Cheating husband with SEVERAL outside kids

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Sometimes you will run across a masterful liar who will turn your happily normal life into a scene made for daytime television. This is certainly true of Dwayne Lockett, of Raleigh, NC.

He keeps several girlfriends, and a wife. Yes, you have read that correctly, this man is MARRIED. Dwayne Lockett has fathered 7 children, none by his wife, and at least 3 since has been married. Don’t believe me? Several of these women are more than willing to furnish you with the DNA results as proof of legitimacy. All you have to do is ask. He denies his children, denies his long affairs with these women, and worst of all, he STILL has profiles on Adultspace, Black Sex Finder, Black People Meet, Tagged, and Plenty of Fish (to name a few), that will lead other unsuspecting women to believe, once again, that he is single and ready to mingle. Be thee warned, ladies! NONE of these pregnancies were unplanned, and that is because one thing that each woman had in common, is that they thought that they were in a committed relationship.

Here are a few of the lies: He will tell you that he is divorced, with only two kids (both are obvious LIES). He will lead you to believe that he is a hard-working man who owns a moving company, which he will even try to prove legitimacy of by showing you a website, business cards, AND flyers (which different women helped him to create, thinking that they were running a family business with the man in their life). If this can be mentioned, this business is called Kings Movers (formally known as DADS movers). He will ask you to marry him, in the most unromantic way. He will tell you that he has two vehicles at his disposal and that you can use the second one at any time (which we later discovered was his wife’s car). He may even be so bold as to take you to his house when the wife is not in, leading you to believe that his single persona MUST be true. Lastly, just when you think that he is yours and only yours, he will convince you to have his child. But beware ladies, by the time you find out that you are pregnant, he will already be in his next “serious” relationship, claiming that he never wanted you or your baby, and to leave him and his new lady alone. He preys on women in Raleigh, NC, Charlotte, NC, Rock Hill, SC and Cleveland, OH. If you run into this man online (because he LIVES on his laptop and on the dating sites)… RUN THE OTHER DIRECTION, but not before telling this DEADBEAT DAD to take care of his babies!

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There is a man in Michigan, with the name of Mr. Woods, who has baby mommas all over the city. One of his kids, now grown, doesn’t even know who he is, the rest are by professional baby mommas with multiple baby daddies. It is a hot mess. He doesn’t see the kids, they don’t know each other, and some could be the same age. Sad situation.

There’s another deadbeat in Michigan by the name of Stephen “Shotgun” Willis when I met him he also told me that he had two children, that was in 06, in 09 I got pregnant and delivered May 2010 in 2011 I went to court for child support and found out about 2 more kids then the very next day his girlfriend went through his phone, called me and said without mine there are 8 children…check him out Stephen Shotgun Willis under Michigan deadbeats and on Facebook Stephen Willis I put the truth on there so no one else will be a victim hopefully

OMG!!! Is this true?? I need to see some comments from other ladies out there. He has told me he has 3 kids; divorced twice; and owns his own moving company. I’m in total shock and disbelief here…. WOW

@Mattie73 this is very much true. He will tell you that these women are lying because he doesn’t want to be with them anymore but like I said DNA tests dont lie (including mine). And he is still very much married, hence why it is so hard to get in touch with him. He lies about working but his wife will be more than willing to tell you the truth! I just hope you haven’t fallen victim because several of us have had to move (in with parents or out of state) because of the financial hardship of raising a child with no help (or $20 on child support)

I am in complete SHOCK!!! I really just don’t know what to say at this moment. I’m dumbfounded and confused…. I never expected to find out something like this. I mean I suspected SOMETHING…but this??? WOWWWWW!!!!!

Well I’m sorry you had to find out online. But his kids ages range from 7 weeks old to 15 years old. And he JUST had a wedding anniversary. Because at home he is happily married and she could care less about these outside kids

Yeah…I’m sorry I had to find out online too. BUT online is the best way to find out anything you need to know if someone isn’t being honest. I am so sorry that you and the other ladies are going through this because I know what it’s like to have a Deadbeat Dad. I had one of those myself and I know how hard it is to raise a child on your own. My son is 18 now and if it wasn’t for my Dad when he was little I wouldn’t have survived. I HATE DEADBEAT DADS and I’ve told him that 100’s of times…. Good luck in getting what you need for your child.


Yeah Mattie73, I’m also one of the mother’s who child he has neglected to account for. I found out about his marriage by browsing people on FB but by that time I was 9 1/2 months pregnant and my pregnancy was planned. I was horrified..then I started doing more research and was disgusted at how many other relationships he was currently involved in. U r really dealing with a crazy man and I mean that literally…..

I was also pregnant when I found out about the wife and the 4 other kids and the countless other women who thought that they were exclusively dating him. I don’t know if he is crazy but he is definitely sick!

WOW ladies this is more than I thought I would learn on a Sunday morning… I’m just processing this new found information… and like I’ve said I’m just REALLY shocked and confused…. This is totally unbelievable… 7 kids??? He has only told me about 3 of them…. WOW

That don’t make no sense. These men dont care how many children they have and the women they be with are just as stupid. My child’s DNA( I call it) is the same way. But do anybody know how to submit the story because I cant find out how?

Mattie, Did you ever see him taking care of his kids. I have you been to his moving company? all the mess you saying sounds like Bull! Why would want to be with someone who does nothing for his kids.

