Cassean Eccles Army Deabeat

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Let me tell you a little about Mr. Eccles…I dated him for 3 years married him and stayed married for 1…we have 2 beautiful kids together that (as you guessed) I’m raising alone! He is in the Army but I couldnt tell from the small amount of money he sends me. He cheated on me for our whole relationship and I NEVER cheated on him then he says our kids aren’t his when they both look exactly like him! He dates girls and acts like this sweet guy who really cares until you dig a little deeper and see that he’s a douchebag! He will fuck anything that walks…and he proved it while we were together. He uses girls and finds way to blame you for his cheating. Now he is playing the good guy and making me to be the bad person. Point blank if you see this waste of sperm turn and run away as fast as you can. Search fir him on Facebook and tell him to man up…he name on there is Shon Eccles! Give him hell for me…

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Girl, I’ll be SURE to give him the hardest time ever if you’d go to my deadbeat (Aaron T. Lockhart)’s Facebook and give him just as much crap…and let him know that he is all over the internet!!!!

i’ll deffinately do the saaaaaame if you girls could give my deadbeat a wake up call aswell , it would be greatly appreciated ( Jeffrey Corbiere ) he has seen his daughter 2-3 in two years unwillingly ONLY because he family loves her and it happend to be hollidays so he had to see her or leave , which he did end up leaving .. he is a “proud father” to twin boys , who might actually have another father, hes with a chick who is 37 with 5 kids, one who is actually OLDer than me .. and he cant raise his own damn BLOOD what the fuck is up with these stupid boys

Girl it’s Chelsea :) and yes you are deffinately right about this man as we both found out givin the past situation :) I didn’t know you had an account on here but i’m glad you do though because people deserve to be warned.

I’m glad that there are people that can relate to me! It’s a shame that there are this many men out there that aren’t taking care of there responsibility! Chelsea I’m glad you found it and commented! You know first hand that he is a liar and plays the “good guy” when he isn’t! Two women connected over a liar! Again I’m sorry that that situation happened but we both learned from it…

So…update! He’s currently almost 2,000 behind in child support. Guess the Army pay isn’t enough when you’re supporting females and their kids! Pathethic!!! Cars, clothes, and making others think you have shit is more important! Once a deadbeat always a deadbeat…hear him tell it he pays his child support and is only 300 behind smh

All people say that they have deadbeat dads and all this what not but I personally know shon and have known him for a long time and he has always taken care of his kids and her. he supported Jamie (beautiful 87) for the entire time they were together. Shon tells me that he has not seen his kids since 2010 and has tried to talk to them and talk to them and she keeps them away from him. Now any of yall who believe in keep kids away from a father who is trying well something is wrong with you and you deserve your deadbeat dads! but jamie by all means has no dead beat baby daddy she just makes it seem that way when really behind the scenes she is causing it! he is actually trying to see his kids this weekend while he is town for there custody mediation and he told me that she aint replied to any of his messages and she aint replied to none of his emails about when is court and if he can see his kids because he hasnt seen them in over a year due to her and he has alot of clothes and shoes for them!!! NOW WHOS THE REAL DEADBEAT YOU ARE JAMIE NICOLE ECCLES-CHANCE!!!!

So since I know this is either Cassean or his family Ill say this…I’m a deadbeat but I and I alone have been here for the kids for their entire lives! I didn’t miss my kids first words! For the oldest wasn’t Cassean in Sanford laid up with Santrisa? Yep! I work everyday to provide a place for them to stay…food…clothes! Don’t you dare try to make me out to be the bad guy here! He hasn’t seen the kids because the last this he had them hewas supposed to bring them back on Christmas Eve but he started saying I would never see them again! He finally brought them back but wanted gas money! Up until a few days ago he was over $3000 behind on child support…guess he filed his taxes cause he paid almost half! Cassean threatens me as if that’s gonna get him the kids…even threatened my boyfriend (who has been here helping with the kids when he doesn’t have to and that shows hes a good man!) And cassean also threatened my unborn child…what a man! So deadbeat I am not! But thanks anyway…even though your input was complete crap!

