I had grown slowly used to it so I didn’t even notice it anymore. But this morning, it is all I can think about.
I think of her actions over the last year. Because I have held her so high, it appears that I was blind in other areas too. Her actions say that there is another man in her life and has been for a while.
It is 12 miles into the ride, and I can hardly see for the tears. She has been so hurtful in regards to making sure that every bit of money goes in her direction. She has been deceitful on everything and justifies it by assuming that I am as evil as she is. I don’t think that way and it has been my curse.
It is 12.5 miles into the bike ride and I hear this loud horn. It is the train. I pedal harder to get to the crossing before it does. Yes, this train is just what I need. This train can stop me from hurting forever. I think to myself, “There is nothing to live for anyway. 49 years and hurt is all I know. Why would I think it is going to be different?” I thought about who would take care of Julia. Upon my death, Brook would get my company stock of $108,000. That would get her where she needs to be. I pound the pedals to get me there as the tears make my eyes feel like they are going to blow out of my head. I think of a female friend that I have fallen in love with, but that isn’t a good reason to stay, she doesn’t feel the same way. I come around a corner and to the right is the train track. I have time to make it. “Ok, God. Since you are such a worthless piece of crap that you can’t even help me, while you sit your holy ass on a throne with streets paved in gold. You can’t even get me an insurance appointment. My next appointment is with you. Go to hell.” What stops me before taking the train is the fact that I owe $775.00 to a friend who is closer than family to me. How would she ever get her money? I can’t let her down.
So this morning, my life has the value of $775 that I owe to a friend. Not much but it serves the purpose of hanging on.
It is 5:10 and I am back at the house. I park the bike and get prepared to make breakfast. I dial a number on my phone to check on my unemployment only to find that they have cut my unemployment from $830 for two weeks to $660. $170 dollars less than expected which means that I do not have enough to go see my baby, Julia. She and I have been so excited about this coming Saturday. I can pay the bills but that leaves me $35 for fuel and food. I thought I was finished with tears. Writing is my way of crying out. There is no one to hear. Like a tree falling in the forest, my life will end without making a sound or with no one noticing. I can’t get any lower. I can’t take any more.
I don’t care what God’s stupid, worthless plan is. I don’t care about His timing. I am hurting now and He is nowhere to be found. He is like a blister on your hand. He shows up when the work is over. If God loved me, there is a lot in my life that would have been better. If God loved me, I would have already been dead. Jesus suffered for a day. I have suffered for 49 years. I do not want another 49 like this.
I get up happy every day and spend the day getting beat down. Today, I woke up begging for mercy. Today, I can’t take a beating, it will be too much.
There is another train coming. I can’t take any more charity. I just want to be a daddy and provide for my daughter.
“Pain, please go away.”
I am now standing in the kitchen and have finished typing the above story on my laptop that is on the counter in front of the cutlery. I copy and paste it into an email. My thought was that if I write it, the pain will ease up. Then my thought was, maybe if I pretend to send it, the pain will stop. Nothing was working. I pull up the people that I want to send it to. I hesitate, in despair, and crying profusely for 30 minutes staring at the send button. Thinking to myself, I am like a tree falling in the woods, no one needs me. I want to say goodbye. The crying and moaning gets deeper and deeper. My hands are hanging in the sink with my forehead on the edge of the counter. Tears are flowing and my sinuses are draining all of the way to the floor. A thought hit my mind and it was a very peaceful thought. The thought was intoxicating it felt so right. I can’t really focus as I hit the send button, while crying even more deeply. I found myself reaching for the butcher’s knife which was the intoxicating thought. One quick slice and I am home free. I looked at the computer screen and a message popped up that my income tax return was approved which meant I had $4,000. I let go of the knife and run out the back door and collapsed on the patio slab. I leaned back on the post that holds up the cover and cried to God one more time, “Please help me!” Fear of my next intoxicating thought lasting longer was controlling me. Fear that I might not shake it next time. I want to live but not like the past.
My next hour was spent leaning against this post, trying to find a reason to get up and go to the office to try to make an appointment. I go through the motions of my morning rituals as if I want to. Thinking that maybe I can start to feel better.
I keep falling into these depressive states but also keep cheering myself on. On the way to the office, I got a call from my manager. She asked about my results on the phone after she left. I told her, “120 calls, no appointments.” She said, “I need to get with our boss and work on you some leads.” This was encouraging. The phone rang again. It was from someone that I decided not to put on the email list. I had looked at his name and chosen not to tell him. I answered, “Charley, you must be intuitive.” We talked, and I broke down again. Charley wants to be of help but there is nothing he can do. The act of him picking up the phone was enough to lift my spirits.
I have my daughter’s photo as my wallpaper on my laptop just to remind me of brighter days.

