Clown Azz Sperm Donor!! C’mon Son!!

Posted on : 25-09-2010 | By : tonieboo | In : Deadbeat Dads, Maryland


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This dude right here is the ultimate worst!!! First of all he’s 40 something still dressing like a yo with knock off, flea market clothes and appareal! Anthony Kennard Wilson/Carter aka:Ras, aka:Tony is a low life for sure! He has about 7 kids, 2 by me and the rest by different women in different states that he does not support or help raise!! He lies…omg! does he LIE!!! My 19 yr old can’t stand him now that she has caught him up in soooo many lies…..he ows thousands of dollars in back child support and goes by the Wilson last name to beat the system from catching him because all of the kids have the Carter name…SAD!! He lives 25 mins from the children….does he visit? does he even know what school they attend? has no type of relationship with his daughters at all!! He was M.I.A for 6 years and my oldest googled him, found out where he was and contacted him!! That was a little over 2 yrs ago and after 8 months it went right back to the same bull!! How can u stay away for a day let alone 6 years?? And not want to start over and do right by your children??? Its hopeless!!

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lol look at the pic! straight up mugly dude

He needs to hang himself with that ugly ass scarf around his neck. I hate dead beats!!!

LOL! I know this yahoo. My sis use to date him. Hella sneaky. Don’t want anyone to know where he lives and shit, just wack. He got a straight up Jamacian accent and claims he’s not jamacian. Always claming to go to NY, we caught him in that lie. He was just in the next county. We happend to be shopping out there at the outlets and his stupid looking ass was there. He told my sis he had a 19 yr old sis that goes to school in Boston. I guess its his daughter. He stood someone up @ the alter. LOL! My sis stop fucking w/ him bcuz his stories never added up. LOL! Fucking lame ass nigga. HA!

He looks like hes gay.

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