California Deadbeat Dad (kicked out of 5150 and Devils own Motercycle clubs)

Posted on : 08-10-2010 | By : atf3333 | In : Alabama, Deadbeat Dads


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This man has gone out of his way to make his ex wife miserable by continuously trying to screw her out of what she is owed in Child and Back spousal support. He is 20k in the rears and just filed a motion to court to get his child support lowered after getting fired from a job for stealing then getting a new job and quitting because his garnishment order enforced. What can be worse then that? Well last January he went to the court demanding Full custody because he was not getting everything he wanted. Can it get worse? YES AND IT DID. This clown has gone to the courts to change all the possible things he can change with regard to support, restrictions, and visitation. Congratulations Timmy or should we say “nugget”!!! you are a deadbeat dad. Have fun playing house with your pet gorilla, oops girl friend)

By the way what part of running around naked with a number of grown men ie CLAMPERS does not seem gay to you.

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