Cedric Arenell Boyd age 38 hvae at least 8 kids and I am a DEADBEAT DAD

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Hello, world…My name is Cedric Arnell Boyd. I think that I may have 8 to 10 children. My fourth oldest, I think… I may owe her 25, 558.43 which is only 272 a month and 20 dollars arrears. It really isn’t enough to take care of my daughter but that’s all the court say I have to pay. My fourth oldest I think… She is now a 17 year’s old beautiful little woman. She is a senior in high school and an A, B student. Her mother stayed on her to do well in school. She is almost on her way to college in a few months being that I have never helped her in any way a car would be nice. I think I may have seen her 5 times in her life and I use to live 3 minutes away, man what was wrong with me. I have never brought one bag of pamper, one can of milk, one pair of shoes. So really what I am telling you is I have never done one thing for her. I have made promise to my daughter to be in her life but haven’t. I run from state to state to avoid jail or getting a job and helping them out. I was even stupider, I got married and had three more with my wife, knowing I already had about 6 for sure, what since did that make. Then I decide to go get myself fix, I should have thought of that years before. I guess after taxing my taxes two years my wife found out I had more kids. I just stop working all together to not have to pay any of my children’s mothers. But I had money to pay for a surgery, and order to carry my daughter on my insurance, but let my daughter’s mother get stuck with the doctor bill and mess her credit up. Dang at least I could help with the doctor bills; I don’t see, call or take care of my daughters. How do I sleep at night not knowing if my CHILDREN have ate, or sick, have past on. I can get married, have more children, drive a new car, buy new clothes, but I can’t make sure my blood has what they need. I can take the time to play on face book but not go to work. I’m thinking I owe out over 115,00.00 to 120,00.00 I have stop counting, and I know that my children mothers haven’t forgotten. They mighty well because they will never see a penny. So to my 6 children’s mother I keep giving you my a. to kiss. Keep up the good work with the kids; you guys have done a great job raising the kids alone. WHAT is wrong with me please help me I’m lost… So I change my number once again and go into hiding. From New Mexico I go to Colorado, to New York, to South Carolina, North Carolina where I’m from High Point, Greenville, Greensboro all over I go once again… Cedric Arnell Boyd.

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Instead of running, you should just spend time with your kids. At least they would have been able to say that their father was there. Money is not everything, you being there is. That is what they would remember not what you brought but the time you were with them. You only mention your daughters , you don’t have any sons?

Money is not everything, but when you run so that you do not have to take care of them it is a problem. When you never see any of your kids it is a problem when you do nothing at all in 18 years it is a problem..I have only one child by this man, thank God he made a dozen more for single females to have to take care alone.

hmm i personally know this man….thought he was dead actually because thats what i heard…i dont understand if you have a child by him and he isnt helping you i can understand your anger but why in the world would you wish that on another child?
I never heard him speak of any children but that of course doesnt mean he doesnt have any. Its been 15 or maybe even 16 years since i have seen him so who knows.

No one is dead he just running for all the kids he made..

My friend has two kids by him. He haven’t seen or talked to his kids for over a year. Its really ridiculous on how he can make all these kids and not take care of them. It’s even more ridiculous that he continues to have unprotected sex and refuse to take care of his responsibilities. I have to give it to my friend though the kids are going through some things, she still fight to take care of them on her own without his help. I still think he needs to at least man up and take care of his kids and quit running like a b*tch. Cause to me that is exactly what he is!

Well said..mines grown now and off to college with my help…must be a sad life running forever

Yes he is running. Cedric lives in SC. and he’s changed his name to Kalani. He’s not only done wrong to towards his children but his family. His mother died with a broken heart all because of the Cedric. He broke her heart all through his sorry, sick disturbed life.

Oh and the last I heard he has 10 kids… from 4 different states.

Oh and during the time that you might think he was in hiding he was actually in jail.

That still does not excuse the fact that he does not even try to make time to spend with his kids! It’s ridiculous! She is going to court next month to get all of his rights taken away. I will just be happy that she will be completely rid of him and will not have to rely on him to fill out paper in order for her to even try to take her kids on vacation!

I did find out that he has change his name. One of my bondmans freinds did some research. He will get what he deserve. His mother was no better that;s where he got if from. Thank God his father has always step up with her. Most of the sibling stay in touch they found each other on their own. And I knew he was in jail, just wasnt sure where. I hope things work out with the other females..He is a joke..should be feed to the lion. Guess after me man cuss him out said how he could take care of his own kids and mine, made him feel less than a man…he should feel that way..

Not sure why any woman would marry a man with all them kids anyway..I would worry bout always being broke and taxes taken..guess whomever found that out the hard way..he has at least 5 0r 6 when he got marry..then had nerve say he should marry me..please..NOT reason why my peeps curse him out over that comment..he is a joke…BUT IM COMING FOR HIM…


@Ydiffh14 Do you have a question or something?