BTW: I am not behind on child support to Brook and never was with Tyiese. I just made my first payment on your Judgement.

Changing Careers or Did I Fail
I was enjoying the insurance business. The fellowship of other agents was outstanding. We spent Monday and Thursday evenings booking appointments. When you finished booking for yourself, you started making phone calls for other agents until all agents had a complete schedule. This was definitely a step in the right direction as far as seeing my life and social structure improving.

A construction company had called me for an interview. Because of the respect for the person who had recommended me to them, I accepted the invitation. The interview went very well. They told me before I left that they would be making me an offer on the following Monday. They said that they were not making an offer for a single project but wanted me as a lifetime employee.

Monday came and went without any phone calls from this company. I am following through with my insurance business as if there was no offer out there to consider. I wanted so badly for the insurance to work out. It was Tuesday at 6:00 pm and it was the Vice President of the construction company offering me an apology for not getting the offer to me and for not having it ready to give to me at this time. He asked me to get out a pen and paper. I pulled over and wrote down the employment offer. I told him that he owed me no apology and he sternly told me to allow him to apologize, “I need you to be able to believe me and failing to live up to what I told you is unacceptable. Please accept my apology.” I said, “Your apology is humbly accepted.” I told him that I would like to at least be able to say that I thought about it and that I would respond positively to his offer in the morning.

As I got to the place where I was staying, I got a text message from my neighbor and I called him for more detail. What I found out was the new tactic of my wife to separate me from my daughter was to use the fact that the insurance business was portable and she was going to court to get the geographical restrictions lifted so she could move back to Alabama from Texas. I made up my mind at that moment to accept the offer from the construction company.

I started work on Thursday and went to New Orleans for an emergency at the request of the VP. Three weeks later, I had decided to stay with the night crew on this repair. The VP had decided to visit the project, flew in late that night, and was on site with me at 10 pm on a Wednesday night. I hadn’t had sleep in 36 hours due to changing shifts. He left at about 11:00pm. I had been on the phone on and off with my daughter, Julia. Her mother had come home from work at 6:00 but left again to do what she called ‘business.’ At 9:00 pm, I texted a neighbor and asked her to check on Julia. She took Julia to another neighbor’s house who was a friend of Brook. This neighbor took Julia home at 10:00pm, Julia told me, “Mom texted me that she will be home at 10:30.”

At 2:00 am, my phone rang and it was Julia crying, “Daddy, mom’s still not home. I am scared.” I calmed her and told her, “Don’t worry, Daddy’s on the way.” I called my neighbor instead of texting her and asked her to help again. She took Julia to her house and put her to bed. I called the VP at 2:10 am and told him the situation. He said, “Buster, let the sun come up and the company will put you on an airplane and get you a rental car. You have done good for the company, let the company do good for you. You have been without sleep for far too long.” I told him that I appreciated the offer but I have one chance to be daddy. I have to go. He said that he understood. I was out of the hotel and on the road by 3:00 am. I kept calling Julia’s mother. Her mother finally answered the phone at 4:10. She said that everything was ok. I told her that I was halfway there and she told me to turn around. I told her that I would turn around but I lied. I kept going because I only have one chance to be daddy.

