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Posted on : 05-04-2011 | By : Skylor Rives | In : Deadbeat Dads, Texas


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I have seen my Dad choke my Mom even when she was pregnant with my little sister. He use to yell and scream bad names in her face.He even told his new girlfriend that my Mom was dead so that he could cheat. He tore her glasses off her face and broke them. He lies about paying his child support. He lives with his girlfriend and supports her instead of us.He does nothing for us since 2009. He doesn’t call or even try to see us.

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Sorry to hear that, but if he is as you say he is, it is better that way and he doesn’t deserve to be in your presents. I speak from experience and grew up without a dad (his parental rights were terminated). Funny thing is I ended up having a son with someone who turned out to be a deadbeat dad. Sad but true. Live on and find a positive male “father” figure and you will be just fine :)

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