Chandler Brian Haywood – Crappy Florida Deadbeat Dad

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Child Support Amount in Arrears: $59,932.27 as of July 2011

So, what makes Chandler Haywood a deadbeat parent?

- As a result of a divorce in 2004, Chandler Haywood was court-ordered to pay $200 each month per child, as well as half of all their medical bills. Sad to say, but apparently a healthy, 40 year old man is unable to aid in the support of his children. Oh, and as for their medical bills . . . . he has paid ABSOLUTELY NONE OF THEM since the divorce. Yes, NOT ONE SINGLE DIME for the healthcare of his children in SEVEN YEARS!

- During the divorce proceedings, Chandler Haywood payed child support through the State of Florida Child Support Dispersement Unit. After the divorce was finalized, mysteriously Mr. Haywood stopped paying to support his children. The Department of Revenue of the State of Florida garnished his wages, and Chandler Haywood
quit his job to avoid supporting his children. So, Mr. Haywood can help support his children, but he chooses NOT to.

- The State of Florida revoked Chandler Haywood’s driver’s license for failure to pay child support. However, he is above the law: not only does he not need to pay court-ordered child support, he can also violate the law by continuing to drive without a valid State of Florida driver’s license. But hey, what are a few arrests when you get to have cool mug shot pictures taken! Check out the slide show on which doesn’t even include arrests from states other than Florida.

- “Other states” you say? Oh yes, Chandler Haywood apparently thinks it is a great idea to flee the State of Florida to avoid his responsibilities. Another great idea he had was to become a “freelancer” and not report his income. Or, he can always just work for various family members “off the books” to avoid supporting his children. How wonderful it must be for him to have criminal family members willing to help him out!

- Chandler Haywood does NOT provide support for his minor children. No monetary support, no medical bills paid, no Christmas presents, no birthday presents, no pairs of shoes, no school supplies, NOTHING!And that is what makes Chandler Haywood a DEADBEAT PARENT!

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