While driving for the 6 hour trip, I received phone calls from the VP and several other salaried employees to make sure I was doing good and to keep me awake. This is an awesome group that I am employed with.

There was a confrontation with Julia’s mother and me that Thursday evening. I was babysitting Julia at the house that I had not been allowed into for a year. It was my house but I let her stay there to provide shelter for Julia. I washed 3 loads of clothes for Julia plus washed two loads of dishes. The place was a mess. It was after 8 and I hadn’t slept in days. I called Julia’s mother to tell her that, if she would move out of MY house, I would take it easy on her with Child Protective Services. She was not happy with my message. She left the wine bar and said that she would be there with a couple of her friends in a couple of minutes and said, “I am not leaving this house until you lose it.” I replied, “Bring them with you. I hope they enjoy their hospital stay.” I called the constable who lived in the subdivision and told him what was going on.

The confrontation came and it wasn’t me arguing with her but the neighbors came out of the houses to rally with me. I said very little. She had built in their mind how terrible I was and they were now seeing who the real problem is.

The neighbors also went to the school principal and called CPS. Julia also went to see the school counselor.

The light is shining on my life and my expectation of good things improves each moment. The mortgage company is working with me on a loan modification to allow me to keep my home. Julia’s mother has moved out.

The VP called me last Saturday to check on me and see how Julia and I were doing.

I am loved.
Life is Good.

You’re still a CRAPPY DAD… Always have been and always will be. Quote was “in context”. Nobody in their right mind would say that kind of stuff. You were going to kill yourself and you didn’t because you owed someone some money? Not because of your daughter or any of the other responsibilities you have that you obviously don’t care about.

Typical selfish, self-aggrandizing behavior from a 50+ year old schmuck.

p.s. nobody still cares about you… post all you want..

I love Julia Elizabeth, I am current on the child support to her mother and always have been. I am current with Tyiese and always have been. I thought I was current with you, but, that will soon be caught up as well.

yes, I will post all I want

Labor Day 2010/9th Birthday with Julia
The weekend was mine and Julia’s best weekend together since the day she was born. Not only is Brook putting me through torment but it also wears on Julia. I focused on Julia having fun with her dad and her best friend. We had a blast.
We went to Splash Town for one of her birthday presents and I took her best friend Autumn with us. The two of them wore me out. We rode every ride there at least 3 times. I overheard Julia tell her friend, “This is the first time I have been to Splash Town with a relative. This is so cool.” These words were not meant for me to hear but I did and they worked like medicine.
I got injured walking up to the ticket gate. I stepped into a puddle of water and my right foot went forward and my left went backwards. I injured my ankle, tore the skin off of my left foot and left knee. A paramedic took us to the first aid, wrapped me up, and sent us on our way. By the end of the day, the foot had enough.
We also ate out and went to the mall to get some cookies. About 9:00 pm, I told Julia that I wanted to talk with her. She was all ears. These are the statements that I made, “Julia, I am not mad at your mother in any way. I am still in love with your mother. The problem is that her feelings have changed toward me. She doesn’t love me anymore. It is not her fault. Her feelings have changed and it is something that she cannot fix.” Julia interrupted, “I know Dad. You are nothing like Mom. All she talks about with her friends is the divorce. She is trying to make herself feel better about not loving you.” I took over the conversation, “Julia, do not be mad at your mother. She can’t help how she feels or doesn’t feel. There is nothing I can do to change her mind.”
I said all of this in the kindest of tones. There is more that was said but this is the important part. Times like these don’t come with instructions and I hope I did well.
As far as the conversation with Brook, I take all of the insults and inflammatory statements without letting it change my mood. When I met Brook at the gym today to drop off Julia, Brook told me harshly, “Let me go! Quit holding onto me!” I asked her how I was holding onto her. She said, “With your anger or whatever.” I still don’t understand what she meant by anger. I watch everything I say because I know it is nothing but ammunition for her. I keep thinking she can’t hurt me anymore. I am wrong. I keep telling myself I am over her but it isn’t true. I have tried so long to get her to love me. It is all I know. She has never looked as beautiful as she did today. There is not a woman on Earth that is more beautiful than she is. I wish the inside matched the outside.
Brook brings up my other two marriages that were very short and uses them to beat me down. I guess her ‘anger’ statement was planned expecting me to get mad at her insults. She is an expert at hurting me.
I need to learn how to love myself. That will be another work in progress.