I personally know this guy. He is far from a deadbeat dad. I also know jamie as well. She files false information through the courts and keeps their children from cassean. You would think single mothers who have their childrens father actually trying to see and be apart of their kids lives would be thankful. But not jamie. Cassean and her had their problems like any couple does. He moved her and the kids to be with him and she cheated on him with a guy who loved two or three houses down the road. Cassean found boxers that did not belong to him. She attacked cassean and then moved back to where ever she resides now. she instantly got with a guy and became pregnant with a third child. She used casseans benefits from the army to bear this child. So the deadbeat is the two parents to the third child because that shows they cant even have a child without using casseans medical benefits. She has kept the children from cassean and even had their daughter call her new boyfriend “dad”. If anyone is the deadbeat it is jamie. Cassean only continuously tries, as i still to this day keep in touch to see how him and the children are. He has had pointless trips to north carolina for court dates that havent been real, have been dismissed because jamie doesnt show up, and tries to only physically see the children outside jamies place and she refuses to let him see them. As a single mother myself, i know taking care of two or more children is not easy. I know that children are affected by the split of their parents and know that they will grow up and resent their mother for her actions now. If she was a real woman, she wouldnt have this page, shed handle her business in private and not make a bad name for their childrens father. She would be thankful that she had cassean in her life to use and walk all over. She would be thankful she never had to work a day in their five year relationship, that he supplied new clothes, food, shelter, and was a protective father and husband. When they had jailen she didnt do anything. He changed the baby, he fed the baby, he would come home and clean. Who wouldnt get tired of that kind of abuse? She lived dirty and was completly lazy. Its shocking to me as another single mother that a girl (because she is far from a woman) would refuse the help, would be as uncivil as she is, and would put a father through the hell he is going through. He may be behind in his child support but at least he is attempting to pay. He has sent numerous gifts not knowing wether they were recieved or not. He was told by the boyfriend he couldnt call their house phone to speak with his children. Who does that? where is it his place to decide that the biological father cannot be apart of the childrens lives? its not. She makes cassean out to be this horrible person, but her true colors show just adding a crappy dads post on the internet.
A real woman would know that money does not make a father. A real woman would know that a real father is there for his children and tries to be apart of their lives.
A message to jamie, why dont you grow the hell up and realize you are hurting your children. When they ask their fsther why he was never around and he has proof to show why, they will hate you and want to be with him. Be a real woman and let the father of your children have a chance to be apart of their lives. Quit being so materialistic. If hes miles away what is a phone call going to do? he does not care about you, he cares about his children. He has every right as their father to know how they are and to be able to visit when he is in your area. The more you shelter the children from him the more they will resent you. Grow up from the little girl you are being and be thankful the Lord gave you a “baby daddy” who wants to be apart of those two childrens lives and stop the parental kidnapping you are doing. Again, you are the deadbeat jamie. Your a little girl trying to make yourself look better. Maybe feel better from the guilt you have. Lord only knows what your new boyfriend will go through when he learns all your secrets, that you cheated on cassean and got an std (curable or not) and cassean had nothing. You play this independant role when you were dependant for five years on someone who ga e you everything. I hope he is aware of everything you put cassean through and is prepared for the day he begins the same torment and abuse. Deadbeat dad? i couldnt disagree with this statement more than i disagree with your exsistance. Its a shame that you would belittle yourself to such a low point. I will pray that the better parent wins in this situation and im sure he will.

Jeanene…or whatever family member this is…glad you felt the need to post! Im not shocked that you would defend your family, but please know your facts! Nothing I said about him was false. You, in your statement said so many false things about me. I was told by Cas’sean’s own sister that he was a habitual liar…it seems to be true and if you choose to believe him then that’s your business! I won’t even argue…we have a 15 year d on her who has had “contact” with him ask her about him! Have a blessed day…cause you’re a good Christian right? Let God judge me! I’m not claiming to be a Christian, but before you point fingers make sure your hands are clean…

Since I was directed to this website for a separate matter and happened to find my brother on here I will state this: Jamie–those posts that have been made are NOT from our family. We, well let me speak for the majority of us, really don’t care about a site like this concerning our son, brother etc. I am not sure who posted that info but please don’t assume it was a family member of Shons. No one in our family did it.

My piece of advice to you and Shon is simply this: You two both need to stop talking ABOUT the other and talk TO each other. There are two innocent children that are caught in the middle of you all’s differences and at the end of the day that is so not cool for them. At the end of the day you all can hate each other for your rocky past but that doesn’t change the fact that you two are parents to two beautiful children. You don’t have to have long drawn out conversations with the other parent keep it simple. Answer the phone with a “I will get the kids” and pass the phone. You two should schedule visits via email or text that way you don’t have to deal with communicating that much. Make sure all pertinent information is communicated in these texts/emails. You guys both just have to be cordial. I know it sounds crazy but it is the only advice that seemed to make sense in this situation.

Lastly, I personally do NOT like the fact that I have to suffer because my brother screwed up. I miss my little niece and nephew so much and just knowing that I can’t see them because of a dispute that has nothing to do with me is hurtful. Please take into consideration the other family members that are neutral parts in this situation.

He needs to man up and take care of his kids.

And it takes more than phone calls to raise a kid! Try taking the phone to the landlord when daycare and rent is due!

Mandy 1981— I’m sure I was very clear in stating that the situation Jamie and Shon are in is STRICTLY between the two of them. I feel like anyone that speaks ill about either party and aren’t part of said parties is speaking on a subject that they have no true knowledge of. I am about 99.9% sure that Jamie or Shon have a FULL grasp or umderstanding as to what is truly going on hence me telling JAMIE that they need to communicate. You cannot tell me a situation can get better without proper communication. No a phone call wont pay rent or daycare nor does it take care of a child, but it is the first step in getting those things paid. Also let us women stop acting like it only takes money to raise a child, albeit a very important part but there is so much more to being a parent.
I was a single mother until I got married and my sons father has done absolutely nothing for his child. I could go on a tangent about what a true deadbeat or crappy father is but i will spare you all only seeking “cash cowd” the humiliation. I truly do sympathize with single moms BUT if the father is willing to be a part but is slacking and it can all be fixed by a simple conversation then by all means make the daggone call. Well enough for now… I digress

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