Charlie Scott could give lessons on being a “DEADBEAT DAD”

Posted on : 30-08-2011 | By : Charity_Diane | In : Deadbeat Dads, South Carolina


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This sorry excuse for a father is Charles Anthony Scott. He’s the father of two older children and a precious 6 year old little girl. He’s a liar, loser, user and cheater. He preys on women that usually have children already and are most definitely independent, because he only works long enough to fool the woman he is working on then comes up with some reason to have gotten fired or quit. He has never paid child support and is jumping from place to place to dodge the courts on taking him to be ordered to pay. He’s been married 4 times and would have already gotten married again if the last wife hadn’t wised up and decided to let him pay for a divorce for a change. His beautiful 6yr daughter just had her 6th birthday and out of every year she has been born this low life has not once attended a birthday party for her. This is a man you makes you think he is a good person by treating your children like his own while on the other hand completely ignoring the fact that he has three children biologically. He comes in and out of their lives when its convenient for him. He hands off a buck here and there just to make himself feel like he’s accomplished something in his life. Just be warned that this guys is full of many acts and will turn your whole life around. If you’re with him you better hope you use protection or have your tubes tied because having a child with him will result in your baby being daddy’less!!!! He’s the biggest deadbeat dad of South Carolina in my book!

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