Life is Good


You are such a flipping liar! I asked Paula and she said the whole time you two were married you NEVER once paid Tyiese child support. Yeah, you might have tried to go visit but she wasn’t there and you didn’t pay. You also didn’t pay long enough that you let someone else adopt your first son. I think the only ugly thing here is the inside of your black heart Buster. You’re such a pathological liar that you actually believe your own lies. You bring up your past constantly because when you were a drug dealer it was either something you loved or the only time you felt you mattered. People who really get past something don’t keep bringing it back up.

Buster Leon Johnson – you are a loser.

There goes the desperate and crude again.

Isn’t it interesting that when Buster posts a story about how he is handling being treated so horribly, you jump in and get your digs in. You prove him right by being as mean as the woman in his story.

Buster looks into his past in an attempt to figure out his mistakes and make a better future.

You are dragging up the past to air it to the world in an attempt to re enter a man’s life with an attack of more pain.

I think that the person who is stuck in her past is the one who is posting this. She is someone who just can’t hurt people enough.

She is so very unhappy in her own life and feels so out of control so she grasps at a few crumbs from way back to harrass the only person that she thinks she can control in some manner.

I also believe that she is so afraid of her own past and is very afraid that Buster may post some facts about it that will expose her. She is protected from disclosure in his stories but if she keeps attacking him I would not be surprised if he started using names.

It is easy to see that you are the one who is obsessed with the “drug dealer” thingy. Why? I bet that if you wandered into any high school reunion, you would find about a third of the people there have been involved in an illegal drug deal on one side or the other. Get over it.

Learn to live happy. Be all that you can be.

Relax, Release and praise God for your existance.

Hey Cybil, (which head will pop up now?) Now that was funny!!

You said I could post all that I want.

Where is the door?
I loved the 80’s with regards to the music, maybe not so much the hair styles even though I was a willing participant. In late 1988, several incidents in my long haired 80’s life led me to a place that I had to make a decision. The first of these incidents was that it was hard to find work. I was self-employed. I subcontracted trim work, sheet rock, sheet rock finishing, painting, and remodeling. A woman at a local lumber mill was my main source of work. She loved me and, as people asked her for a recommendation, I was at the top of her list. Work was tight and as a means of tightening the financial belt, as my apartment lease ended, I moved into a house with some friends of mine. It was a mixed group, Rebecca (Satan with a miniskirt), Ray (ended up liking Satan), Maggie, and me. Rebecca was a guitar player and lead singer in a band. Ray and I were in a band with my brothers. We were all in the process of moving in. I had stored all of my carpentry tools in a closet. We hadn’t finished moving in for whatever reason. Because we were not there the first night, someone had been watching me unload my tools in hope that we wouldn’t be there. The next day, all I had was gone. My car was stolen or impounded within the next week. Things were definitely out of control, through no fault of my own. My brothers were not doing well either.
Going on in the back ground, Rebecca (Satan) was introducing my brothers and Ray to cocaine. I sold my furniture to buy groceries. My hands were basically busted because I had carpal tunnel syndrome from over working them. I couldn’t even hold on to a tool, even if I still had tools. We were still practicing music in hope of finding a gig to make a little money. At least my hands could do something. A FedEx truck showed up at my brother’s house. In the package was a larger than small but not that big amount of cocaine. Practice stopped and they were talking about how much they would consume. I interrupted, “You owe me money from my furniture. Who does this crap?” Their answer was maybe the girls at the strip club. I decided to go make some money. That night I made a decision based on desperation. Anyone who has made this decision in their life should be able to relate to the next statement.