Let’s just put it like this, that boy is never going to change. No matter how old he gets, he will never change and it is sad! How are you supposed to teach your kids on how to be men and you don’t even one yourself! Lie, cheat, steal! Ha! This negro will always be who he is. He will not have anyone to blame but himself.

Yes, I do have questions but wish there was a way to talk offline instead of on here. I noticed your last post was 2 years ago, so he has still not made good to just you or to both you and your kids? Does he have contact with your kids now, meaning stays in touch with them even though he can’t pay you? If there’s away to talk offline, I would really like to know more.

@Ydiffh14 you can email me at gabrami17ataoldotcom.

Cedric is in Denver, CO right now! He has two numbers 3039177234 and 3033059848. Word on the street is also that he is on the down low. Having sex with all these women just to cover up the fact that he is gay.

Wow I see that I am not the only one who had beef with this man..I lol now..his lost..

Calani had another baby…a boy 10 months old now…I found this site well after I found out I was pregnant and of course he is still crooked as ever…he claims he is going to fight for full custody…lol…anyway I really just wanted to reach out to the women that have children by him as I’m afraid my son being so young won’t know his brothers and sisters…any help in this is greatly appreciated.

Certainly was not expecting to see this email pop up after so much time, just had a flashback of my never ending drama with Mr. Boyd, lol. Sad for him and sorry to hear this for you and your son but things will be ok. There is one person I know that knows him well and his family. She was helpful to me when I was seeing him 2 to 3 years ago and helped me to fully understand who I was dealing with. I’ve lost contact with her but if you are in desperate need I can try to locate her and ask if she minds helping you. Are you in Colorado?

Yes I am…and I would appreciate if you could locate her or anyone else

Sure, no problem. I will do my best.

I live in colorado I have almost two year old by this man. He doesnt claim him, My son had a stroke at birth , the did not even come to see him. So your son does have a brother. I am a single struggling mom and for a while i tried to allow him in his life and all he did was take from me. So be glad that he takes care of your son because he wont even spit on mine

Im sorry to hear this man will never change.I know most of the kids keep in touch on FB. My daughter is 23..the older kids are pretty close. They work things out their selves better than most adults..

Hello ladies, I have run across Mr. Boyd myself and believe in searching and running backgrounds on people I may include in my life and low and behold in my search have run across this! Plenty of questions of course especially from the one named dumbest bitch ever. I’m not pregnant nor plan on getting thankfully but would love to find out who he really is so that I may close this book and donate to charity or better yet…burn!

MsBhavin you should run. Get away he is a user and an abuser. July 28th of 2017 he caught an assault and battery case against me October 3rd 2017 he was convicted he took the the Ford that you probably ride around in from me and his son as he wrecked the Camry we consigned together.That why he had you or someone like you help him get his car back on the 18th. He has not made a single payment on it since but claims he has just as the way to get back at me because I’m protecting myself from him. These women did not post on here because they had free time this is a warning time and time again. You are putting yourself In Harm’s Way unnecessarily by dealing with that immature man. And if not in harms way you will just be going through the ringer for him to not make a full commitment. I don’t know you but I’m telling you anybody can do better than that. Why do you think there’s so many posts on here and none of them are positive. He wears a mask and he wants everybody to believe it but unfortunately he can’t uphold it and the truth is lurking if you use your Google just as you found. This man has caused most women in his life pain and will continue to do so at their expense so that he can uphold his image. Please save yourself the trouble and be safe best of wishes and good luck in your decision.

I think this is my father.

I shocked but then again he’s been ignoring my calls and being distant and somebody else than I’ve met which led me to look him up thinking I can finding another woman but found way more. How many kids total? He here just horrible procreating and aint checked on the first 9 or 10. Hihellohru you seem old enough to understand and i wish you luck. Searchingforsiblings i wish we could met. When did you stop being together? Misbehaving same to you?

Hi this is my niece ex husband. She gas been trying to find him since her daughter was 1yr old. That daughter is 17 now. He has 3 children by this woman beater. She didn’t tell about it to later but I wish I had known. Any of his children or baby mothers please reach out. These kids need to know one another.

So glad I found this site. I met this man last year. Good thing I dodged this bullet! I recently found out about all of his kids. He denies some of them though I don’t believe him. On top of that lie I found out he has been sleeping with at least 3 other women. Nasty mf! AND he got another baby on the way by one of his baby mamas! What is that #10, 11, or 12? I mean he just doesn’t stop and doesn’t know what the word “truth” means. He uses women and throws us out like yesterday’s trash. He is a true manipulator. Tried to convince me to get a car in his name like I’m an idiot. Something is not right with this man. Be weary and get tested I’ve you’ve been sleeping with him.

@higellohru. How old are you?

M1w5 are you in Greensboro

No, New Mexico

Oh my god…2good2betrue how did you find all this out? Baby mother pregnant again? Get tested? Have you shown symptoms, did you test positive for anything? No one ever responded I didn’t know what to do. He is definitely a liar…told me 5 kids.i find it funny how people are still looking for this man even people that had no personal dealings but through someone else. When did y’all end or are you still dealing with him 2good2betrue?

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