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Celeb chef in hot water
Deadbeat owes 93G in child support
Last Updated: 7:05 AM, January 14, 2011
Posted: 1:28 AM, January 14, 2011
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His charity begins far from home.
A London celebrity chef who trots around the globe for African kids was arrested for stiffing his own 16-year-old Brooklyn son out of $93,000 in support, The Post has learned.
UK foodies’ darling Bjorn van der Horst — who used to co-own an eatery with “Hell’s Kitchen” star chef Gordon Ramsay — was about to step aboard a London-bound plane at Kennedy Airport Wednesday night when cops nabbed him.
At a Brooklyn Family Court hearing yesterday, a disheveled van der Horst, 39, was ordered to cough up $57,000 and surrender his passport, officials said.

GRILLED: Chef Bjorn van der Horst, who is active in British charities, was busted at JFK this week for owing child support to his Brooklyn ex.
He was then hauled off to “The Tombs,” the Manhattan Detention Complex, a Correction spokesman said. His next hearing scheduled for Wednesday.
“This is somebody at the higher end [who] lives the good life,” said Bruce Young, a lawyer for the chef’s ex-wife Yael Bizouati and her son. “I’m sure he was expecting to take a cross-Atlantic flight, not sit incarcerated.”
The handsome and “seductively sweet” chef, who operates the high-end Eastside Inn in London and allegedly hauls in more than $15,000 a week, has been alarmingly cheap when it comes to his son, Young charged.
The deadbeat chef has run up a $93,000 tab in unpaid child support over the years
He was supposed to be paying $2,950 a month. But records show he coughed up less than $800 in three payments last year, and around $1,500 in two others.
“He just never paid anything that he was supposed to pay,” Young said.
But it’s the hypocrisy in van der Horst’s work for the UK-based charity “The Great Football Giveaway” — which provides soccer balls to needy kids — that’s truly galling, Young said.
“He was bringing free soccer balls to Africa, which is a very noble thing,” Young said. “But when you’re not paying your son’s own child support, it seemed [to be] disregarding the immediacy of one’s own family and the responsibilities that we all have.”
In messages sent to friends and potential donors in the fall, van der Horst gushed: “I know that in my little community, it’s the little things I do every day that make a difference.”
Young said van der Horst has been a deadbeat since 2005. But when his ex-wife got word he’d be in town for the holidays, a judge issued an arrest warrant and cops were waiting when van der Horst, his wife, Justine, and a business partner arrived at the airport.
Additional reporting by William J. Gort
Enforcement by BruceAYoungEsq.Com

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This is the fifth one i’ve seen like this today! I don’t know either parties but I have to put my two cents in. You bitches that post this are crazy! Three words: NO ONE CARES!! You women write these for ppl to feel sorry for you and to embarrass these men. Fyi, your just jealous that there doing fine with out you!!! Half of these men that you think you are bashing own their own buisnesses and have money so why are you complaining? i’m sure they are more then happy to give their children some of their money (not you, but their kids). The problem you young women have these days is communication skills! You would rather go on a shitty ass blog and bitch and cry to people you don’t know, then to buck up and tell your kid’s dad to get his shit together! Oh and another thing instead of having sex with “deadbeats” close your legs and get a job! Cause obviously you have no money too take care of your kid cause you have to beg for child support. I have 4 beautiful boys and I was married to there father and it didn’t work out but luckly I have a JOB! I don’t have to beg! He knows I can take care of my kids on my own and he gives me child support because he knows i’m not sitting on my ass crying! But i hope that you get a life and get your shit together
Kelly F
(a real woman)

Kelly F, just because you are fortunate to have an ex thats a man and is willing to pay child support does not mean all these women are. believe me sometimes embarrassing them is the last straw. and yes embarrassing them might get them to own up .. in most case most women have already tried to contact them, tried to be reasonable because ultimately you want to do it for the kids. just because your circumstances are great again does not mean everyone is. so why you on this site reading. keep your comments to yourself ..i for one support these ladies 100%. if they dont want to pay or support their kids, embarrass them. any man can make a baby but it takes a real man to be a father. if they not taking care of their kids then they dont deserve any courtesy plain and simple.

@ Mudiwa2010 do you know Kelly F just cut and pasted this same post and put it on another dead beat dad’s page. She has nothing better to do.

@Kayla2183 , i thought this was the only one. which other sites are there.. she really doesnt have anything better to do. i comment on the things i am passionate about. i cant believe she is a woman trying to down women who are struggling to take care of their kids..some people i tell you

Kelly needs to back to writing class. She is obviously trash and bangs guys that dont pay their child support. What a loser!

Kelly F is A) a deadbeat father posing as a woman or B) a woman living with a deadbeat father who owes child support to children not her own. My guess is the latter. Stupid women who partner with known deadbeat fathers often come to the defense of the garbage that these men are. They don’t like when their “knights in shining armor” are publicly embarrassed and humiliated. It makes them look like fools which, clearly they are. Hence, the hostility. The ignorance of Kelly F is highly evident and quite entertaining especially for someone who is receiving child support. Kelly F…you are a big dumb dumb. So, go rant on the blogs developed by the deadbeats themselves who have nothing to do but complain about the women who are raising their children….while they do nothing.

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