I felt like a blind man in a dark room looking for a black cat that wasn’t there. Once I stepped into this arena, I couldn’t see a way out. From the outside, getting out appeared to be easy but from the inside it seemed impossible. The larger portion of me wanted out desperately. The rest of me was addicted to the “action.” I never got addicted to the merchandise. My door out was eventually presented to me in September of ‘89.
There is no justification for me taking this chance except that my childhood had groomed me for it. If you are stupid enough to do the crime, then you should know that you are not smart enough to get away with it.
Survival is an instinct. Instinct takes you directly to your training.
Life is Good

Learn to Love

Just any moment now, the phone will ring.
The sound of her sweet voice, what joy it brings
But ‘just any moment now’ will never be.
She’s passed away, time slipped away

Son don’t bother me, please go away
I’ve more important things, can’t stop to play
but when my work is done, we’ll find some time
But time moved on, and now you’re grown

Another hand’s reached out, someone in need
But I have bills to pay, and mouths to feed
When I get through this month, I’ll lend a hand
The truth be known, my chance is gone

When will we learn to love? And take the time to show someone, love is real
The chance you have will soon be gone, So don’t wait too long before you say, “I love you.”


Christyrose, it would be wise for you to watch what lies of Buster’s about me that you type. If he republishes his book (of lies), I will file a libel suit against him and whoever helped him get it published. I have pdfs of all his posts that include me or any of my family. I have all the important papers from when we were married, separated, divorced & the adoption. Right now you are not important. All of the “you & Buster stuff” is after all of his mess with me. I don’t really understand why you have made this your business. He is not some wonderful converted Christian who has recently seen the light. He was a “super-Christian” when I married him. He preached to the homeless downtown Mobile. He was in a band with his brothers, clean-cut, made up their own Christian music with a 1950s style that played for local youth groups. Once we got married, they all decided to grow their hair long to copy the current heavy metal bands & copy their songs to get gigs. He went from beautifully playing the piano to playing heavy metal music on the electric guitar and not playing for youth groups but trying to play at bars, then the drug dealing. He was supposedly this “great Christian man” when I married him. He supposedly became this “great Christian man” again before he married Brook. Why should I believe that he ever was a “great Christian man?” It seems like just a game he plays to get what he wants from women. You may be his next target. You want to name names? Be very careful or you may be libel too.

Christyrose – Not desperate… Maybe crude but definately truthful.

He doesn’t learn from mistakes. 3 marriages down the tubes. 3 kids left without a whole family. Buster isn’t going to change.

You and Buster keep dragging things up in an effort to get the LAST word in. You won’t. Nobody posted on this forum for months until you and Buster tried to justify his behavior.

This isn’t about me being happy. It’s about someone trying to make excuses for their behavior.

I’m not the one that drove to Orlando to meet with columbians or ratted out undercover officers in Mobile,AL to a local mob boss to look good. Buster did this and bragged about it in his book and blog post.

Don’t tell me what what to do. I don’t listen to freiers. You and I have nothing in common. I don’t have sex with married men and I don’t defend ex-drugdealers that don’t pay child support and lie to other people and hustle them for money.

(NOT)forgivendad – Dude…this isn’t your blog…
Every post on here shows what an irrational twit you really are.

Rebecca wasn’t satan. She didn’t bring out anything in you that wasn’t already there.

***************NEWS FLASH******************
FEDEX doesn’t just deliver cocaine!!! OMG do you really expect us to believe that cocaine just showed up out of the blue via FEDEX? You’re an idiot.

Please explain how you have carpal tunnel bad enough you can’t use a hammer but you can play a guitar?
“My hands were basically busted because I had carpal tunnel syndrome from over working them. I couldn’t even hold on to a tool, even if I still had tools. We were still practicing music in hope of finding a gig to make a little money.”

