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CHRISTOPH OSTERMANN is another deadbeat father and according to numerous reports on the Internet, an International Criminal.

This dead-beat father from Werl, Germany, has not paid child support since just after the order was issued.

He is wanted by the police for questioning for kidnapping, extortion and is believed hiding in Germany.

He has kidnapped and abused the mother of his child and even posted lies about her on the Internet in an effort to cover his tracks. However, this man has an outstanding arrest warrant in Cyprus, so if you know him, be careful.

He claims he is a legitimate journalist and operates fake websites (, but reports indicated that he has used lies and deception to cheat hundreds of people throughout these websites.

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I saw him at an animal bordello in Denmark. He was intending to mate with a sheep, but when I saw his erection, I recommended a cow (just like you), otherwise he would have destroyed the poor animal.

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