Cipriano Martinez from Flint area – Deadbeat Day – 6 kids and never paid a dime!

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This is Cip Martinez. He lives in the Flint area or where ever he can drop his hat, or at his moms in Grand Blanc. He has 6 kids with 4 baby mommas and works daily but works under the table to avoid paying child support. Has spent some time in jail for non payment but now pays like 10.00 a wk just to keep him from going back. He has 6 beautiful kids and though he sees some of them once in a while (if he’s staying with a chick and brings some of his kids there and eats her food and stays at her place ) – but he is so far behind in child support its truly sad.
Ladies – avoid him if you can. He has a good line to suck you in. I should hav ran when I met him but feel hook line and sinker! Should have listened to my family. One good thing I did get from this bad situation is my beautiful son that I absolutely love and adore. He has a wonderful Uncle that watches him for me when I work – I am truly blessed. The sad thing is he will never know his dad.
Hopefully the police will pick him up again and put him where he should be for being a dead beat dad!

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