You didn’t take the door out in 89, you kept dealing hence the conviction in 1991 for Cocaine trafficking..

Takes a lot of effort to remember all your lies, doesn’t it? Maybe you should make a Lies timeline.

Buster, obviously you’d rather post on here and fight with me to have the last word than GO OUT AND GET A JOB!!!

Or are you going to find another poor Christian in a Church to hustle out of money and use like you have others?

It’s so much easier to post these pansie-ass ‘please feel sorry for me I’ve had a tough life’ posts than to put on your big boy pants and go to work. But then you’re the one that used what little money you had while out of work to join Ashley Madison in February 2010 on Valentines day and purchase the affair Guarantee package. While your wife was out working, like you should have been, you were charging memberships to cheater sites.

Buster – let’s face it.. You’re a liar, cheater, and basically a man that doesn’t even have the honor to support his children. You didn’t pay child support to your first two wives and if you could run now you would. Those are the actions of a coward not a real man.

I can refute everything you say with Facts.. You only think you matter in the cyberworld. You really don’t mean much to anybody in the real world. Your ‘friends’ on facebook? How many of them know what you really are? If you’re not afraid why do you hide your wall from non-friends? Afraid someone might see your lies and share some facts?

When you chose to sell drugs you had two ex-wives and two children to support. You made tons of money and still payed no child support. Nothing changes…

BTW… the quote from your original version of take the train. Paula sent me all the pdfs..

“I did not care what God’s stupid worthless plan is. I didn’t care about his timing. I am
hurting now and he was nowhere to be found. He is like a blister on your hand. He
shows up when the work is over. If God loved me, there is a lot in my life that would
have been better. If God loved me, I would have already been dead. Jesus suffered
for a day. I have suffered for 49 years. I did not want another 49 like this.”

What Could Have Been

Now I say goodbye, I bid this lonely heart farewell
I only wonder why, but I will never know to tell
What could have been, but will never be

The chance I would have had, through the good times and the bad
The stories I could tell, about those life long memories
What could have been, and what will never be

You wouldn’t listen to those lies, if you could only hear my cries
But loneliness is shy, and I don’t want to die
What could have been, and what will never be

What was I gonna do, What was I gonna be?
Do you know my name?
Did I mean a thing to you?

Don’t end it where life begins, The unborn child has a right to live
Don’t end it where life begins,
Innocent life, lost to sin.

Good to know that you will accept drug money as payment. I want nothing to do with it…Seems you do not care the source as long as you get paid, you did, you just deny it.

Oh well, I am happy and drug free, free of you.

BTW, if I had given you $100,000 drug money, it wouldn’t have went through the court and you would have still sued me. Remember one of the days that I took you and Jacob out to eat. We were returning to drop you off at your mothers and you were bugging me to take you shopping. I gave you money and you still insisted that I take you shopping. I told you I had to get to the airport. You kept arguing, (kinda like now. lol) I pulled $7,000 out of each of my boots and laid them on the money on the seat between us. You started rubbing/petting the two stacks of money. You then said, “You need to hurry to the airport.”

My life is good now, you are not in it except here on line where you admit that yall went through my laptop and emails. Please send me my laptop.

You are completely delusional and the truth is not in you. We never went on any dinner date or any date of any kind once we separated. Once you talked me into riding up to the store to get a soda with you, but my son was left with my mother. I didn’t know that you were selling drugs until you got arrested. You pulled that money out of your boot and told me that you were being paid to DRIVE it to Orlando. I only knew then that you must be involved with drug dealers because only drug dealers pay people to drive money across state lines. I never touched that money. I just looked at you in shock. There was no airport involved. You never flew anywhere at anytime while we were interacting with each other. It’s totally ludicrous to say that I asked to go shopping. We never went shopping together, before, during, or after our marriage. (Including when I was 7 months pregnant, you were sick and asked me to drive our car – that had to be push started and had no brakes – to the store to go buy you some Nyquil at 3 am in the winter in the rain while you stayed home in bed.) You are completely delusional and the truth is not in you.

