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This is Christopher Tatum.He is $36,090.61 behind on child support.He has 3 beautiful teenage daughters ages 16,14,and 13.He does not have anything to do with them.He never calls or never sends them any kind of birthday or christmas presents.He is one of the worste dead beats out there.He has a son with another woman and as soon as his son was born he didnt want anything to do with his daughters anymore.He got the son he always wanted and did not want his daughters anymore.He even went to the extent to tell me he wants my fiance to adopt the girls but he still wanted rights to them.LOL!!!He said its because he can provide for them better but I knew the real reason.He wanted out of paying child support.I would never let that happen.He owes way too much money to his daughters.He works under the table so they cant garnish his wages.If anyone has seen him or knows where he is working please contact me.His daughters deserve the money owed to them.

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