Chris McDaniel-DeadBEAT Dog Training Dad!

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This is Chris. He has a daughter that is 14 1/2 years old (born in 1996). Although he NEVER provided for his child prior to the court order, he was ordered to pay a lousy $20 a WEEK in child support in Sept. of 1999 which proved to be too steep for him even tho he had a good job, but quit to sell cocaine so his baby mama couldn’t get his $$$. At any rate, he’s NEVER PAID A DIME! He got himself locked up for a year in early 2000 (for selling coke), got out and went back to prison for 10 years in 2001. He’s been out of prison since August of 2010 and has worked as a lead dog trainer in Bealeton, VA’s Liberty Hill Pet Resort since September of 2010. He was asked to consider paying $300 / month for the next 3 1/2 years of his child’s life, and all back and non support would be forgotten. He declines! Claims he has NOTHING!!! Gave an entire pity speech about how things are hard for him, blah, blah, blah! Guess he hasn’t considered that he was given almost 7 full months to save some $$ before he was even approached about this matter! Guess it doesn’t matter how hard its been for the innocent victims left behind to struggle to survive….he has NOTHING yet the website of the company he works for boasts his numerous titles and certifications he’s acquired. He has NOTHING but since August of 2010, he’s been on a trip to Ohio, a trip to South Carolina, and has taken lovely day/weekend trips to DC, etc. with his new girlfriend and her 3 kids! He has NOTHING yet he’s somehow he’s managed to pay a large portion of his court fines off, and loan his sister a large chunk of money (which she is paying or already has paid back)! Poor Chris!! The one he’s hurting is his CHILD! But, lets face it, he’s always hurt her so what’s new, right? Get over yourself Chris McDaniel! Kick your child some change for God’s sake!!! You know, the child you’ve NEVER taken care of!!!!!! You’re a big man of God now, right???? PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Please note: This post WAS NOT created or submitted by the mother of the above mentioned child. At the mother’s request I have asked the website to remove this posting.

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