Hey Buster it would be in your best intrest to keep Everette and his mom out of these conversations! I know you are lying about the child support because you owed over $7,000.00 back child support on my son,which is the reason that you did not show up for the adoption hearing. Everette is my son and I will go to any extreme to protect him. His mom tried to get you to be apart of his life but you was to busy!! Lie to your freinds I don’t care but don’t post it where my son has to see it because this could become a problem!

If Buster had the money to pay all of you off I believe that the whole rat nest bunch of you would still tear him up. You are getting some sick thrill out of all of this stalking and harrassment. Please prove this statement wrong.

I raised children on my own and I know how hard it is. I know all about being dissapointed in love and all about being abandoned. I understand the frustration and pain that you have had to endure. I just do not understand all of this harrassing, posting and stalking stuff.

Both of the mothers have said that he didn’t want to see the kids. Buster remembers that any time he went to see the children, the women hid them from him. Then when he tried to make contact you sued him.

The children are all adults now and this is a long way off in the past. Why are your wounds so inflamed?

Why do you want to hurt this man?

All of this posting on the internet just keeps you from getting any money.

You must realize that stopping him from selling his little book with his memories and his story about trying to get over his past mistakes is only hurting your selves.

A man with no income cannot pay his debts.


All parties are yelling out “lies!, lies!” So it obviously cannot be made right. However, , , It can be forgiven and amendments given.

What could Buster do to appease all of you ex what evers? What would make you at peace again?

Stop slinging mud and give the problem a solution!


Seriously. In a paragraph to make it simple.

State what he can do to fix all of your complaints.

Christine Carmen – Check with Buster.. Shut your damn mouth defending his book of lies or I will start posting even more things I know and you don’t. He’s a vicious nasty liar. One more post from you and I’ll ask his first wife to post about how he treated her. Then you’ll really look like the fool.

You have no idea what kind of man he is!

Firemed1265 – How lucky your son is to have a man like you for a dad!!!

Are you going to answer me on how this can be fixed?

Or do you only want to continue the attacks?

He could shut the hell up. Crawl under a rock and never come out.

Christine – you could shut the hell up too. You’re the idiot that asked me to post his case numbers on here. How much more do you want about him posted on here?

There are some things a man does to a woman that are not forgivable at all. EVER.

What exactly is that? What did he do?

There is always two sides to every story. Christine you are on here defending him and say you know what its like to be a mom. What do you think this book is going to do to his kids to see him trash talking their mothers the ones who sacrificed everything to support them. He needs to be a real man and instead of trash talking everyone in his little book go get a real job. Quit fighting his battles for him none of this has anything to do with you since your not the one that laid in the bed to make any of these kids and you are not the one that stepped up to take care of these kids.

Maybe his first wife will post for us. It’s a matter of public record. It came out in the divorce in Bay Minnette when she divorced Buster Leon Johnson.

Ask Buster Johnson- does he really want his first wife talking? I’ll ask her to post. Remember when she posts it on the internet and everyone can see when they google his name that you asked for it.

I asked why YOU have this rage. Her story is hers.


Also who the hell are you in all this? Did you help fund his writing.. Should Paula include you in her legal actions?

Hey Paula, maybe you need to go ahead and name Christine in your legal actions… maybe she has resources to pay what Buster Johnson won’t pay. She obviously is acting like some kind of mouthpiece or lawyer representing him.

Why don’t you quit talking for him tell him its time to man up!!!

How do you know these women?

Do you live close to them?

Do you live in Bay Minnette?

Justify your postings people.

Christine get it through your thick skull that he’s a piece of crap and quit taking up for him.

Luvmykids – you’re yelling into a vacuum here.. She is either totally invested in Buster or Buster is posting as her.

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