Calvin C Boldman aka Scooby = DeadBeat!!

Posted on : 17-09-2011 | By : MissTQ | In : Deadbeat Dads, Washington


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This fool has more than enough cars on rims with stereo systems and TV. He on Social Security and work under the table as bouncer at clubs (or so he say) Hasn’t bought more than 4 boxes of diapers for one of his sons and he’s 3 years old now. He never was around unless it was convenient for him and has a total of 5 kids. Ages range from 20 – a few months. Deadbeat!!!

He swears he is the “King of Tacoma” but little does he know people laugh at his ass for flossing material things while not being financially available to his kids.

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It figures I type in Tacoma and know exactly who Scooby is. This doesn’t surprise me at all. He IS NOT the King of Tacoma. More like a loser ghetto fake gangbanger who sells drugs to pay for his rims and what not. I remember him from back in the Rudy’s / 72nd days. Definitely a Deadbeat!

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