Charlie Scheen Jr.

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This Deadbeat dad is I am sorry to say my twin brother! Somewhere there was a serious issue with his DNA-as not only is he the most selfish person I have ever meet-but is evil, childish, petty, and a pathalogical liar!
He has 2 kids in which he has not paid a nickle to in over 3 years. He thinks when he sees them and buys them toys only 2 days a week for 2 hrs ( supervised) that he is ” a Magnificant dad”!?? He has aso drained the kids college funds to pay for his beer and donut habit…as he has not worked a lick in 5 years ! His clueless dad continues to support his lifestyle, and he thinks he is a lwayer and is involved in multiple law suits….all of which will get him NO closer to getting a:
1. Job
2. House
3. $ for kids
4. Helpfor his drug and alcohol problems.
The only 2 friends he has is his dogs. His own divorce attorney is testifying against him as a character witness for his poor ex-wife that has to spend thousands of dollars every year on lawyers because of this wack-job! In July he is facing 42 counts NOT to mention forging IRS checks and multiple counts of perjury…..hopefully he will soon be wearing a orange jump suit and learn a lesson once and for all!

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Wow … way to go against your very own flesh and blood. Why are you so bitter? Did he forcibly rape you in the ass while you were growing up? Why the anger?
The man drained the children’s college fund? Like, who put the money there in the first place? And how do you know the children are college material? Better that the money be invested in beer AND donuts rather than wasted to education, don’t you agree with me?
And his best friends better be his dogs. They are the most loyal animals known to men, so it’s only normal. Cats are not the same, I had cats, and I can tell you, they come and go as they please.

Now, before I finish with my advice to you, one is, you get an education, because you write like an uneducated hillbilly. Go back to high school and get that GED, it may make all the difference in the world.

And two, go to the church more often, where you will hear the pastor tell you to see the log in your eye before you look for the straw in your brother’s eyes. I am sure that if the IRS would take a look at your filings, they would ask you to make a few changes.

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