@Sugaplum…don’t take your anger of your Deadbeat Dad out on me. I haven’t taken up for him; I haven’t said anything in my posts that even indicates anything to the contrary. I’m just finding out this information today…

This site is not for women nor men to go off on each other it’s for you to vent on what the real issues are and that’s men or women who don’t take care of their kids.

You need to re-read my posts and see what I said. NOTHING that I’ve stated is bull….All I said was that I’m in total disbelief and shock and a little bit confused because when you learn something LIKE THIS about someone I think that is the first reaction ANYONE would have.

SOOOO…Sugaplum…you need to post what you need about your DBD and get off me because like I said I’m not the one who has caused you this pain and issues and I’m dealt with my own DBD for a very long time so I have great respect for the women who are shouting out.

Have a very good day and good luck with your child because raising your child alone is a very stressful situation especially when you don’t have help.

Yall I dont even feel as bad as I did even more cuz this is a lot worst than my situation. This is messed up! I thought I had the worst baby daddy in the world! My child father wants to be a polygamist! someone who wants to marry many women and have many kids. I made stupid mistakes with him, but I wasnt that dumb! to be with him. I was stuck on that saying you should be with him cuz you had a child, but not thinking that he was a polygamist! just crazy! But I dont play that mess! so please believe he gon get his! Yall wait til I write my story!

excuse you but I’m not angry at my deadbeat dad. I get mad and I get even. I dont stay angry boo so know that! and I asked you a question. why the h*ll you cant answer it! I dont get a damn about yo posts! you dumb as h*ll! If you didnt get that! that’s why I said!

and mattie dont tell me what I need to write about my dead beat dad and I’m not worryig bout you, I just asked you a question. I dont waste my time on dumb people!okay.

WOW….good luck Sugaplum. LOL… whew… please take care of your child and have a good life. This is amazing to me… But to answer your questions NO I have not seen him do any of that because I live about 3 – 4 hours away from him. SOOOO… But I’m not quite certain what that has to do with me?? Have a good day….

I am the first “outside of marriage baby mamas” of Dwayne Marcus Lockett. He has seen my child once in the last 2 1/2 years for a total of 4 hours. I am lucky if I get child support at all. He pays none of the court ordered health insurance or doctors bills. This man has lied since the first day I met him. He said he was single, a dad of two…all of that was a lie. He was engaged, had three kids, and did not work. He lives off of his wife LaToya and she allows him to carry on these relationship and know about all of these children. Both of these people are fucking insane!!!! Any woman who was a single mother herself and would allow her husband to perpetuate this behavior in the black community is as crazy and sick as he is. I assure any woman who meets this man, that all of the postings from the baby mamas are true! The last three baby mamas have communicated and made a pact that our children will grow up knowing one another and knowing that at least one of their parents truly wanted them. Dwayne, if you are reading this, and i know you are, eat a shit pie!

Lol…not SHIT PIE…LOL. baby momma number 1…u just made me laugh…I needed that cause he is burning my phone up right now.

That was funny! But in all seriousness, if we can prevent even one more woman from going thru what we are then the post was more than worth it. And maybe the wife will wise up and realize that EVERYBODY is not lying to her because they hold a torch for Dwayne. All we want is for our kids to be taken care of. Hell, just acknowledge them as well as the first 3.

If anyone wants to confront this man (or someone else you may know) on TV please let me know!

What type of Tv show?

All of you Dwayne victims better check your bank accounts and credit report. He is also good for stealing identities, and racking up bills without you knowing. I know because I was one of his victims from 10 years ago. I swear this man is a sociopath. Just pure evil.

Oh I forgot to add that! He will “borrow” money that you will never see again. He try to persuade you to get things for him in your name. But he will NEVER pay the bill. Also ladies, if you see a tattoo on his right leg that reads “LaToya” he will lie and say that is his grandmothers name… a boldface lie! His grandmothers name was Frances and that was an anniversary gift to his WIFE in August 2011!

My mission at first was just to expose him to protect other ladies, and now it is to get his ass locked up for being a deadbeat, thieving, no-good, lying lunatic!

PS- he has now moved to TX. No longer in Raleigh. He didn’t bother to inform most of his children’s mothers but we have our ways. So Texans BEWARE! There is an STD-carrying manwhore in your area!!

Make sure he doesn’t have your soc b/c he will definitely take out credit cards, loans, and even write bad checks out of your account. And will lie emphatically when he is confronted with EVIDENCE! Trust him with NONE of your personal info. He is not above using your babys’ soc either if he can. By the way, anyone heard the name Antione Johnson? I’m pretty sure it’s one of his aliases. Creditors been calling my phone for that name, even the deputy/process server showed up to serve this mystery person who used my address. He better pray that’s all he gave them b/c if something else shows up on my credit report, I’m pressing charges. I would suggest you ladies do the same!

ladies please spend sometime with God and understand you are worth more than a man promising the moon and the stars who barely have a pot to piss in. I hope none of you have anymore children until your married and I pray god gives you the strength to raise your children

We need to stop getting so excited about these men and wasting all this time…. he cares nothing about this. They feel no remorse and he probably wont care until a few hours before he dies

You are right, ladies, this man IS varmin. He gave you the illusion that he wanted children and you were in a relationship. Hopefully, you will find the strength to raise your children to be different.

Hi! My name is Denise, I am a TV producer in LA. I would love to talk to you about what’s going on. Please call me at 323-451-2446 Thank you so much! -Denise

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