Cain Nightweaver

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Cain NightweaverReal Chat Alias

Cain Nightroad. Cain Nightweaver. Envy. Byakuya. Deva. Pein. Ukitake. Ulquiorra. Toshiro Hitsugaya. Fye Drejan Maelthra. Masamune Date, Mukuru Rokudo, Asame, Hayato Gokudera, Fai D. Flowrite, Cain nightlord, Kisuke Nightweaver, Soubi, Jaegerjaquez Grimmjow, Reborn, Tia Harribel, Coyote Starkk.

Age37/48?SpeciesIce DragonGenderMale

Cain Nightweaver (夜ウィーバーケイン Yoru u~ībākein), a poor depraved man feared and renowned as the most infamous predophile, and slut (of Real Chat Land.) who happily governs Arasalva – The Dark Citadel of the Ancients, and Endoma - Black tower of the forgotten past. Unlike many other man whores, he has no interest in possessing a single spouse to his collection, since he is already supremely confident in his ability to procreate with other men. Accompanying him is flamboyant gay horse, made of fire named Crimson. Ultimately he is one the biggest, loneliest faggots to ever prosper from the Internet and will stop at nothing to get in your pants. Perferbly those under the age of 16.


Cain has attained several aliases within his 15 years of languishing pitifully on a site that renounces his existance. Clinging to hope long after the world had discarded him. He tries vainly to gain the likeness of the people around him, (perferably men.) only to fall head over heals for one man assrape him, and then discard him for another in the endless collection of pets at his disposal. Behind his decidely needy exterior lies a predator, preying upon young innocent children, poisoning their minds both male and female alike, and harassing them when convincing them to give him their number. When he’s not running peoples phone bills up at 4:35AM, with phone calls and endless text messaging he’s begging for sex from the time he gets up in the morning to work at his low budget corner store job some poor arab had the misfortune of losing out on.

Behind the scenes

On many occasions, Cain has mentioned the death of his mother to an inexpliable incurable disease that kills you for no medically when you reach the age of 31. And the death of his late wife who he was again cheating on with duo, roleplay and real life relationships with various people while he was supposedly in a relationship with her when she was alive. (A sob story to lure people in through sympathy) First she died in a car accident, in a flood, suicide, left him for another man, and then of cancer. (the stories continue) Lets be honest, was there ever really a woman to begin with? Cain is a psycopathic, two-faced, pedophilic, stalker. Who hides behind the face of a teen. While he may appear to be a male around the age of 17 or 18 as he says sometimes, he has admited on several occasions that he is in fact an older man and did not wish for anyone to know because he did not want people to misjudge him. He is a 37 year old bisexual grown man who is conflicted by his addiction to young children. And while this completely renders the roleplaying sect annul due to the severity of this matter, is in fact not a joke.

Some people don’t have the ability to think outside their comfort zone so they believe what they hear and ignore any possible truths behind accusations that displease them. Denial. We’ve all done it before, lets not deny who we are. But on a greater note, Cain has backtracked several times and has changed his age , use different photos of himself and has even gone so far as to subjugate and condemn minors who don’t know any better with idle threats for exploitation. He has been known to frequently change his email, as well as his phone number and to get his younger nephew to speak on the telephone on his behalf. He has been reported several times before, and his picture has been reported on several occasions. If you have any encounters with this person outside of role-play, or he has made any attempt to gain your location or phone numbers, don’t try to be a hero, please contact the police immediately. He has acknowledged on many occasions that what he has done is wrong but his sick and twisted mind prevents him from engaging in these acts.

Location and attempts to lure: Number

Phone Number Data for 520-342-xxxx Numbers

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Calls are routed via OCN 507E on a switch located in the Tumacacori, Arizona area.

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