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This dead beat father lives in elliston va.He has not seen his 3 daughters in years.they are 13,14,and 16 years old now.He also has a son with his girlfriend that he supports 100%.He has missed his last court date so now he is wanted.If anyone has seen or knows him please contact the elliston va police department so I can try to get the help I need for our daughters.He is over $35,000 behind in child support right now and still climbing.In this economy it is hard ro raise 3 teenage daughters.I do have a wonderful guy that helps me with them but it is not his responsability.He needs to step up and help with his daughters he helped create.Its not fair that he gets a free ride and does nothing for these girls and I go to work 5 days a week and work my butt off to support them to buy them what they need.He works under the table so they can not garnish his wages.Its not fair to me or our daughters that he is getting away with this and has for years. Teenage girls are not cheap now a days.So please help me find this dead beat father so I can get the help I need for our daughters.

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